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Can You Handle Two Sugar Daddies? Here’s How to Do It

Are two sugar daddies better than one? If you find yourself asking that question, I get it.

You’ve finally locked down your first sugar daddy and things are going great. But you’re wanting more sugar, a more luxurious lifestyle, or possible bills and expenses have popped up and you might need a little more in your bank.

Whatever it is – you want more. And more of that more.

Which leads to you asking yourself, “What if I had two sugar daddies?”

Well, I’ve been there and done that. And trust me when I say that it is easier said than done – but not impossible. I have two sugar daddies and here’s what you need to know.

How Many Sugar Daddies Can I Have?

The honest answer is that you can have as many sugar daddies as you can handle and are comfortable with. The answer is going to be different for all of us.

Some sugar babies prefer the simplicity of one solid sugar daddy. Some, like myself, like the busyness and variety I get with two sugar daddies. And other sugar babies have become masters at dating multiple sugar daddies.

So if you’re wondering: how many sugar daddies can I have? Here are a couple things to consider…

What are Their Schedules Like?

This one is the biggest consideration. If all your sugar daddies are local, single, work full-time jobs and want to see you on evenings and weekends, it’s going to be difficult.

On the other hand, it could work very well if one sugar daddy is married and can only see you during the Monday to Friday workweeks while another sugar daddy is single and can do evenings and weekends.

Another example is if you have one sugar daddy who travels for work during most workweeks that you see on weekends and another sugar daddy who you see on evenings but not weekends.

These are all examples of what can work. The main point is it works best when the sugar daddies that you have are on different schedules.

Where Do They Live?

Choosing sugar daddies from different places is yet another way to make having two sugar daddies work for you. For example, you can have one main sugar daddy in your city and one long-distance sugar daddy that you meet once a month for a long weekend.

Or a sugar daddy lives in a neighboring city who you don’t see regularly but accompany on trips every couple of months. Or even a sugar daddy who is from out of town but flies in once a month to see you during his business trips.

With two or more sugar daddies, it can be much easier to coordinate schedules without a hitch when they are located in different areas.

What Kind of Arrangement is it?

Another big factor in how many sugar daddies you can have is simply the type of arrangement(s) that you get involved in.

For example, one sugar daddy may require a lot of emotional investment – i.e. more time spent together, emotional connection and support, you need to remember that story he’s told you about trekking the jungles of Borneo, and so on.

But another sugar daddy may simply want to meet once a week for dinner and drinks. Or you have another sugar daddy who is mostly interested in occasional hookups.

It can be easier to juggle different types of arrangements, especially if only one sugar daddy has the demands of a full-time sugar daddy (he would be your main) and the others just want to see you occasionally.

What are Your Needs?

Sometimes, sugar babies don’t necessarily want two sugar daddies – but they can’t find one sugar daddy who can meet all their needs.

In these cases, it can make sense to have one main Allowance Daddy and another sugar daddy who spoils with gifts and nice experiences, as well as some cash.

How Busy is Your Life?

Last but not least, let’s not forget that you have a life outside sugar as well. Whether it’s school, work, friends, family, or personal goals like reading more and going to gym – you need to make sure you actually have room in your life for more than one sugar daddy.

If your life and goals are already filled to the brim, you may simply only have the space for one or two quality sugar daddies in your life.

How to Juggle Two Sugar Daddies

If you do decide that you can handle two sugar daddies, there are ways to balance that extra sugar in your life.

Like I said, dating two sugar daddies is easier said that done. But one way I make it possible is because my sugar daddies have different scheduling needs.

My first sugar daddy (aka John) is super busy with his work. He’s always traveling and his off days changes every week. My second sugar daddy (aka David) works locally M-F, 9-5 routines, so his availability is more flexible.

John and David have pretty opposite schedules. David is always in town and John is always in and out of town. You may find your two sugar daddies with same or opposing schedules. I think the latter situation is a huge pro for me because it’s easier to work around schedules.

So that is my very first tip when having two sugar daddies…

Become a scheduling maestro

Schedule, schedule, schedule! You already lead a busy life and have to put aside some time every week for one sugar daddy. Now you’ll have to figure out where you fit in time with your second sugar daddy. You need to figure out times that work for everyone so things don’t get too complicated.

How disappointing would it sound to your sugar daddies if you had to keep blowing off dates last minute because you forgot you had a commitment? Or even worse, you accidentally made plans to see both sugar daddies at the same time!

For example, I’m a university student. So I know the committed times of my class schedule and my job on campus. Those are set in stone times that I cannot change.

Both my sugar daddies know I go to school and are understandable of my hectic schedule too. I’m off school weekends so those are the ideal times for me to see them. But babies, remember you have to please your sugar daddies too. You can’t keep making them gravitate towards your schedule and what only works for you.

So, for example, there have been times when David really wants to go to dinner on a Wednesday night. I have school the next day morning and would rather re-charge. But I find the time to do all my homework in between classes and say yes to the dinner. It’s more work for me, sure. But I know saying yes to something that seems so small, is a big bowl of happiness to him.

In the case of John, I know he won’t be in town long. So we figure out a week ahead what day works for both of us. Let’s say a Saturday – perfect, so now I know I will be seeing John that day and the rest of my week (other than school) is free. Those are the days I can make time to see David when he is not busy.

Make them feel like they’re the only one

It’s up to you to decide if you want to tell your sugar daddy that there is another sugar daddy in your life. Some may not even care how many you are seeing as long as you don’t abandon them. Some may get very possessive and only want you to themselves.

But whatever your decision is, it is always important to make the sugar daddy you’re with feel like he is a priority. Especially when you are on a date. You may favor one daddy more than the other, but this doesn’t mean you give less sugar to either one.

This is still precious time to them and they need to feel important too. We also live in a digital age where it seems like when there’s a moment of silence, we take out our phones and reply to texts or scroll through social media.

This is your one on one time with your sugar daddy. There’s nothing more rude than making your phone seem more important than someone you’re with. Put your phone away for a few hours and focus on the person in front of you. Give them your undivided attention and put their needs first when you’re with them.

Note: One of the easiest way to do this is to keep notes. Use the Notes app on your phone. Keep a separate page for each sugar daddy to jot down details on. Keep notes on things that are happening in his life, his likes and dislikes, stories he’s told you.

Establish a genuine connection

With your first sugar daddy, having come far enough to want two sugar daddies, I hope you have created a genuine, solid connection with them. That will make you want to spend time and want to see them, the last thing you need is for an arrangement to feel like a chore.

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With the second sugar daddy you have found, or currently still looking for, that connection is just as important. This kind of goes back to making them feel important as well. Your extra time spent on another sugar daddy will not feel beneficial if you’re faking your feelings. It’ll soon feel like a chore.

Make time for yourself

It can be easy to have all your time sucked up from your regular life commitments while seeing two sugar daddies. You need to remember to unwind and find that me time. Or time to go out and see your friends and family.

Have a bubble bath and relax to some music, go on a hike, go to a concert. Don’t let your “double life” make your actual life unenjoyable.

Don’t let potential relationships get ruined

This depends on your lifestyle, and if your arrangements are NSA and nothing too serious and long term. You may meet someone in your daily life and want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If this happens, don’t let a potential relationship be passed off or ruined because you think that your schedule is already too busy. Or because that potential someone does not offer the same things as a sugar daddy. Or because you think that getting companionship from your sugar daddies is enough to suffice.

Being a sugar baby is a lifetime commitment for some. But for most of us, it’s something we do for awhile to get us to the next step in life. If that next step in your life includes finding someone you’re compatible with and can be with for the long haul – don’t screw that up just because you’ve already got a life and two sugar daddies.

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Noelle, aka The Different One. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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