The Best Sugar Daddy Gifts to Get for the Man Who Has it All

You’ve done well this year, securing a sugar daddy and a steady allowance for yourself. Congrats!

But now that the holidays are rolling around, you’re feeling slightly anxious at the thought of picking the perfect present for your sugar daddy. You know you’ve got to get him something great but seriously – what do you get a man who has everything? How do you impress a man who has the means to afford anything he wants?

And you want to impress him. Sugar daddies aren’t looking for material gains from their sugar babies, but a thoughtful, well-picked Christmas or birthday gift goes a long way toward making him feel loved and cared for…which often results in better, bigger presents for yourself the coming year 😉

Lucky for you, we’re going to help you choose the perfect present for your SD. After years and years of sugar daddy birthdays and Christmases – we’ve learned 2 valuable lessons about choosing the best sugar daddy gifts:

  1. Men love their toys
  2. Novel and interesting gifts trump token luxury gifts every time

So if you’ve been worrying over using your precious allowance money for a luxury watch or something – RELAX.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your sugar daddy. These men pretty much already have it all – or at least have the means to get whatever they want. So the monetary value of your gift doesn’t matter as much as the thought you (seem to have put) into it.

That doesn’t mean you should gift him a it’s-the-thought-that-counts sort of macaroni necklace – it just means you gift him a medium-priced present that you apparently picked just for him.

How do you do it? Find something unique about your sugar daddy and get him a gift just for that. Here’s some gift ideas to get you started…

For the Workaholic Sugar Daddy

What do workaholics live on? Coffee, of course. He’ll love getting his daily hourly fix with his very own Handpresso


Or you can get into even more awesome waters with the best little pen he’s never had. And yea, it seems lame to gift someone a pen – but this is no ordinary pen. The LiveScribe pen is badass! It’ll capture all his notes and pair with his smartphone. It also records and plays back audio. Your workaholic sugar daddy will use it every day…and think of you every time he does 🙂

What do workaholics have glued to their heads all day? You guessed it – their cellphones. And ew, can you imagine the bacteria and grime that gets on that thing?

Since you’ll also be in close proximity to your SD, give his cellphone (and face) a chance to detox with the smartly-named PhoneSoap – it’s a UV sanitizer and charger in one.


For the Health & Fitness Sugar Daddy

He loves his workout but he doesn’t have a fitness tracker yet? Perfect. You can gift him the Fitbit so he can improve his health by tracking his activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep 🙂

For the Traveling Sugar Daddy

Got a sugar daddy who’s constantly in transit? Gift him the loveliness of always having a full charge on his smart phone (in an eco-friendly way) with the WakaWaka Solar Charger + Light. 

If he’s a younger (or young-at-heart), active sugar daddy – gift him the Micro Kickboard. It’ll cut his transit times by half – and have fun while doing it 🙂

For the Sports Lover Sugar Daddy

These daddies are wonderfully easy to shop for. Especially if they’re into the more popular games (i.e. baseball as opposed to ping pong). Say his game is basketball – if he actively plays, why not help him improve his game with a Smart Sensor Basketball he can connect to his iPhone or Android?

Or if he’s more of a collector or a huge fan of a particular team, find out his favorite player and scoop up an autographed ball, like this one signed by Kobe Bryant

And of course, you can do the same for every sport from hockey to football and beyond – look at the most popular sports collectibles for ideas!

For the Audiophile Sugar Daddy

Does your sugar daddy love his music? Gift him this showerhead with a wireless speaker along with a personalized iTunes playlist just for him. He’ll start every morning with his favorite jams and the thought of you on his mind…

Or if your sugar daddy has got a pool, opt for a waterproof and portable wireless speaker instead (this speaker doesn’t look like much but one of us gifted it to an SD for his birthday and he LOVED it, resulting in more sugar spoiling :))…

Of course, you don’t have to always gift an audiophile sugar daddy with just speakers – if he has vinyls he loves lying around, you can knock his socks off with a full-on retro turntable that comes equipped with all the modern perks

For the Aspiring Photographer Sugar Daddy

What’s better than taking pictures? Getting the instant gratification of printing them right on the spot with the Polaroid Digital Instant Print Camera

Or he can hook up to an Instant Lab whenever he wants…

For the Beer Loving Sugar Daddy

Show him you’ve noticed his deep and enduring love of beer and that you want him to have it at its cold, frothy best with his own personal mini beer keg refrigerator

gifts for sugar daddies

Add a personalized beer mug or an uber manly, real cattle horn-crafted mug for an extra touch of thoughtfulness…


For the Bibliophile Sugar Daddy

best sugar daddy gifts

Very cute, book-shaped, hardback leather case for his MacBook so he’ll think of you every time he hops on his laptop.

So why not gift him the matching iPad cover as well?

sugar daddy gifts

For the Big Kid Sugar Daddy

Got a big kid sugar daddy who still loves his toys? Now he can geek out with the smartest toy on the block, aka Sphero


Or you can also help him relax and have some fun by immersing himself into a fantasy theatre with the Freefly Virtual Reality Headset


Even More Awesome and Useful Gadget Gift Ideas for Sugar Daddies…

As every successful SD knows – time is money…help him save more time (and make more money) with the Tile App. If your sugar daddy is prone to lose his keys, wallets, etc – show him you care by picking up a 4-pack of these tiles with cute, personalized notes attached 🙂


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