Sugar Baby Stories: Candice, aka The Bay Area Sugar Baby

Tell us about yourself: who are you?

Hello! My name is Candice, and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been sugaring since I was 16! I’m from the lovely city of San Francisco, California and am currently a student. I’ve gone through quite a few sugar daddies and have a multitude of cool stories to share down the line.

What were your goals in starting the sugar journey?

I was trying to gather enough money to afford college when I started. I was planning to go to community college when I was in high school, because even with maximum financial aid, university was just too expensive. However, sugaring helped me afford university and I’m working on funding grad school as well!

Now, though, I don’t just look for cash. I love being wined and dined, and being able to experience some of the finer things in life without having to worry about being able to afford them. Traveling and good food are my favorites!

What do you wish you had known when you were first starting out?

It’s not as easy as the media makes it seem. There are countless documentaries out there about sugar dating, and the way it’s portrayed makes it look like something fun to do in your free time.

In reality, it’s similar to a real relationship in the amount of time it takes up. You spend hours looking for your right match, and go on countless first dates hoping that things will click. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not something you just pick up. It’s a time investment.

Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy?

I met my first sugar daddy through a friend who was already his sugar baby for a while. The three of us were together for a little bit before I realized that he didn’t really offer much for our time.

My first real sugar daddy was from Seeking Arrangement. It took me a pretty long time, but he was the first daddy that actually clicked with me. In retrospect, I talked a lot about my hobbies and what I’m passionate about in my bio for SA, which I think attracted a lot of POTs. They often messaged me asking about my bio.

Some tips I would give for building a successful profile are to take good pictures and to have an interesting bio. Mirror selfies and heavily filtered pictures just won’t do it. Put on some light makeup and ask a friend to take a few shots of you with your phone.

For your bio, be detailed. Don’t just have a general statement, really put some effort into it and let people know who you are! And it’s so cliche, but be yourself. It’s easy to spot a fake personality, so just be genuine and someone out there will definitely find you to be their type.

Seeking Arrangements is one of the most popular sugar dating websites but it’s certainly not the only one. Check out our reviews for the best sugar daddy websites!

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

The opportunity to live life to its fullest. I love being able to eat gourmet food, travel, and dress the way I want to without having to pick between one or the other. I love having a reason to put on makeup and dress up nicely for someone, and I definitely love the perks of knowing people who are wise and have knowledge to share with me.

How do you keep your sugar relationship spicy/fun/interesting?

Hmmm, it really depends on how well you mesh with your sugar daddy. Some people will just feel stale after knowing them for a few weeks. Personally, I put my effort in by always being positive, upbeat, and being a good shoulder to lean on.

At the end of a long day, sugar daddies are tired and will want to wrap up their day with you, and that’s what I try to do best: Listen to them.

Other than that, though, I always look up events happening in the area, like museums, art and wine festivals, and other cool attractions. Going once in a while gives us something to talk about and keeps the relationship alive, since we have events to look forward to.

In bed, Cosmo is your best friend and has tons of fun and sexy new moves that you can try on him. Sometimes, you can go shopping with them and let them pick out the lingerie you wear that night!

What advice would you give to aspiring sugar babies?

My number one piece of advice is to be safe!! There are so many sugar daddy scams out there and dangerous men. Read articles about scammers and how to identify them, and carry pepper spray or a taser on you at all times.

Meet in public places, and never go to his house if you don’t know him! Your safety should be your number one priority and if you ever feel unsafe, trust your intuition and get out of there.

My sugar journey has certainly been a fun and interesting one. I hope by sharing these anecdotes, you too can get started (or continue) your sugar journey. I wish you the best of luck in finding your sugar daddy!

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  1. I am very new to this and am having guys ask me to buy a reloadedable debit card. It’s just one you can get at a grocery store. It’s not an iTunes card, or anything specific, just a MasterCard. Is this common? What’s the best way to get the funds if they are out of state?

    • I just had a “sugar daddy” ask me to purchase debit reladable card so he can load my allowance onto the card!I have to pay $50.00 to activate the card.SCAM!! SCAM!! SCAM!! A real sugar daddy would not ask you to buy a prepaid money card
      Who gives money away the first day you talk to a potential sugar daddy.That’s not how it works!!and a sugar daddy don’t need you to pay for a money card.Money goes into your pocket never out of your pocket.


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