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How to Set Sugar Baby Goals that Get You Everything You Want

Let’s talk sugar baby goals. Money. Duh. Well, yes. But it needs to go further than that.

Sugar babies become sugar babies for various reasons.  While the exact motivations differ from one sugar baby to the next, we think it’s fair to say that most of us are looking for pretty similar things, like:

  • Money, moolah, funds, hard cash
  • More free time to do as we please
  • Not getting saddled with a massive amount of student loans
  • More travel to places that are out of our reach
  • Little (and big) luxuries that make life more pleasurable
  • The sheer awesomeness of having all of life’s expenses paid for
  • The company of an experienced, well-connected man
  • That pleasurable feeling of having a man take care of you

The above are a few of the lovely perks of being a sugar baby. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about figuring out and deciding exactly what you want out of the sugar game so you can stay hyper-focused on getting it.

Why Sugar Baby Goals are Crucial

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

Sugar baby goals are crucial. They’re so important, in fact, that we consider this the first step to take before you even start looking for a sugar daddy.

And it’s actually a very personal step, one that has to do with sitting down with yourself for a moment and asking yourself the all-important question of: What do I want?

Because without this crucial clarity of knowing your own goals, many sugar babies find themselves exiting the sugar world without having gotten what they entered for. And you didn’t become a sugar baby to leave empty-handed, did you?

So here’s exactly why you need to get your sugar baby goals straight.

You Need to Know in Order to Get

There are so many aspiring sugar babies stepping into the sugar world with some vague ideas of Chanel purses, Louboutins and dolla dolla bills.

So when a potential sugar daddy asks them what they want, they stammer out some weak answer like “gifts and stuff?”

This is a surefire way of not getting what you want as a sugar baby. And if that’s going to be the case, what is the point of entering the sugar world?

Make sure you know what you want. And then become very good at asking for it.

It’s Easy to Get Side-Tracked

The sugar baby journey is full of distractions. You’ll meet a lot of potential sugar daddies, all of whom can offer very nice things – even if they’re not the things you want. Temptations abound.

There will be fancy dinner dates. Gifts here and there. Fun times at amusement parks, luxury hotels, rides in cars you’ve only seen on TV. It’s easy to lose sight of your original sugar baby goals when a sugar daddy offers you first class tickets to Bali.

And don’t get us wrong. Fun is great.

But fun is not the main reason you are a sugar baby. Whatever your goal is – having fun while attaining that goal is great, but losing sight of your goal because you’re having fun? Not smart.

It’s Easier to Find the Ideal Sugar Daddy

Here’s the thing about sugar baby goals – once you know them, you can hyper-focus your sugar daddy search.

This allows you to concentrate all your time and energy on sugar daddies who can give you what you want and ignore the rest, which can suck up time, energy, and effort without even being able to provide what you really want.

Which brings us to…

What are Your Sugar Baby Goals?

Alright, sugar babe, we don’t know you personally so we don’t know what your aspirations are for the sugar game. But one thing is for sure – all sugar babies should know their primary goals.

So what’s the priority for you?

It can differ from sugar baby to sugar baby. But it’s crucial that you decide which one is top priority and which are luxuries you wouldn’t say no to but also wouldn’t spend any energy pursuing.

Here are some of the most popular motivations for sugar babies entering the sugar world.

Cold, hard cash

For a “cash is king” kind of sugar baby – it’s all about the Benjamins.

She has no illusions or fuzzy feelings about finding the man of her dreams or even having wildly good times in the sugar world.

She has one goal and one goal only: get the cash.

Tuition Assistance

For a sugar baby who is in university or grad school, the biggest expense is tuition. This type of sugar baby wants her diploma – debt-free.

As such, her highest priority is getting that tuition paid for by a sugar daddy.

Living Expenses Paid for

It’s not necessarily about receiving a certain sugar baby allowance every week or month – for this type of sugar baby, the most important thing is to have all her living expenses paid for.

Rent, car payments, phone bills, Netflix subscriptions – all the responsibility of paying these bills off her shoulders and taken care of by a sugar daddy.

Gifts and Experiences

This type of sugar baby either doesn’t want or need a regular sugar baby allowance. Maybe she has a job that already covers her living expenses. Or maybe she doesn’t like the transactional feeling of receiving money from a man.

Either way, what really turns her on are luxuries like:

  • Splurge shopping trips to couture shops
  • Frequent visits to lavish restaurants
  • Spa days at the city’s top-of-the-line spas
  • Having beauty or medical treatments paid for, i.e. boob job, veneers, BBL
  • Being treated to the best salons and mani/pedis

Travel and Adventure

This type of sugar baby loves to travel, dreams of traveling more, but doesn’t have the means to fully fund this lifestyle. But she has a passport and a flexible schedule.

What she wants most from the sugar world are things like:

  • All expenses paid trips to exotic destinations
  • Getting to tick off travel experiences on her bucket list
  • A sponsor who pays for dream activities like becoming a certified scuba diver, underwater photography classes, skydiving lessons, and so on

Mentoring and Connections

This type of sugar baby doesn’t really care about the allowance or the gifts. She’s an ambitious go getter who wants a leg up in her chosen career field.

That includes everything from business insights from a sugar daddy who is in your field to connections and financial support.

What to Do With Your Sugar Baby Goals

When you go through the list of the most popular sugar baby goals, one or two will really strike a chord with you. Write them all down.

Now, rank them. The one that comes first is your absolute, non-negotiable, must-get primary sugar baby goal. That is the one that every potential sugar daddy must be able to provide.

Once you know that main sugar baby goal, you can then elaborate on exactly what you need in order to get it.

Describe What You Need to Get Your Goal(s)

For example, perhaps you want to change careers and need financial assistance for a couple months while you train and study. In this case, your primary sugar baby goals are:

  • A regular allowance of at least $x,xxx
  • A set sugar dating schedule, i.e. no out-of-towners or last-minute dates that can interfere with your study and training
  • Anything else – gifts, experiences, travel – are luxuries that you probably don’t even have time for

Or maybe you have a job already but you want to quickly move up the ranks in your field of expertise. In that case, your primary sugar baby goals are:

  • Tuition assistance for further career training, seminars or bootcamps on an as-needed basis
  • An experienced and successful sugar daddy in a related field who is ready and able to advise and guide you with insights and hard-earned knowledge
  • Will take you as his plus one to high end events so you can mingle with intelligent, connected people in your field

The important thing is to be crystal clear with yourself on what you want…before you start talking to any potential sugar daddy about it.

Include Your Sugar Baby Goals in Your Profile

Once you’ve sat down and figured out your ideal arrangement, describe it in your profile. This will help you in your filtering to find a match. A well-written sugar baby bio is one of the easiest ways to attract the sugar daddies you want and dissuade the sugar daddies you don’t.

Write an appealing bio, but make sure you include the main elements of what you want. Here are some examples:

I’m looking for just one special sugar daddy to build an arrangement based on trust, connection, and very, very fun times. As a busy student with a full roster of classes, the ideal sugar daddy for me is one who also has a set sugar dating schedule.

No last-minute dates for this me, sorry! Are you a generous benefactor who can support me in my goal of graduating debt-free? Let’s go for coffee. I just might be the sugar baby of your dreams.

If you like to travel, I’m your girl. I’ve only been to 12 countries so far – be the one to add a few more to my list! We can make the kind of travel memories that make you giddy smile when you think of them.

Let’s go kayaking on an endless ocean, see the Aurora Borealis, learn to kite surf, and have wild naughty fun on a deserted beach.

I am open to short and long-term arrangements but connection and chemistry is always key. I want to be the full girlfriend package – but without a hint of drama. Cozy nights in, dining at the coolest restaurants, laughing our way through a comedy show – let’s do it all. I’ve always worked for my own things but now I want to experience the finest things in life with a generous gentleman.

I’m on the hunt for that rare type of sugar daddy. One who has climbed his way to the top and is now looking to pass on his wisdom. I’m looking for someone who can mentor me, especially when it comes to finances. Show me how to invest, let me pick your brain on how you built up your company, let me dress up and make you look good at mixers and events.

When a potential sugar daddy contacts you, first assess whether he can provide your primary sugar goal(s). If not, a short and sweet response is the best sugar baby etiquette: “Thanks for your interest/message, but I don’t think we’re a great match/well suited.

And then NEXT!

Don’t Settle

So many sugar babies end up settling for the first sugar daddy who agrees to an arrangement – even if they can’t provide what they want.

Don’t do that.

It’s okay to agree to a short-term arrangement to tide you over. But don’t abandon the sugar daddy search until you’ve found the ideal arrangement that gets you the sugar baby goal that you’re after.

Sugar baby goals vary from sugar baby to sugar baby. But one thing is for sure – you need to know and focus on yours in order to choose the best sugar daddy for you.

So the bottom line is simply: Make sure you know what you want. And when you’re choosing a sugar daddy, ask yourself the question: Is he going to further your goals or is he not?

Always keep your sugar baby goals list close by, don’t get side-tracked, and know why you’re playing the sugar game.

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