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6 Sugar Baby Rules All Smart Sugar Babies Follow

Is there such a thing as sugar baby rules? After all, there’s so much diversity in sugar relationships. Every sugar daddy and sugar baby varies so widely in their preferences and what they like.

So how could anyone presume to come up with rules?

Well, we’ve met, talked to and become friends with a lot of sugar babies – and daddies – throughout the years and there are are certain things that just keep on coming up. Things that help you become a happy, successful sugar baby when done and things that drop you a little further back in the game when not done.

Which leads us to think that as much variation as there may be, there are undeniably some rules that can make or break your success as a sugar baby.

Curious what they are? Here are 6 tried-and-tested sugar baby rules that all smart sugar babies follow!

Rule #1. Know Your Own Self

The most important of all the sugar baby rules is this: know your self.

Of course, self knowledge is not something you can make yourself learn right before you sign up to a sugar daddy site – it’s a life long process. So what we mean by this is to simply know what works for you.

As in, what sort of sort of personality types do you get on with? What sorts of personalities can you not stand? Sugar dating is very much like real life dating in that people who get on tend to have much more successful arrangements. So the first step is to know who your ideal person is and then go look for him.

It’s not just about the relationship, either. You need to know your sugar goals – you know, what you want by becoming a sugar baby.

You may want to be able to afford lavish trips and luxuries that are currently out of your budget. Or perhaps you want to elevate your station in life with connections and mentorship. Maybe you want the security and comfort of a regular allowance.

We all want different things. What’s important is that you know your own goals.

Rule #2. Be Ruthless

Here’s one sugar baby rule every smart sugar baby knows to be true: to succeed in this game, you need to be ruthless. By this, we don’t mean to be a harsh, cold-hearted b*tch. Don’t be that – it’s not good for you. What we do mean is to be ruthless with your time and protecting your emotions.

How well you do as a sugar baby depends on this.

You’re not in this game to be endless strung along by fake sugar daddies who want your time for free. And you’re not in this to play girlfriend to some guy who’s not giving you any benefits. You’re most definitely not in this to be emotionally abused or put down by some jerk who has unresolved issues with women.

So when you catch a whiff of fake sugar daddy syndrome from a potential sugar daddy you’ve been communicating with – drop him like a hot potato.

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This includes potential sugar daddies who you’ve gone on several dates with and who still haven’t handed you any sugar. It also includes potential sugar daddies who say and do things to make you feel like crap. And it definitely includes potential sugar daddies who keep calling and texting and treating you like you owe him your time even though you’re not in an arrangement.

You owe him nothing. He needs to be dropped.

Because all the time you’re wasting on these fake sugar daddies is time that you could be spending looking for a real sugar daddy who’ll give you the arrangement you want.

Speaking of which…

Rule #3. Be a Go Getter

Of all the sugar baby rules, this is crucial to keep in mind from the get go.

We’re all raised to believe that romance and relationships have something to do with fate. Maybe it’s all the Disney movies we grew up with or the rom coms we still watch. Whatever it is – when it comes to matters of love or meeting a soulmate, many of us still often unconsciously think that destiny has a hand to play in our meeting the man (or woman) of our dreams.

And that’s fine and dandy with romantic love. But hey, this is the sugar world and in this game, you need to be ready and able to go after what you want!

The smartest sugar babies know that it’s not enough to wait for available sugar daddies to find and message them. Instead, they are the ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work tracking down the sugar daddies she wants, no matter how many bad apples or fake sugar daddies get in the way.

She simply ignores, blocks and ruthlessly cuts the unwanted attention out of her life and pursues the arrangement she wants until she gets it.

Rule #4. Maintain your independence

The sugar world is full of paradoxes and the most useful of them is also one of the most important sugar baby rules. Simply, you need to maintain your independence.

Here’s why: Sugar is sugar. It sweetens things but you cannot live off sugar alone. And if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck allowance-to-allowance, you’re not independent. You are completely dependent on your sugar daddy for your most basic needs. And that places you at a serious disadvantage.

Not only does it prevent you from taking off at the drop of a hat if he treats you badly, but it also means you’ll find yourself in a seriously compromising position if your sugar daddy decides to end things.

This is why smart sugar babies do not allow themselves to become entirely financially dependent on a sugar daddy. Some do this by keeping their day job. Others do it by juggling two sugar daddies.

What we recommend is that job or no job, all sugar babies save up a security fund of at least 3 months’ of living expenses in cash. A sugar stash, if you will. That way, you know that if SHTF, you have a good amount of time to dig yourself out of whatever hole you may have gotten in.

Rule #5. Know When & How to Say “NO”

People like sweethearts. Sweetness is wonderful. Sweetness can also be powerful. It can help you diffuse arguments, mask criticisms, and get out of undesirable situations.

But sweetness needs to have a backbone. It needs to able to laugh in his face when he makes a moronic request. It needs to be able to let him know that he’s being a douche when he’s crossed the line. Do it sweetly, of course, but DO IT.

Men will try to push you just to see if they can. This “pushing the envelope” game is also popular with dogs and children.  Whomever you’re dealing with – the boundaries need to be set early.

If you’re a sweet pushover, there is no greater service you can do for yourself than to practice saying, “no.” Say it with a smile. Follow it up nicely with something else you’d like to happen instead. Keep your sweetness, but learn to mix it up with a little spice and a little sour when called for.

Rule #6. No sex on the first date

This is probably the most controversial of all the sugar baby rules. But in our shared experience, it’s a rule for a reason. Why? Because it rarely ever ends well.

That’s why you should never, ever have sex on the first date. There are no exceptions to this rule. Under no circumstances will you give him a “taste” and no, he cannot “test drive” you. You are not a car, you are not an escort and if he insists, you need to say good-bye and leave.

Because if he’s pushing for sex on the first date, the chances are mighty high that he has no intention of entering into a mutually beneficial arrangement with you.

Sure, some maybe genuine sugar daddies will test you to see if you’ll have sex with them on the first date but most real sugar daddies will not.

The majority of men who do this are guys who find their way onto sugar daddy sites posing to be real sugar daddies in order to get laid. They usually have no intention of doing anything for you. Drop these fake sugar daddies fast.

Sugar Baby Rules = Success

Every sugar baby and every sugar daddy are so different. That’s why there are so many different types of arrangements. What works for one may not work for another.

That being said, the above sugar baby rules seem to apply to most everyone.

It’s a short list. But the skills you’ll gain from practicing the above in your sugar life will serve you well in your journey as a sugar baby.

Do you have your own sugar baby rules? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “6 Sugar Baby Rules All Smart Sugar Babies Follow”

  1. Are there sugar relationships that don’t have sex involved? Is this something I’m seeking that is unattainable? Also, if I’m already in a relationship (I have two partners, in my case, I am a poly girl), should I not pursue an SR?

    Thank you!

    • They are! Some of the older men are just so lonely, that all they want is to talk to somebody and have someone who cares about them. They will want to go at lunch with you, sometimes take you to the theater, they will treat you more like your actual daughter.

  2. A guy just messaged me offering to be my sugar daddy. I’ve heard about them but never actually encountered one or been offered. I declined because he lives in another state and I don’t know how anything would work. Also given it would be hard since I don’t live alone. But part of me kind of wants to do it. It it be better to just wait until I could actually do it. I’m just a little confused about how it works and what to expect especially given the distance.


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