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Sugar Baby Outfits: How to Dress Like a Sugar Baby

Don’t have a closet full of polished and pressed sugar baby outfits? Welcome to the club. Most of us don’t start our sugar journeys with a collection of couture shoes and purses or a wardrobe packed with perfectly put-together, high-end designer outfits.

But guess what? None of that is a problem.

While the media likes to portray sugar baby outfits as consisting of bodycon dresses and killer heels, the actual clothes worn by real life sugar babies are things that can be found in any of our closets.

The only things that matter when it comes to choosing the best sugar baby outfits are that it looks darn good on you and will be attractive to your sugar daddy.

We’re going to give you all the tools, tips, and tricks to put together the ideal sugar baby outfits for you. We’ll cover:

  • Does a sugar baby dress code exist?
  • Sugar baby looks to avoid at all costs
  • The perfect sugar baby outfits for every occasion
  • Tips for building a sugar baby wardrobe that looks expensive
  • FAQs on what to wear as a sugar baby

Let’s dive in. After all, you have a date to get ready for.

Is There a Sugar Baby Dress Code?

We regularly get emails asking how to dress like a sugar baby. And here’s the good news: There is no sugar baby dress code. Being a sugar baby is one job description that can accommodate a wide range of styles and fashion choices.

So naturally, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing sugar baby outfits.

But that doesn’t mean just anything will do. While there is no sugar baby dress code, there are a few best practices that are smart to stick to. Like what? Here are a few very general rules to stick to when it comes to a sugar baby dress code:

Look Clean. If there is just one rule in the sugar baby dress code, it’s this. That’s because cleanliness is a baseline quality for attraction. And how clean you come off will say so much about you, your lifestyle, and your standards. So it goes without saying that whatever clothes you wear must be clean clothes without wrinkles or stains.

Emphasize Your Assets. All of us have a feature or two that’s striking. Make sure what you wear plays to these assets. If you have long, gorgeous legs, wear a miniskirt or dress. Perfect breasts? A slightly low-cut top. Lovely hair? Take some extra time with the hair products and let it all flow loose. Amazing curves? Emphasize your small waist and those hips with what you’re wearing.

Subtlety Wins. Especially when it comes to the first sugar daddy date, you don’t know what the potential sugar daddy likes and dislikes so it’s best to play it safe. Always go for subtle rather than over-the-top.

These are general rules for every sugar baby outfit. On top of this, there are a couple sugar baby outfit faux pas to avoid. Here’s what we mean…

4 Sugar Baby Looks to Avoid

When it comes to how to dress like a sugar baby, you have a lot of room to inject your own personality into what you wear. That being said, we really recommend avoiding these 4 sugar baby looks…

Too Young and Immature

Sugar daddies generally like younger women as sugar babies. But look too young or immature and it will be a turn off.

Remember: You’re not dressing to impress your girlfriends. You are dressing to impress a man. So avoid the trendy, more edgy fashion trends when it comes to sugar baby outfits, like:

  • Statement blazers
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Way oversized clothing
  • Big novelty shape sunglasses
  • Animal print clothing
  • Jeans with huge holes

Make sure what you are wearing is subtle enough to blend in with the sugar daddy and doesn’t make him feel super conscious of how much older he is than you.

Dressed for Work

On the opposite end of the spectrum are sugar baby outfits that are too mature or too formal. The last thing you want is to make your sugar daddy feel like he’s at a bank meeting applying for a mortgage rather than with a fun, youthful, beautiful sugar baby.

Avoid buttoned-up blouses, blazers, pantsuits (of course!) and office attired in general.

Too Dressed Down or Frumpy

Some sugar daddies really love the casual, down-to-earth look for their sugar babies. But there is casual-cute and then there is too casual. You really don’t want to look like you’ve just had a baby or spent a weekend vacuuming.

Avoid onesies, wide rompers, oversized sweaters or dresses that don’t emphasize your shape.

Loud and Trashy

When it comes to most sugar daddies – classy, not flashy, is the way to go. Sugar daddies in general tend to prefer discretion, especially in this lifestyle, so drawing strange looks and attention because of the way you are dressed will not win you any points.

Don’t get us wrong – there may be a place and time where you want to don slinky, revealing clothes with your sugar daddy. But the standard sugar daddy dates are usually not the time nor place.

Avoid loud clothes with designers logos splashed on them. Sparkles and sequins are also ill-advised. Keep the makeup to a natural minimum. Nails that are a natural length and color are preferred.

The last thing you want to do is dress in a way that makes you stand out in a bad way. So anything you’d wear to Coachella or a nightclub is not a good sugar baby outfit.

Note: The smartest thing to remember is to leave something to the imagination. It’s good to emphasize your assets but don’t overdo it. Choose one or two aspects of your figure to emphasize and leave the rest to the imagination. And as a general rule, don’t reveal too much.

19 Perfect Sugar Baby Outfits LookBook

The first sugar daddy date is usually somewhere more casual, like a cafe, lunch, or happy hour.

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But throughout a sugar relationship, you’ll be going lots of places together. And whatever you guys do or wherever you go, you want to pull off the seemingly impossible combination of looking charming, sophisticated, and sexy all at the same time.

Here are some perfect sugar baby outfits for every occasion to get you there.

Casual Chic

Perfect for: Any city dates, brunch, cafe, day at the museum, happy hour, and so on

One of our favorite sugar baby looks is casual chic. Think of outfits that pair something casual, like jeans, with something dressy, like a camisole top. Or a casual t-shirt that shows your personality with a figure-hugging pencil skirt.

It’s a look that works for so many sugar daddy date ideas, be it a casual M&G at a cafe, an intimate bistro, or a happy hour. The best part is that most of us already have the pieces in our closet to make up this popular sugar baby outfit.

Sweet & Feminine

Perfect for: Beach dates, brunch, lunch, and cafe dates, winery tours, and so on

When in doubt, you almost can’t go wrong with this sugar baby look. Sweet and feminine is something that most sugar daddies are into. Think: floral print dresses, bell sleeves, soft pastels, sheer fabrics, ruffles or laces.

The best part is that it’s easy enough to pull off in any season. Plus, it can be styled to be as dressed down as you want, i.e. for a beach date, or glammed up with accessories and heels.

Elevated Girl Next Door

Perfect for: Brunch, lunch, and cafe dates, zoo or museum dates, and most daytime dates

A lot of sugar daddies are into the girl next door sort of aesthetic. So how do you pull that off – while elevating the look? Wear classic girl next door style outfits but swap out one of the parts for something fancier. For example, a shirt and shorts combo but with a fancier shirt.

Or a shirt and short skirt combo but pair it with a couture purse and nice leather slip-ons.

These sugar baby outfits are classy, wholesome looks that most sugar daddies would approve of.

Sophisticated SchoolGirl

Perfect for: Any city dates, for both the day and evening

Every sugar daddy has his own preferences when it comes to what he finds attractive on a woman. But there are certain looks that seem to gain the approval of the vast majority of sugar daddies.

One of the most popular sugar baby looks? It’s what I’ve dubbed the “Sophisticated Schoolgirl.”

You can pull this off with a girlishly innocent sundress paired with more sophisticated accessories. Or a simple skirt with a sweater top but with a couture purse. If you really want to lean into the schoolgirl part, go with a plaid skirt.

The overall point of the aesthetic is to keep it cute and approachable but still polished and put together. So skip the pigtails. Please.

Understated Sexy

Perfect for: Upscale bar dates, trendy restaurants, shows, concerts, comedy club dates

This is one of our favorite sugar baby looks for sugar daddy dates that are a little less casual. Say, a meeting at an upscale bar or a trendy restaurant.

A casual yet slinky maxi dress that has the right figure-hugging cut or combining a bodycon dress with sneakers is a good way to get that understated sexy look. A slightly sheer, low-cut blouse with jeans works well too.

Cozy Sophistication

Perfect for: Fancy dinner dates, upscale lounges and hotel bars, concerts, and operas

We love this sugar baby look for those dates that you want to look sophisticated for – without being intimidating. The goal with these looks is to exude sophistication and warmth at the same time.

Soft fabrics are a great way to pull this off. Cashmeres, silks, and satins are all great and can be paired together. Sweater dresses paired with classy accessories are also perfect.

Classy Elegance

Perfect for: Any posh lounges or bars, swanky restaurants, concerts, upscale events

The classic “classy” sugar baby outfit is one that every sugar baby should learn to perfect at some point.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult. The best starting point is the little black dress, which is an absolute must have. But it doesn’t have to end there.

Sleek pieces are key to achieving this look. The striking black and white color combination is also a great idea. And as you can see from the photos, going with one bold color makes for a naturally classy look.

Dressed to the Nines

Perfect for: Very fancy restaurants, black tie events, charity galas, cocktail parties

Last but not least, there will most likely be sugar dates you’ll go on where you’ll want to be dressed to kill. Maybe it’s a super fancy restaurant, which could be the perfect opportunity to show off outfits like these:

Or it could be a black tie event for your sugar daddy, or a charity gala or cocktail party.

Whatever it is, you want to look fabulous. Here are some sugar baby outfits that will have you looking the part.

A classy corset dress or a long evening gown may be the way to go. Either way, take this opportunity to ask your sugar daddy for a pretty woman-style shopping spree. If it’s an event he cares about, he’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Tips for Building a Sugar Baby Wardrobe

Not just any sugar baby wardrobe, mind you. An expensive (looking) sugar baby wardrobe.

Because nobody starts out with picture perfect sugar baby outfits. We all build our wardrobes over time. And in the beginning, you’ll want to know how to look expensive without spending too much money.

Here are the best tips to assemble a high-end sugar baby wardrobe on a dime.

The Fit is the Most Important

No matter how expensive and quality a piece is, if it’s clearly not your size, it won’t be looking good on you. If in doubt, ask a close friend who won’t sugarcoat it.

Clothing that’s too tight or too loose never looks good. A cheap pencil skirt from Wet Seal could end up looking better than that Valentino one you thrifted if the fit and condition is better.

Go for second-hand luxury items

Couture pieces are not essential to a sugar baby’s wardrobe. But we’d be lying if we said they don’t elevate sugar baby outfits.

The smartest way to get yourself the basic luxury must haves – nice shoes, nice purse – is to shop second-hand. These items, as covetable as they are, are still depreciating assets. As in, once someone has used them, even once, they rapidly depreciate in value…and price.

That’s great news for you since you can scoop up preciously owned designers shoes, purses, coats and a lot more at super bargain prices. My favorite site for this? The Real Real – they’ve got a great selection and their stuff is in superb condition. I’ve gotten like-new Jimmy Choos here for less than $150.

Check out budget websites and stores

Stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls all carry some fabulous designer brands for a fraction of the price! Just be prepared to dig through piles of “rejects” and try everything on before you buy.

Online, there are tons of affordable fashion websites that offer dupes of designer clothing. Lulus offers dupes of high end shoes, like over-the-knee boots that emulate Balmain ones, or even clear heels similar to the ones that Kim Kardashian always wears.

You can also check out sites like Boohoo for expensive looking pieces for a fraction of what you would pay in stores.

Go thrifting!

Many thrift stores have tons of high end brands for very low prices. This is especially true if you live somewhere like the UK – more expensive areas could have some serious designer bargains in the charity shops.

You don’t have to look for Burberry and Versace. Look for high quality brands that are usually pricier retail, like Guess, Vince Camuto, and the like. Just make sure that there aren’t any stains or holes, or fabric that’s uncomfortable. And make sure everything fits! This brings me to my next point…

If buying secondhand, only get like new items

Thrifting is awesome, but again, many of these clothes are flawed. If it’s something like a loose thread or a missing button, grab it! Those can easily be fixed at the local tailor for just a few dollars.

Stains and deteriorating material (like silk with lots of snags, badly pilling sweaters, and the like) should be left on the rack because they either can’t be saved or won’t last very long.

Pair simple pieces with one or more expensive item(s)

You can pair any basic little black dress with one expensive (or expensive looking) jacket, and it’ll dress up the whole look. It’s okay to splurge on a few essentials, like a beautiful purse and a pair of fancy heels.

These are items you can use almost anytime and anywhere, and accessorizing with them gives your entire outfit a more expensive vibe, even if you paired your Chanel bag with a pair of jeans from the Forever 21 clearance rack.

Don’t spend Your Own money on Expensive jewelry

If there are a pair of diamond studs you’ve been eyeing, divert your attention to some cubic zirconia ones. Nobody will be able to tell the difference but you.

This goes for tons of expensive jewelry. As long as it’s a decent weight and doesn’t just look outright cheap and tacky, nobody will be able to notice. To avoid over accessorizing, take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and emulate their style.

Once you have a legit sugar daddy, ask for the top-shelf jewelry as gifts.

Be Smart with the clearance rack

Just because something is on sale doesn’t make it worth it. Maybe that jacket says it was $400 originally, but now it’s $100. If it wasn’t on sale, would you still pay $100 for a simple jacket? Maybe not.

Don’t pay too much attention to how much something used to be worth, just focus on whether it’s worth the price right now. That being said, you should still check the clearance rack for any steals.

Invest in a steamer

Wrinkles are never cute, but many synthetic materials shouldn’t be ironed. A small clothes steamer isn’t pricey, and it’s fast and straightens out pieces in no time. It also gets rid of any odor the clothing might have, so it’s a great idea to steam clothes before you go out with them to dispel and odors you might have from pets, smoking, or just in general.

A quick tip for when you’re on the go or need to look sharp while traveling: turn the shower on piping hot and leave your clothes to hang in the bathroom. The steam from the shower will loosen the wrinkles on fabric.

What are some other ways you can look expensive without breaking the bank? Where else do you shop? Let us know in the comments below!


Still got some questions about sugar baby outfits? We got you. Here are the most popular ones.

Heels or no heels?

This is a hotly debated topic. Most sugar baby advice articles say you should always don heels. We say it really depends on the sugar daddy and the venue.

A good idea is to find out the sugar daddy’s height. If you’re on the taller end and/or he’s on the shorter end, it helps to know if he’s intimidated by or turned on by women taller than him. This will help you decide whether to go for heels or not.

How to Get Better Sugar Baby Clothes?

In the beginning, you’ll have to be the one to invest in the necessary staples for your wardrobe. But any sugar baby will tell you that their best, most expenses pieces were gifted to them by their sugar daddy.

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So learn the art of getting gifts from your sugar daddy. It’s one of the biggest perks to being a sugar baby.

Got some other tips for perfect sugar baby outfits? What are some ways you look expensive without breaking the bank? Let us know in the comments below!

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