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This Smart Sugar Baby Shares the Best Tip to Satisfy a Sugar Daddy’s Needs

Hey there! I’m Georgina, a quirky 20-something smart sugar baby with a fittingly peculiar dating life. In the vanilla world, I study fashion. I am used to being the best dressed and one of the smartest people in the room.

I absolutely love how clothing can change how people express themselves. In my free time, I’m usually absorbed in a really good book, at the park with my Dachshund, or chatting with friends over a pot of tea and homemade muffins.

Why did you become a sugar baby?

I had monetary motivations, like most of us. I was finishing my undergrad and getting ready to graduate from university. And I’m a smart baby who believes in the value of higher education.

But while I wouldn’t trade my education for anything, I realized I had a principle debt of roughly $90,000 working against me and collecting interest. And that’s even after significant scholarships and grants!

The last thing I wanted was to start out my career in a dead end job that I hated just to pay the bills. “JOB”, to me, is an acronym from “Just Over Broke”!

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An allowance has definitely provided me some flexibility and stability. I wanted to lay the foundation of having my money work for me, instead of against me.

What do you wish you knew when starting out?

Sugar Daddies will take a genuine interest in you as a person. Early on, I realized I wasn’t comfortable talking about myself. I had to develop an elevator pitch to make the first date seem less like an interview. Be an interesting person and always have something exciting going on in your life. A smart sugar baby will always win out over just a pretty face simply because she can hold a conversation.

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Also be prepared to be ghosted at every stage of the process, even by the ones who say they’re “reliable”! When it happens, don’t waste time lamenting your loss or trying to rope him back in, no matter how genuinely interested he seemed.

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Normally this happens when someone would rather not say what’s on their mind. And relationships tend to work best when people attempt to communicate. You should be with someone who wants to maintain a presence in your life.

Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy?

I met my Sugar Daddy through Seeking.com. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve had a better experience with guys who do not waste time asking for pictures and messaging me constantly.

I prefer men who can meet fairly quickly because I find it’s better to gauge things in person. I knew mine was a keeper when he viewed me on LinkedIn, instead of asking me if I had a Facebook (ugh!).

Sugar Daddies know what they want, but they cannot outright say it in their profiles usually. After I received a few awkward and nervous messages, I revised my profile and spelled out options with the exact terms of arrangements I would be comfortable in. And yes, including that I was comfortable sleeping with my sugar daddy.

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This sounds obvious, but the way that I wrote it is important. It took the focus off of me and emphasized the interests and motivations of the type of Sugar Daddy that I was seeking. I get fewer views than when I started without the options in my profile, but most of the men who view me now message me.

By their message, I gauge whether or not he’s worth perusing further (I LOVE having the ball in my court). Sugar Daddies who know what they want like to be around people and Sugar Babies who know what they want.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

My favorite thing is the people I’ve met. Not all of them have been good to me, but I’ve met men who worked at McKinsey, former CIA agents, and someone who claimed to have been Hugh Hefner’s former business partner.

There are loads of diverse and interesting people who try out sugar dating.

How do you keep a sugar relationship spicy?

Things don’t always have to be spicy! There are two types of experiences that a Sugar Daddy is seeking. He is either overworked and is looking for relaxation and an escape in his Sugar Baby. Or he is bored in one area of his life and needs a Sugar Baby to liven things up.

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A good way to gauge this is by asking him what his ideal vacation is. If he prefers to sit on a beach for a day and drink a Pina Colada, he prefers relaxation. If he prefers to take a safari, he’s a thrill seeker. Figure out which category he falls into and tailor the relationship around it.

What advice would you give aspiring sugar babies?

If you’re searching for advice online about the perfect sugar baby first date outfit, you’re going to end up confused. Because the advice varies. One article recommends that the ideal sugar baby dress code is a “beige dress, high heels, a pink bag, and a pearl necklace.”

Others have answers varying from “a pair of skinny jeans paired with a white blouse and a pair of classic pumps” to a little black dress with heels.”

My advice is to dress for the venue. Always.

Also, you need to actively prevent Sugar Baby burnout instead of treating it once it’s already happened. This lifestyle can be very exciting and fast paced, but if you don’t regularly do things that bring you joy and happiness, you will burn out.

Make a list of things that bring you joy to reference when you don’t want to get out of bed.

If you cannot discern between these three emotions, I highly recommend reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, and cleaning out your closet. It sounds crazy and unrelated, but it will work wonders.

Lastly, start with clarity. Before you even try to find a sugar daddy, have a think about your expectations from a sugar daddy and the boundaries you’ll need to have in place. It may sound like a lot – but trust me, this topic will come up with pretty much every potential sugar daddy you meet. So you want to be prepared.

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  1. Georgina, yours was a fascinating essay and I will return to it. Would you mind spelling out what you did when you revised your profile to include terms of arrangements you’d be comfortable with? When I understand better what that looks like I might have to try that practice!


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