A Winning Sugar Baby Attitude: Pretty Girls Are Never…

By Emma


I rarely watch TV – I don’t even remember ever owning one, but when Desperate Housewives came out, I admit I used to go over to a friend’s house A LOT to catch episodes of it. It was trash. But it was titillating trash and that made it okay.

Anyway, if you have the DH obsession too – do you remember that episode where Carlos stopped giving Eva Longoria allowance? He cut off her credit cards and everything in an attempt to control her and make her more dependent on him.sugar baby blog

And what did she do?

She dolled herself up, got her mojo off the shelf (after all, that stuff is free) and pranced into the most expensive restaurant she could find knowing full well that by the end of her meal, she’d have someone who was willing to pay for it.

That’s a winning sugar baby attitude.

Carlos comes back home to find her smugly in the bathtub, a new pair of shoes by her side. He’s baffled and asks her how she got it, to which she simply replies: “Pretty girls are never lonely…”

Truer words were never spoken.

The thing about this phrase is that it’s not about being pretty. It’s all about the confidence to know you can get what it is you want.

This is the most important thing for any sugar baby to remember. The difference between successful sugar babies (who always seem to get a sugar daddy) and the ones waiting on the sidelines for someone to scoop them up is as simple as knowing this truth: Pretty girls are never “lonely”, at least when it comes to men.

I don’t care who you are or what you look like, but if you’re a woman who takes pride in her looks – you are beautiful and there are plenty of men out there who’d thank their lucky stars for the chance to spend time with you, to wine and dine you, to make you smile with gifts, to take care of you.

Good sugar babies know this.

That’s why when a POT starts flaking out on them or treating them less than well, they walk right on out. Why?

Because they know there’s always someone else somewhere else who will give them what they want. These sugar babies are approaching sugar dating from an attitude of abundance. There is an abundance of men.

Other sugar babies cling onto their POTs like they’ll never, ever find another person to give them a few hundred dollars. They’re operating from a mentality of total scarcity and this is just what they keep on getting because they don’t know how to let go and have faith in themselves to attract a better sugar daddy.

So remember, as you begin (or continue) sugar dating – you are a pretty woman. I don’t care if you don’t think of yourself as one, I guarantee you can find at least 50 guys in a 10 mile radius who’d agree you’re pretty hot.

And pretty girls are never lonely…

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