5 Must Know Tips for Juggling Two Sugar Daddies

By Caitlin


So you’ve finally locked down your first sugar daddy and things are going great! But maybe you’re wanting more sugar, a more luxurious lifestyle, or possible bills and expenses have popped up and you might need a little more in your bank.

Whatever it may be, you might be asking yourself, “What if I get another sugar daddy?” Easier said than done babies, but not impossible! I have two sugar daddies and here’s some tips on balancing a little more sugar in your life.

1. Become a scheduling maestro

Schedule, schedule, schedule! You already lead a busy life and have to put aside some time every week for one SD, now you’ll have to figure out where you fit in time with your second SD. You need to figure out times that work for everyone so things don’t get too complicated.

How disappointing would it sound to your SDs if you had to keep blowing off dates last minute because you forgot you had a commitment? Or even worse, you accidentally made plans to see both SDs at the same time!

For example, I’m a university student so I know the committed times of my class schedule and my job on campus, those are set in stone given times that I cannot change.

My first SD (let’s call him John), John is super busy with his work so he’s always traveling and his off days changes every week. My second SD (let’s call him David), David works locally M-F, 9-5 routines, so his availability is more flexible.

Both my SDs know I go to school and are understandable of my hectic schedule too, I’m off school weekends so those are the ideal times for me to see them. But babies, remember you have to please your SDs too, you can’t keep making them gravitate towards your schedule and what only works for you.

David really wants to go to dinner on a Wednesday night, I have school the next day morning and would rather re-charge, but I find the time to do all my homework in between classes and say yes to the dinner because I know saying yes to a something that seems so small, is a big bowl of happiness to him.

Like I said John and David have very opposite schedules, David is always in town and John is always in and out of town. You may find your two SDs with same or opposing schedules. I think the latter situation is a huge pro for me because it’s easier to work around schedules.

I know John won’t be in town long so we figure out a week ahead of what day works for both of us, let’s say a Saturday, perfect so now I know I will be seeing John that day and the rest of my week (other than school) is free. Those are the days I can make time to see David when he is not busy.

2. Make them feel like they’re the only one

Now babies, it’s up to you to decide if you would like to tell your SD that there may be another daddy in your life. Some may not even care how many you are seeing as long as you don’t abandon them, some may get very possessive and only want you the themselves.

Whatever your decision is, it is always important to make the SD you’re with feel like he is a priority, especially when you are on a date. You may favor one daddy more than the other, but this doesn’t mean you give less sugar to either one.

This is still precious time to them and they need to feel important too. We also live in a digital age where it seems like when there’s a moment of silence we take out our phones and reply to texts or scroll through social media.

This is your one on one time with your SD, there’s nothing more rude than making your phone seem more important than someone you’re with. Put your phone away for a few hours and focus on the person in front of you. Give them your undivided attention and put their needs first when you’re with them.

3. Find a genuine connection

With your first SD, having come far enough to want two SDs, I hope you have created a genuine, solid connection with them. That will make you want to spend time and want to see them, the last thing you need is for an arrangement to feel like a chore.

With the second SD you have found, or currently still looking for, that connection is just as important. This kind of goes back to making them feel important as well. Your extra time spent on another SD will not feel beneficial if you’re faking your feelings and it’ll soon feel like a chore.

4. Make time for yourself

It might be easy to have all your time sucked up from your regular life commitments while seeing two SDs, you need to remember to unwind and find that me time, or time to go out and see your friends and family. Have a bubble bath and relax to some music, go on a hike, go to a concert. Don’t let your “double life” make your actual life unenjoyable.

5. Don’t let potential relationships get ruined

Depending on your lifestyle, and if your arrangements are NSA and nothing too serious and long term. You may meet someone in your daily life and want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, don’t let a potential relationship be passed off or ruined because you think that your schedule is already too busy, that this potential someone does not offer the same things as a sugar daddy or that getting companionship from your SDs is enough to suffice.

Being a sugar baby is a lifetime commitment for some but for most of us, it’s something we do for awhile to get us to the next step in life. If that next step in your life includes finding someone you’re compatible with and can be with for the long haul – don’t screw that up just because you’ve already got a life and two sugar daddies.

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Noelle, aka The Different One. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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