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How to Attract a Sugar Daddy and Keep Him Interested

It’s not enough to know how to attract a sugar daddy. You need to know how to keep him interested so that he sticks around.

Lucky for you, we’ve been running this sugar daddy website for over a decade, which is long enough to have heard from a lot of sugar babies who have managed to do just that.

We’re going to share all the tips and tricks to become the most attractive sugar baby, including:

  • Exactly what to say to attract a sugar daddy
  • Simple things you can do to impress a sugar daddy
  • Tips from real sugar babies on how to keep a sugar daddy interested
  • How to keep a sugar daddy for as long as you want

This is the definitive article on how to attract a sugar daddy that every sugar baby should read. It may be long, but it’s worth the read. We promise.

What to Say to Attract a Sugar Daddy

There are so many articles online with phrases that you’re supposed to say to attract a sugar daddy. It’s the usual repertoire of empty compliments like:

  • You’re so nice, and I have so much fun texting with you.
  • You are my perfect man, I want to give myself to you completely.
  • You’ve built such a good company!

But do these really work? No. They are generic. And frankly, cringey.

Here’s the truth: There are no magic words that are going to attract a sugar daddy. Because every sugar daddy is different in what they value, what they desire, and what they need.

That being said, there is a way to find the perfect words to attract a sugar daddy. Here are our top tips.

Play to His Ego

Honestly, to figure out exactly what to say to attract a sugar daddy – you need to get in his head. So listen to him and figure out what he values most in life, the things he aspires to, what he’s most proud of, and most importantly – what he most wants to be known for. And then compliment him for it.

Here are some examples:

  • How does your sugar daddy dress? Let’s say your sugar daddy is groomed and trendy. Compliment his eye for color and admire his sense of style. Show genuine appreciation – i.e. “Not everyone could pull off that combination but you just make it work.” If a sugar daddy is a jeans and hoodie kind of man, compliment how youthful and active he looks. Does he have a very manly, rugged style? Play up his masculinity, i.e. “I always feel so safe when I’m with you.”
  • What stories does he share about himself? If most of the stories your sugar daddy tells from his life are about travel stories to far-flung places, where he sky dived, and trekked jungles – compliment his sense of adventure. Express how impressed you are by the bold way he lives his life. If the stories are of how he helped someone, the charities he supports, and so on comment on his kindness, how you love his way of seeing the world, and how you admire his thoughtfulness and generosity.
  • What does he do with his time? If a sugar daddy is active, plays tennis on the weekends, and swims every morning – compliment his physique and athletic abilities relevant to what he does, i.e. broad shoulders from swimming, flexibility from yoga. If a sugar daddy reads voraciously and listens to NPR as background noise – compliment how articulate he is, his unique ability to distill complex topics into enjoyable conversation.

Compliments He Rarely Gets

The extremely smart sugar daddy knows he’s smart. People compliment his intelligence more times than he can count. A rich sugar daddy knows he’s rich and people admire him for his ability to have amassed serious wealth. The very good-looking sugar daddy is aware of how handsome he is.

So paying them those compliments won’t be felt as much as going for compliments that they rarely hear.

Here are some examples:

  • For an athletic sugar daddy with a nice physique, compliment him on how kind he always is to waitstaff
  • If the sugar daddy is nerdy, reserved or non-confrontational, compliment him on his masculinity, courage, or boldness
  • For a wealthy sugar daddy who has done very well in business, compliment him on his more quirky, idiosyncratic, artistic tendencies

Let Him Be Your Hero

This one is a very useful skill you can learn to be a successful sugar baby. It’s simple and yet complex because it cannot be faked. When harnessed correctly, it can help you get everything you want from a sugar daddy.

The key to doing it is to understand that one of the best aphrodisiacs for a man is being regarded as a hero by the woman in their life. It works because real sugar daddies want to please you. They want to make you happy. And that feeling they get from knowing that happiness is because of him is addicting.

To pull this off, express gratitude and appreciation for the role he plays in your life. Not with a saying “thank you,” mind you. You want to express how and why he’s been such a special person in your life.

Phrases like:

  • My life is so much better with you in it because ___.
  • I can’t believe you got us tickets to that show I’ve been dying to see/into that restaurant all my friends are talking about/a hotel room with this postcard view. You are so thoughtful/amazing.

So pay genuine compliments about how he’s made your life better. Say it regularly and authentically. Let him be your hero and he’ll want to do even more to make you happy.

How to Impress a Sugar Daddy

You want to know how to impress a sugar daddy and blow him away. The bad news is that most sugar daddies are not easily impressed. They tend to be older, more experienced, and they have been there and done that.

So the usual things are unlikely to dazzle him.

Say you’re a beautiful sugar baby. Sure, sugar daddies are wowed by your beauty at first. But that doesn’t last. Intelligence? Degree pedigree doesn’t matter much for many sugar daddies.

The good news is that there are certain things any sugar baby can do to thoroughly impress a sugar daddy. Here’s how to impress a sugar daddy so that he can’t help but hold you in high regard.

Have Good Great Manners

Sugar baby etiquette is something that doesn’t get talked about much but if you can practice a few key manners, you will automatically set yourself apart from 99% of sugar babies out there.

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This doesn’t mean you need to act like you went to finishing school. It’s simply incorporating little manners and customs into your interactions with sugar daddies. It’s a small thing to do with big rewards.

Give Him Your Full Attention

One of easiest things you can do to impress a sugar daddy is to give him the pleasure of receiving your full attention. Be happy to see him, be engaged and interested in what he’s saying, let yourself laugh when he’s funny, and show him that you’re genuinely having fun when you’re with him.

Most people aren’t fully present in social interactions so if you can show that you are 100% present – that is often enough to make a strong impression on a sugar daddy.

Surprise Him

Another fairly simple way to impress a sugar daddy is to simply surprise him. How do you do this? By doing something that he doesn’t expect from you. Here are a few examples and suggestions:

Be able to talk his talk. If you have a sugar daddy who is into sports or crypto or scuba diving, do a little research and learn about the topic. When he mentions it and you can actually engage in conversation about it, it’ll both surprise and impress him.

Give him a thoughtful gift. One of the nicest surprises that you can give a sugar daddy is to gift him something small that he mentioned needing or kept forgetting to pick up for himself. It shows that you listen and care enough to do that for him.

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Show him a different side of you. If you always go on dates looking polished and feminine, let him see a different side of you by suggesting a rock climbing date or even a mud run. Or if you have a wholesome innocent persona, show up to a date dressed like a siren – garter belt and all.

Always Be Evolving

Sugar daddies are usually successful people. And that success didn’t happen without these sugar daddies putting in the effort to constantly learn and improve themselves.

So it’s impresses them when they see a sugar baby follow in that path. Here’s how Moira, aka The Innocent Sugar Baby put it:

“You are not there to just sit and be pretty. I find that a lot of sugar daddies like it when you acknowledge that you still have a lot of learning to do. One thing that they like to read into is when I ask them to pay for massage, cooking, or burlesque dance classes.

They immediately see how this is going to pay off for them and they are also happy that you are still trying to improve yourself.”

Keep Him on His Toes

One of the most impressive things a sugar baby can do is keep things fresh. Sugar relationships are like any relationship – if you don’t take the time to nurture it, it can grow stale.

Don’t make this mistake with a sugar daddy! Because that will spell the end of the arrangement. So how do you keep a sugar daddy interested? Read on.

How to Keep a Sugar Daddy Interested

One of the advantages of running a website about sugar relationships is that you have the opportunity to learn from a lot of smart sugar babies. All of whom have a trick or two up their sleeves on how to keep a sugar daddy interested.

We’ll let them do the talking. Here’s 6 sugar babies have discovered about how to keep a sugar daddy interested.

Do New Things Together

“I always find trying something neither of you have ever done before keeps things interesting. It often rekindles the passion/humor/enjoyment in the relationship. These don’t necessarily have to be sexual – never been skydiving? Try it out together. Never baked a certain desert? Try baking it together and see what happens.”

Ellie, aka Girl with the Red Hair

“I keep my sugar relationship interesting by suggesting fun dates like a helicopter tour of the city or trying a new rooftop bar overseeing Lake Michigan.”

Dulce, aka Latin Sugar Baby

Be a Good Listener

“At the end of a long day, sugar daddies are tired and will want to wrap up their day with you, and that’s what I try to do best: Listen to them.”

Candice, aka the Bay Area Sugar Baby

“LISTEN!!! I can’t stress it enough exactly how important it is to be a good listener, sugar daddies genuinely love having a non-judgmental ear around and they appreciate having sugar babies who are good conversationalists.”

Karabelo, aka the Student Sugar Baby

Give Them Space

“I give them space too. That’s why they are not looking for a girlfriend, they just want to have fun and enjoy the moment. No drama! That is the basic rule and I unfortunately learned it the hard way.”

Margo, aka the Old Sugar Baby

Use Humor

“I noticed my sugar daddy lit up when I busted out my Southern accent to tease him about liking grits. He didn’t know I can do accents. Now I put on unexpected little shows for him from time to time. It’s a small thing but these small things turn into inside jokes and build intimacy and that’s how you really keep a sugar relationship thriving.”

Emma, aka Goofball

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