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The Best Sugar Daddy Gifts to Get for the Man Who Has it All

On the hunt for the best sugar daddy gifts to make him feel special? That’s a clever move. Whether it’s for his birthday, a sugar anniversary, or for the holidays that are rolling around, it’s a prime opportunity to spoil your sugar daddy.

And make no mistake – from time to time, sugar daddies like to be spoiled too!

If you’ve been with your sugar daddy for quite some time, you probably feel fantastic about being pampered with gifts, dinners, spontaneous trips. And now, you want to show some appreciation right back.

But you’re feeling slightly anxious at the thought of picking the perfect present for your sugar daddy.

You know you’ve got to get him something great. But seriously – what do you get a man who has everything? How do you impress a man who has the means to afford anything he wants?

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you choose the perfect present for your sugar daddy. Read on for our best tips and tricks.

Why Even Get Gifts for a Sugar Daddy?

You might be asking: “What’s the point of getting a sugar daddy gifts if he can already afford them?”

That’s fair. But even though your sugar daddy can get whatever he likes on his own, simply spoiling him with gifts from time to time keeps the arrangement exciting. Plus, the element of surprise will make him happy and show him how thoughtful you are.

Sugar daddies are also truly busy people and just because they can afford the finer things in life, it doesn’t mean they always get around to it. Many a sugar daddy just doesn’t have the time to browse tech websites for the latest gadgets or peruse magazines for novelty items they’d love.

If you thoughtfully pick up something they didn’t even know they needed, it becomes a lovely surprise. And it makes them think of you in a happy, appreciative way every time they see or use your thoughtful gift!

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Not to mention, spoiling prompts reciprocal spoiling so it’s not entirely an altruistic thing to do. You just may get some gifts and goodies yourself out of the process.

How to Choose the Best Sugar Daddy Gifts

You want to impress your sugar daddy with a gift but how do you go about spoiling a man who has everything?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Sugar daddies aren’t looking for material gains from their sugar babies. But a thoughtful, well-picked Christmas or birthday gift goes a long way toward making him feel loved and cared for…which often results in better, bigger presents for yourself the coming year 😉

After years and years of sugar daddy birthdays, sugar anniversaries, and Christmases – we’ve learned a few valuable lessons about choosing the best sugar daddy gifts:

  • Thoughtful, personalized, and interesting gifts trump token luxury gifts every time
  • Shared experiences make it a lot more special
  • Novelty has the added benefit of spicing up your relationship

So if you’ve been worrying over using your precious allowance money for a luxury watch or something – RELAX.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your sugar daddy. These men pretty much already have it all – or at least have the means to get whatever they want. So the monetary value of your gift doesn’t matter as much as the thought you (seem to have put) into it.

That doesn’t mean you should gift him a it’s-the-thought-that-counts sort of macaroni necklace. It just means you gift him a medium-priced present that you apparently picked just for him.

How do you do it? Find something unique about your sugar daddy and get him a gift just for that. Here’s some ideas to get you started…

#1. Experiential gifts for Two

While spoiling him, you can sometimes spoil yourself as well! You’ve probably had times where both of you two have spoke about a common interest and said “We should do that one day!” well now’s the time.

  • Was there a band he mentioned that he would like to see live? A sports team he’d love to see a home game with? Go together and surprise him with the best seats in the house!
  • Does he have an adventurous soul? Treat him to a priority pass at Six Flags or skydiving as your next date. If he’s one for adventure, surprise him with some park passes or something adrenaline filled like bungee jumping.
  • Maybe you and your sugar daddy are a little more laid back and there’s nothing wrong with that. Next time you guys go on a dinner date, offer to pay for dinner and if he insists on paying, don’t fight it but offer to buy a nice bottle of wine for you two to share.
  • If there’s something your sugar daddy has been curious about, gift him a lesson or experience. Perhaps it is tantric massage. Or a private yoga class. Maybe a painting and wine night.
  • Or maybe it’s time for some good old fashioned pampering. One of the best experiential gifts we’ve come across for sugar daddies was a couple massage at a lovely spa. The experience was followed up with a couples bath with cream and flowers. Needless to say, the sugar daddy gifted the experience was in heaven.

These experiential gifts make some of the best sugar daddy gifts because they are thoughtful and personalized to your sugar daddy. They also allow him to share the experience with you, his favorite sugar baby.

On top of all that, keep in mind that a lot of men love pampering – i.e. massages, luxurious baths – but can feel shy or awkward about indulging in the experience alone. Having his fun sugar baby there with him alleviates that and he gets the pleasure of knowing you’re enjoying it too.

#2. Work, work, work

We all know your sugar daddy is hard at work all the time. So simply showing that you’re interested in what he does shows your appreciation as well. Think about his business and travel needs.

Something as simple as a new designer wallet, briefcase, or laptop case could be perfect for your sugar daddy. And depending on his style and what he typically wears to work, cufflinks, a tie, or even new dress shoes could be a great gift.

Another option is suitcase sets for a traveling sugar daddy. Even a couture passport wallet could do.

#3. Go with His Interests

What does he like to do for fun? Hobbies, interests? It doesn’t have to be a piece of fancy jewelry to show your appreciation. Just pay attention to little details when he tells you stories.

  • Did he say he played a sport or wanted to get into a sport? Maybe there’s a golf club he wants to upgrade to or maybe he wanted to pick up on badminton and now’s the chance for you to get him a nice racquet.
  • If he loves TV/movies or favors a certain actor, get him a box set of the series, DVDs of his favorite actor he’s mentioned, with some searching online you can come across some signed memorabilia or props from the set too.
  • Does he have a favorite sports team he always cheers for? There’s an endless amount of merchandise dedicated to any big team out there (trust me I’ve looked). If you’re thinking about it, some online website can plaster a logo on it.

More Sugar Daddy Gift Ideas

When it comes to choosing sugar daddy gifts based on his interests, the possibilities are endless. Even better, these gifts accommodate every price range.

Here are even more gift ideas for sugar daddies based on their various interests…

Workaholic Sugar Daddy

  • What do workaholics live on? Coffee, of course. He’ll love getting his daily hourly fix with his very own Handpresso
  • Or you can get into even more awesome waters with the best little pen he’s never had. And yea, it seems lame to gift someone a pen – but this is no ordinary pen. The LiveScribe pen is badass! It’ll capture all his notes and pair with his smartphone. It also records and plays back audio. Your workaholic sugar daddy will use it every day…and think of you every time he does 🙂
  • What do workaholics have glued to their heads all day? You guessed it – their cellphones. And ew, can you imagine the bacteria and grime that gets on that thing? Since you’ll also be in close proximity to your SD, give his cellphone (and face) a chance to detox with the smartly-named PhoneSoap – it’s a UV sanitizer and charger in one.
  • As every successful sugar daddy knows – time is money…help him save more time (and make more money) with the Tile App. If your sugar daddy is prone to lose his keys, wallets, etc – show him you care by picking up a 4-pack of these tiles with cute, personalized notes attached 🙂

Health & Fitness Sugar Daddy

  • He loves his workout but he doesn’t have a fitness tracker yet? Perfect. You can gift him the Fitbit so he can improve his health by tracking his activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.
  • Or if your allowance allows for the splurge, an Apple Watch is another good option.
  • Quality vitamins for men like this or this are another thoughtful little gift for the health conscious sugar daddy. Not for a birthday or Christmas, mind you, but a just because gift.
  • If you have a sugar daddy who runs or cycles, Shokz Bone Conduction Headphones are an impressive gift. They have great sound quality while allowing you to hear surrounding sounds.
  • Any health and fitness obsessed sugar daddy would love one of these smart body scales that tracks weight, fat and muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and visceral fat.
  • Another small but thoughtful gift for the sugar daddy who cares about his health but always forgets to eat – these RX protein bars are an affordable way to show him you’re thinking of him.

The Traveling Sugar Daddy

Sports Lover Sugar Daddy

These daddies are wonderfully easy to shop for. Especially if they’re into the more popular games (i.e. baseball as opposed to ping pong).

  • Say his game is basketball – if he actively plays, why not help him improve his game with a Smart Sensor Basketball he can connect to his iPhone or Android?

Another tip for sport fan sugar daddies. Find out what team(s) he enjoys and search around on websites of what would fit his lifestyle. Does he need a new coffee tumbler? A big team flag for his office? A toaster that imprints the teams logo?

Audiophile Sugar Daddy

  • Does your sugar daddy love his music? Gift him this showerhead with a wireless speaker along with a personalized iTunes playlist just for him. He’ll start every morning with his favorite jams and the thought of you on his mind…
  • Or if your sugar daddy has got a pool, opt for a waterproof and portable wireless speaker instead (this speaker doesn’t look like much but one of us gifted it to an SD for his birthday and he LOVED it, resulting in more sugar spoiling :))…
  • If your sugar daddy is a music lover who’s trying to learn an instrument, something like a set of personalized guitar picks is an affordable yet very thoughtful gift.

Aspiring Photographer Sugar Daddy

Beer Loving Sugar Daddy

gifts for sugar daddies

Bibliophile Sugar Daddy

best sugar daddy gifts
  • Fun book lover T-shirts could get a laugh from a sugar daddy. Try this or this.
  • Novel teas are another fun, affordable gift ideas for a sugar daddy who loves to read.


  • Got a big kid sugar daddy who still loves his toys? Now he can geek out with the smartest toy on the block, aka Sphero

The possibilities are endless, I hope this article helps or at least sparked some ideas on spoiling your sugar daddies with thoughtful sugar daddy gifts. Remember your daddies enjoy being spoiled just as much as you do!

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