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A 23 Year Old Quirky Sugar Baby: How to Get A Sugar Daddy Who Likes You For You

Hi babies and aspiring babies! My name is Noelle and I am a 23 year old quirky sugar baby. I’m actually already a university grad but I’ve found myself back in university once again! This time, in a different country. So I’m an international student sugar baby as well.

I like to describe myself as artistic and someone who isn’t afraid to be myself.

I have tons of tattoos and piercings, a funky hair cut, along with very brightly colored hair. You could say I always look like I’m ready to go to a rock concert.

With that said, I’m very passionate about making and writing my own music and acting. I recently moved out of my home country to attend the university I am currently at, which makes me an international student sugar baby. As a once-again student, I am very focused on my studies right now.

Balance is key to me. As of now, I’m juggling two sugar daddies with a part time job as well as being a full time university student. And somehow still finding time to see friends and have some me time.

Why Did You Become a Sugar Baby?

My main sugar baby goal was to be financially secure, to not worry about my bank account too much. I’m a person that budgets and spends her money wisely. I don’t party, do drugs or drink heavily. In general, I like to spend my money on things that will benefit myself and my future.

But moving to the states, from a different country with the status of an international student means tuition is going to be EXPENSIVE.

Obviously I saved up for this before I left. But when I arrived here, I did not have a job and was living off those savings. I was being so frugal and saving every penny I had just to pay for school, groceries, rent and bills.

I no longer left my apartment because I couldn’t bear to spend my hard earned savings on going out for dinner with friends. Obviously, that is no way to live.

What do you wish you’d known When starting out?

It’s not just about the money! I described above that money was my main goal – and I guess my only goal at first. But as I spent more time with my sugar daddies, you really connect with this person and start to understand each other. A friendship and a relationship (romantic or non romantic) blooms.

Another thing that I wish I knew was that this is going to take time to find a sugar daddy. As I moved and even when I was all settled in, I thought “Oh, I can just make a profile this week and get a sugar daddy as soon as this week or next week.”

I was so beyond wrong! It took me 2 months to finally get and meet up with my first sugar daddy. It makes sense when I think about it now because these men probably get dozens if not hundreds of messages from sugar babies.

And these sugar daddies want their perfect match. Especially since they are spending their hard earned money. They want to choose someone they think deserves it.

So if you do not stick out as a potential sugar baby, it’s no bother for them to look over your message and move on to the next candidate.

Where did you meet your sugar daddy?

I met both my sugar daddies on Seeking.com. My first sugar daddy stood out to me because his pictures were a little silly. Since I’m a little silly myself, it was refreshing to find he didn’t take himself too seriously. I thought he might appreciate a more quirky sugar baby.

He also had a very well written and detailed profile that gave me very good insight on who he was. The way someone writes, especially their grammar and punctuation online will tell you how well they can communicate in person.

My second sugar daddy stood out to me because he favorited my profile, so that got my attention to look at his profile. It wasn’t very lengthy but he was straight to the point of who he was and what he wanted out of a sugar baby. All of those things clicked with who I was.

Do you have any online dating tips for sugar babies?

Some profile tips for aspiring babies is to write a good length profile of who you are and what you’re looking for!

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Now I don’t mean a novel, a paragraph is good enough. But this isn’t Tinder where you can get away with, “I like to hike and I’m fun.” You need to stand out and pique the interest of potential sugar daddies.

Other online dating tips for sugar babies are to use common sense. I know that sounds so simple. But when you’re in a tight financial situation, your mind will make you think doing anything is okay.

If someone seems sketchy or fishy, end the conversation and get out. If they’re looking for just sex, end the conversation and get out. Being a sugar baby is not the same as prostitution, you are worth more than being paid for just sex.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

Being loved for being myself. I’m a very quirky sugar baby. I’m definitely not your typical tall, blonde hair, blue eyed babe who wears a lot of makeup.

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I don’t over sexualize myself, and to find men who accept me for me is amazing.

The site (Seeking.com) honestly intimidated me when I first made and account. Every woman on there looked so sexy in their swimsuits, long flowing hair and well done make up.

I told myself I’m not that. Why would any sugar daddy choose me, an offbeat, quirky sugar baby, when they could have her? But with a little patience I found two wonderful sugar daddies who love me for me.

How do you keep your sugar relationship spicy/fun/interesting?

Communication is key in a sugar relationship. I talk a lot with both my sugar daddies. We find out what both our interests are, what we find fun and things we would enjoy together.

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My first sugar daddy is younger and very close to my age, so we both love adventure and we go on rollercoasters and we went to a haunted house for Halloween! Sugar daddies want an escape from their regular work life, so finding something they’ve been longing to do always makes a great date.

What advice would you give aspiring sugar babies?

Be yourself, keep trying and don’t change who you are to make a sugar daddy happy or lie to appeal to a sugar daddy. You are you and worth someone who will appreciate who you exactly are.

Don’t give up on finding a sugar daddy too! Like I said it took me 2 months for me to get a sugar daddy. Along with writing a well written profile, make your messages just as important and detailed. A “hey how’re you, tell me about yourself“, will not do!

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Use the message as another opportunity to show why you are a great sugar baby for them. Write in detail about why their profile stood out to you, what you liked about their personality and traits and why your own lifestyle, personality, goals and beliefs would be a good match for them.

And don’t copy and paste the same message to every sugar daddy. Keep sending those messages and don’t be discouraged when you don’t get a reply. I’ve probably lost count on how many messages I’ve sent and haven’t got a single reply.

Don’t lose hope, you will find a sugar daddy that will be a great match for you!

3 thoughts on “A 23 Year Old Quirky Sugar Baby: How to Get A Sugar Daddy Who Likes You For You”

  1. My question is: when a Sugar Daddy just leaves his number to call him. Should I call or just chat with him on the site?
    I was recently scammed by a sugar daddy and I lost my personal credit card for lending it to him. I thought I was doing a favor for him and that was not the case.
    Another sugar daddy wanted my bank account but I held firm and kept telling him, no.
    Can you please give me advice so I won’t make the same mistake again?.

    • Hey Sharon!
      I’m not a sugar baby or anything but reading your comment I believe it would probably be best to do what you feel comfortable with. I believe that honesty is the best policy so it should be up to you. As far as the second half of your comment, I wouldn’t give out any personal credit card/ bank information to anyone over the internet.


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