Sugar Baby Cents: How to Cover Your Financial Butt While Sugar Dating

Sugar babies enter the sugar world for various reasons.  While the exact motivations differ from one sugar baby to the next, we think it’s fair to say that most of us are looking for pretty similar things, like:

  • More free time to do as we please
  • Not getting saddled with a massive amount of student loans
  • Little (and sometimes big) luxuries that make life more pleasurable
  • The sheer awesomeness of having all of life’s expenses paid for

The above are a few of the lovely perks of being a sugar baby. But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about what happens when the gravy train comes to a stop. Are you going to be dead broke and unable to survive without a sugar daddy…or are you going to have enough honey in your pot to be able to pick yourself up and move onto better things?

We want it to be the latter for all of you.

To make sure you cover your financial ass, here are the steps you’re going to want to take while you’re in a profitable sugar relationship. No, you’re not going to like some of these tips. But yes, they do need to be practiced.

Not only will these simple tips help carry you through if you find yourself suddenly without a sugar daddy – but these tips also allow you to consider other options if during the arrangement, you decide sugar dating is just not for you.

Okay, here’s goes…the sugar baby’s quick guide to covering your financial ass.

1st Step to Covering Your Financial A**: Keep Your Essentials Expenses Low

When you first start getting allowance of several thousand dollars rolling in every month, it can be mighty tempting to upgrade your lifestyle. You start perusing through rental listings and imagining yourself living in some luxury condo. Why not, you think. After all – you have more money now. It makes sense to move into bigger, better quarters.

But all we got to say is – don’t do it. Rent is most people’s biggest monthly expense and the thing that will really make you suffer if your sugar arrangement comes to an abrupt halt. This is your home we’re talking about – an absolute essential – and the last thing you want to have to do is scramble to find a new home quickly when you can no longer afford your luxury condo.

Ideally, try to keep your rent at or below 20% of your monthly allowance. Go as low as you can go without compromising your safety and comfort.

2nd Step to Covering Your Financial A**: Never Splurge with Your Own Money

It’s okay if you ended up spoiling yourself with your first few allowance checks – we’ve all done it. It’s a classic sugar baby mistake.

And of course, there are some splurge items that can be investments. Occasionally buying a few classic items like a lovely little black dress, some gorgeous jewelry to complement your wardrobe, or even some proper interview clothes can be good investments since you can use them on future sugar dates as well as to advance your career.

But luxury items like couture purses or sunglasses are pure vanity items that add nothing of real value to your life. Skip on these. And…if you strongly feel the urge to have them anyway – do yourself a favor and go shopping for a gift daddy. Men are a lot more willing to give gifts than they are to fork out a regular allowance so they will be easier to find.

And remember – don’t spend your own funds on frivolous stuff.

3rd Step to Covering Your Financial A**: Drop Hints and Then Get It In Cash

Some sugar daddies will offer you gifts on their own, but most need a little nudging. We like to use subtle suggestions and hints to make our requests. They work a lot better than asking outright because it makes it seem like the sugar daddy thought of it all by himself, which makes him more likely to act on it.

Here’s an example: When you first start seeing your new sugar daddy, leave your phone at home and carry an old, crappy, beat-up phone. Make a point of taking it out at some point while with your sugar daddy. He should notice. In the next few days, drop subtle hints here and there about your crappy phone needing an upgrade. Like, don’t answer your phone one day and when you next talk, say that your ringer is wonky and only works sometimes. Or say you got lost for an hour in a new neighborhood and had to ask someone with 3G on their phone for directions.

If he’s a good one, he’ll catch on and you’ll have a new phone soon.

You can do this for bunch of things: your laptop crashed and you have a project due in a week, etc.Just make sure to only use this for items that are fairly expensive. Why? ‘Cause there’s no point in going through the trouble for some $100 dress. When he offers to get you the gift – either ask for it in cash (say you prefer to choose it yourself) or return the item afterwards so you can get it in cash.

4th Step to Covering Your Financial A**: Tuck Cash Away Into Your Security Fund

If you implement the 3 steps above, you should have enough money left over from your allowance (after paying all your bills) to save. This is crucial since it’s this security fund that will carry you through if anything goes awry in your current sugar arrangement.

We recommend quickly squirreling away enough cash to support you comfortably for at least 3 months. Once you have that, you can ease up a bit and more slowly save your way to 6 months.

5th Step to Covering Your Financial A**: Use Your Time Wisely

One of the biggest perks of being a sugar baby is all the free time you have. Sugar dates aren’t exactly a full-time job 🙂

Use this time wisely to give yourself other options. Do an internship that you’re pretty sure will lead to a well-paying job in your chosen career field. Read and educate yourself on other options of making money. Learn about investing or even starting a business of your own. Network and mingle to make yourself more valuable contacts.

Whatever you do – don’t squander the free time you get from sugar dating. Use your most previous asset (your time) to create a better life for yourself.

1 thought on “Sugar Baby Cents: How to Cover Your Financial Butt While Sugar Dating”

  1. “leave your phone at home and carry an old, crappy, beat-up phone.”
    “return the item afterwards so you can get it in cash.”
    If a SB tried that c&p on me, she would be walking home.

    Honesty, openness, trust. These are the keys to any successful, respectful, and happy relationship. Violate one and it will not end well.

    A smart SB will seek the help of her SD to come up with a personal financial plan to meet her immediate needs and long term objectives. With my previous SB, she would have graduated from college and found it tough to get a job paying enough to cover rent. With my guidance, she changed course, developed a plan, and put in the hard work to get started with grad school so that she will easily be a millionaire by the time she is 40 if she stays on course. This is the kind of benefit a SD can provide.


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