Sugar Baby Stories: MJ, aka Sugar Baby Mrs.

Tell us about yourself: who are you?

Hi my name is MJ and I’m 22 years old. I’m currently in nursing school AND I’m actually married. My husband and I have agreed to have an open relationship. He actually has a sugar momma too. Weird right? Somehow it works out 🙂

What were your goals in starting the sugar journey?

When starting my journey, I wanted to set out to be a genuine individual who could add excitement into these men’s lives and be a true companion for them.

And in return I have had assistance with school tuition, gained a mentorship, and even get some allowance for shopping and for my husband and I to use for trips! (Yes my sugar daddy knows I’m married and what I use his money for.)

What do you wish you’d known when you were first starting out?

When starting out on this journey, I wish I would’ve known just how rude and degrading these men can be. Obviously I didn’t expect roses and sunshine from everyone I came across, but I definitely didn’t expect some man I didn’t know to tell me I worthless without him and that I was a useless whore (all because I didn’t send nudes by the way).

I also didn’t know just how many sweet and amazing men I would meet along the way.

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Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy? If online, which site?

I met my sugar daddy online via It was definitely a process. There are so many duds you have to sift through in order to find even one good one.

I met up with him for coffee the first time…no talk about arrangement just solely to see if we clicked. He then proceeded to invite me to dinner for a second date. Arrangement was discussed here and we both agreed upon the expectations. He paid for the dinner and came with a gift in hand…this was the start of our relationship.

My two tips for finding the right sugar daddy would be: Don’t rush to find someone who “seems” great.. really take the time to go out with a few for coffee and see who you click well with. Remember this might be for long term so it’s best it’s enjoyable for you both.

Also once you do find him, stay firm in your desired allowance/arrangement. These men are all business professionals and they negotiate with people daily. A real sugar daddy will see what you ask for and if it works for him, he will agree right away. Not haggle you for a lower price.

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What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

My favorite thing about being a sugar baby is the incredible friendship/mentorship I’ve gained from my SD. He is a doctor and I’m a nursing student so therefore we always have something to talk about.

I truly have learned so much from him. The experiences and memories I’ve made as his SB are irreplaceable.

How do you keep your sugar relationship spicy/fun/interesting?

I keep my relationship with my SD exciting and spontaneous by surprising him too! Come on ladies – no man wants to be with a woman who takes takes takes.

You may be in an “arrangement” but he is still human. Take some of your allowance money and surprise him with his favorite thing. It could be as simple as a mug or a shirt!

Quick tip: Here’s a few ways you can spoil your sugar daddy (and why you should) as well as a list of great sugar daddy gift ideas for men who have it all.

What advice would you give aspiring sugar babies?

The advice I would give aspiring babies is this…don’t let anyone tell you that you’re degrading yourself or are less of a woman because you engage in a SD/SB relationship. You really need to be confident in yourself before entering the bowl because the opinions people have of you or the comments you may hear people say when in public, can really tear you down if you’re not strong enough.

I remember my first date with my SD…some teenagers took a picture of us and posted it to their social media…laughing and saying how I was a whore and he was a player. Little do they know he had just handed me my allowance of $2000 for the week. So screw them!

Another tip and I can’t stress this enough is you have to remember these men are real and genuine and they have feelings. Did you hear that? FEELINGS. They’re not just an ATM.

They worked hard for that money and you should not expect handouts…it should be a friendship that develops into a relationship where you BOTH spoil one another. If this isn’t your reasoning for an arrangement, you’re going to end up unhappy.

All in all being a sugar baby is a truly rewarding and successful adventure.. IF you choose to view it as such. If you decide it’s for you, great! If not…that’s okay too. Just remember to stay safe and strong in who you are as a person. Best of luck!!

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