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Sugar Baby What I'm Looking For Examples

On the hunt for sugar baby What I’m Looking For examples to help you fill out your profile questions? We got you.

It’s actually a good opportunity to hone in on exactly what you want. Because you will be asked this ever popular sugar daddy question again and again.

It will come up in almost every sugar baby bio. And pretty soon, you’ll be sitting face-to-face with a potential sugar daddy who asks you the same question.

So how do you answer?

sugar baby what i'm looking for examples

You’re a sugar baby who has a lot of different goals. You want money. You want to be taken care of and spoiled. Mentorship and connections are top of your list as well. And of course, you’re not going to say no to lavish dinners, top-of-the-line holidays, expensive experiences you normally wouldn’t be able to afford yourself.

But is that what you should write in the What I’m Looking For section?

Not really. Honesty is good but we want to phrase it better in order to attract the best sugar daddies.

So instead of staring at a blank screen, wondering how to write everything in a way that doesn’t come off too greedy, let’s look at exactly how to answer this question.

Let’s start by taking a look at what NOT to write.

Bad Sugar Baby What I’m Looking for Examples

Many sugar babies completely gloss over this section. Some leave it mostly blank or even completely empty.

This is never a good idea. Sure, the main thing that most potential sugar daddies look at are your sugar baby profile pictures. But once they like what they see, the legit sugar daddies are going to read your What I’m Looking For section to see if what you want matches what they’re able to provide.

So leaving it blank is the worst thing you can do. But it’s not the only mistake.

Here are a couple bad sugar baby What I’m Looking For examples so you know what to avoid.

  • I don’t know. Or any variation of this that shows you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Things like “some fun” or “a generous man.”
  • I want a sugar daddy to pay my bills. This is direct and honest but even sugar daddies don’t want to feel like an ATM or that you’re just seeking charity.
  • ***Please NO SPLENDA MEN***. Yes, you know what you don’t want but this section is for what you do want. Keep the negativity out of it.
  • Spoil me because I’m pretty. Anything that comes off entitled or that you are simply looking for a free lunch is going to turn off legit sugar daddies.

These are the main mistakes and easy to steer clear of. Now, let’s take a look at some good sugar baby What I’m Looking For examples.

Good Sugar Baby What I’m Looking for Examples

Good sugar baby What I’m Looking For sections don’t have to be complicated or wordy. In fact, we think short and simple always wins.

Here are some examples that are ideal.

General “About My Match” Examples

Chemistry is key. The perfect man for me is generous and enjoys spending quality time with an upbeat, classy lady who enjoys spoiling him as much as he enjoys spoiling her. Let’s go out for lunch and see where destiny takes us.

Hoping to meet someone special with whom I have intense chemistry and connection. A mentor, romantic partner, and travel companion rolled into one would be ideal. I would like to spoil you as much as you spoil me, but with no strings attached of course. Let’s connect and see where things go.

I’m here for a genuine connection where we can experience a whole lot of deep laughing together. Let’s forget the world for a while. I totally understand what kind of dating site this. If we’re a match I’d like to just leave the door open on this topic to figure out what best benefits us both. Discretion is my top priority.

Want to Be Spoiled Examples

I’m looking to find a man with a provider mentality. Being spoiled financially is a huge turn on for me. It keeps me in my feminine energy and makes me feel like a princess. And that inspires me to always treat you like a king.

I’ve had friends in the sugar bowl but have only ever observed with some awe (and envy!). I’ve always grown up working for my own things and want to enjoy the finer things with a generous gentleman. Whether it’s food, wine, clothes, perfume, I want to be pampered and spoil you in return.

The perfect man is one who enjoys pampering but also one that can truly uplift a person’s life. He must be financially free, drama free, clean cut, honest. He must like to laugh or it just won’t work . I want to be the goddess of your life. I can’t wait to pamper you with my grace. Serious long term daddies only.

Tuition Assistance ExampleS

I’m looking for an open-minded and generous guy who could help me with my tuition because I’m an MBA student right now. The sense of freedom I’d gain from not having to work so many hours while studying for school means you’d get all the fun parts of a relationship and none of drama or stressful parts.

Are you someone who can open up my world a bit? I’m excited to spend time with a gentlemanly, fun, generous, passionate man and share new experiences. I’m currently putting myself through school and dream of graduating without debt. Are you someone who could help me out while simultaneously joining me for tacos at Alta Calidad, music concerts and standup comedy, and of course mind-blowing sex in some memorable places?

Travel Sugar Baby Examples

I love to travel but I can’t always afford to. Do you love to travel but wish you had a fun, adventurous, open-minded and drama-free partner to do it with? It would be absolutely incredible to find someone to share dream experiences on our bucket lists. Mine include becoming a certified scuba diver, taking photography classes and getting my own professional camera, skydiving, camping/backpacking, taking cooking classes and art lessons, and more. What are some of yours?

I have a full-time job and my bills are taken care of. I’m looking for a generous man with a sense of humor who shares my passions for all things travel and all things fine. Bonus point if you can practice golf with me.

Girlfriend Sugar Baby Examples

If you’re looking for a girlfriend with all the benefits minus the drama, I’m your girl. I’m definitely more of the girl next door type and the perfect arrangement for me is a friendship/relationship. I want to connect through meaningful conversations and spending time together doing fun activities. Chemistry is an absolute must. That means it will take time for us to get to know each other first before getting into bed…but in or out of the sheets, one thing I can promise is that it will always be a good time.

I am a traditional mid-western girl with old-fashioned values. Looking for a gentleman. I love romance, chivalry, to be cared for, and treated respectfully. I love when you open the door and hold my hand. I’m looking for a solid man who wants to commit to an emotional connection vs a fling. Quality over quantity.

I seek a direct sugar daddy knowing his desires and limits. He would be generous in his offer and slightly weak for me . Days together could look like staying in the house making a home cooked meal , watching a sci-fi movie on Netflix, and snuggling up in our matching PJs . Other times, it’s a manic adventure in a new country state or city. We wine and dine while we people watch and enjoy the luxuries of life. Our souls feel safe and our romantically charged emotions intertwine, in a beautiful canvass of multidimensional art.

Seeking a Sugar Daddy Mentor Example

Are you an entrepreneur? Then you’re the exact type of self-starting, driven, success-minded man I’d love to spend time with. I know many of you here are experienced entrepreneurs with invaluable business knowledge, so if you’re willing to letting me pick your brain, I’d love to chat! I’m currently in the process of expanding a business I built and looking to spend quality time with a smart, generous man who has a wealth of knowledge he wants to pass on to a smart, passionate sugar baby looking for her match.

Long Distance Sugar Baby Example

I’m looking for a man I can meet with for three days twice a month. I may not be in your city but it doesn’t mean we can’t meet. My most successful arrangements happens when living miles apart.

Long-Term Sugar Baby Examples

I’m looking for someone who isn’t looking for just a “one-time” thing. An ongoing, longer term mutually beneficial and real arrangement that is also a friendship. I believe that being human is a condition that sometimes requires a little bit of anesthesia. Let me be that anesthesia in your life.

I’m looking for a man who understands we are both clearly above the average dating methods. I would like to find a long term arrangement with someone I can genuinely connect with. Respect and honesty is extremely important to me. As long as we are both clear on what we want our relationship can have endless opportunities. With constantly being in demand in my day to day/work life I want a man who can make me feel feminine, dainty and sexy. Someone who is extremely generous and loves to see a woman pleased. If this sounds like you and you want to dig deeper with me then send that message.

My ideal match: I’m pretty flexible, both physically and mentally. I’m open to one-off meetings or travel companions, but I do really like steadily growing, mutually beneficial arrangements. Disclaimer: I’m not a beach princess, and I don’t need to wear Prada to feel sexy. I’m not very vanilla, and I’m not the kind of girl to sit still and look pretty.

NSA Sugar Baby Example

I’m looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, NSA. I’m excited to have a good time and looking for financial assistance while making a positive impact in your life. Drama free. Our time together should be our little escape and feel natural, and both of us should feel comfortable talking about who we are and what we like to do.

Sugar Baby “What I’m Looking For” Formula

The above are all great sugar baby What You’re Looking For section. But of course, you want to come up with something of your own.

The best formula to use is simple: Finances + Relationship + Focus on Him

That is to say, you want to mention that you are looking for financial benefits. You don’t need to go into detail – it’s just a brief What You’re Looking For section. You can discuss the details later, once you’ve talked to and even gone on a sugar date with a potential sugar daddy.

But for now, you can keep it short, like:

  • I’m looking for a generous man who loves to spoil the woman on his arm
  • I’m an MBA student looking for help with tuition
  • Currently transitioning careers and looking for a generous man
  • I’m looking for a mutually beneficial relationship with financial assistance

Once you’ve established that the arrangement you’re looking for includes finances, you also need to include what you’re looking for in a relationship sense. After all, no sugar daddy wants to feel like the only thing you’re looking for is money. This can also be short and sweet, like:

  • Lots of laughter, deep conversations, shared adventures and chemistry are key.
  • The ideal sugar daddy loves to try new restaurants, take us dancing, and banter as well as deep and meaningfuls.
  • My perfect arrangement is one that has all the romance, intimacy, inside jokes, and connectedness of a great relationship without any of the pressure, obligations, and drama that most relationships come with.

Last but not least, the best way to end the What You’re Looking for description is to include the potential sugar daddy in it. This can be as simple as:

  • Join me for drinks, will ya?
  • I may be busy with school all day but my evenings are wide open for anything you choose
  • Want to join me in these adventures?
  • I’m naturally introverted but over a good wine, I’ll tell you anything you want to know

It’s an easy enough formula that is short, simple, and lets potential sugar daddies see whether you’re on the same page. It’s the perfect introduction for the longer conversation that will follow when you finally meet and start talking details.

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