How to Avoid Fake Sugar Daddies Who Just Want Sex

By Emma


Everybody wants sex. Sex is fun. But how do you avoid having your inbox fill up with fake sugar daddies who are just looking for sex?

Each sugar daddy website has their share of guys who are just looking for young, pretty things to have sex with. These are not quality sugar daddies. In fact, they are not even sugar daddies. They are johns who are too cheap to hire a high-class escort and they are trying to trick girls who are more desirable than high-class escorts into having sex with them for less money. These men are to be avoided.

Here are some simple tips to keep these pesky men out of your inbox so you can focus your attentions on the real sugar daddies that matter:

Tip #1. Feminine graces trump sexy bits

If you really want to snag a genuine sugar daddy, leave your sexy bits out of the profile photos. He can see your bountiful cleavage and your plumber’s crack later – preferably in the bedroom. There’s no reason to stretch yourself into Maxim-style poses for the benefit of strange, random men.

Eye-catching, provocative profile photos will only attract men who are cruising sugar daddy websites in hopes of finding a prostitute. The real sugar daddies will skip your profile and move on to pictures that display wit, charm, and class.

Feel free to show pictures that highlight your feminine graces – i.e. your elegant neckline, that gorgeous waist curve – but leave everything else to the imagination.

Tip #2. Profile matters

Focus on describing your substance, not your bra size. Emphasize your personality, your intelligence. Make sure everything is properly spelled and of course, don’t wRyte lyK dIs.

Keep the profile short, simple, classy, substantive and above all else – memorable.

Tip #3. Delete incoming sex talk

If a potential sugar daddy addresses the question in an initial e-mail, delete it. The point of corresponding with a potential sugar daddy is to get to know each other so you can see if you’re compatible for a sugar relationship.

Sex does not need to be discussed in the first e-mail. Ever.

Tip #4. Mention sex in correspondence

Once you have been e-mailing or chatting with a potential sugar daddy for a little while, make it clear that you’re not interested in a pay-for-play relationship at all and that it would feel immensely strange for you to simply sleep with someone you hardly know. Let him know that you’re interested in letting the relationship progress naturally.

Most men sincerely interested in a sugar dating relationship will not only be okay with this, but will be for it.

Tip #5. Be the kind of girl that has much more to offer than her body

Assess the characteristics and traits you possess and see where you can improve. Be a better conversationalist, a better listener, more interesting, more well-rounded. Men will recognize these traits and once they do, they’ll want you for much more than sex.

Of course you can utilize all these tips and there might still be men contacting you for a one-night stand or a variation of. Herein lies the beauty of online dating: just delete the dude out of your inbox.

There will always be others.

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Sandy January 13, 2014

Yeah I could definitely reassess my profile using a few of these tips. I am tired of being looked at as a budget call girl to some. I already made 1 mistake with a splenda daddy who was nothing but a John as you said. Fuck, there are some real idiots out there. Talk is cheap, they’re even cheaper.

    Caitlin February 5, 2014

    Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by 🙂 And don’t let it get to you – for every awful “sugar” daddy out there, there are really good ones. Just remember – most times, we have to train guys how we’re to be treated. If he doesn’t seem like he can learn, drop him like a hot potato. And stay positive ’cause I can honestly say that attracts the best sugar daddies. Good luck to you – keep your head up 🙂

Kaitlyn September 10, 2017

Thank you so much for these tips! Haven’t been a sb in two years and I stopped because of this! I felt like every guy thought I was a prostitute. I remember a specific guy I laughed at because he said that I could stay all night with him for $150 I laughed but then was insulted because I know I’m worth way more than that. People on Backpage gets that for an hour. I got so discouraged because when I met someone who was a real sd I ruined it because I was so nervous the whole time thinking that I was going to get into an argument with him about not wanting to have sex. I was weird the whole time. I hate the whole prostitution thing I really do. It’s not okay with me. So thank you for these great tips!

Sierra April 11, 2019

I feel so stupid because my “sugardaddy” actually gave me money first before meeting me and more to get my nails done, but he ghosted me after sex. We had an agreement that he was to give me an allowance of $1500 a month for a friends with benefits type of sugar relationship. Smh.

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