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How I Found Success After a Sugar Daddy Scammed Me

When I first started my sugar journey, a sugar daddy scammed me. Actually, and unfortunately, I have been scammed a couple times by fake sugar daddies. So I have had an arduous sugar baby journey.

Here’s what I learned from the worst experiences.

Who Are You?

Hello, I’m Alexxa. Yes, I know. My name is like the Amazon Echo, that is true. Except for the fact that I came first, so technically the Amazon Echo is like me…

Regardless of who copied who, I am a 20-year-old female residing in Oregon. I have been a sugar baby for 4 years. I started on Omegle, then quickly moved onto Snapchat, and finally landed on Seeking.com.

After skeeting around the sugar world, not having any sense of direction, and after a sugar daddy scammed me, I left. My first sugar experience was mostly just getting scammed in the process.

So I stepped away. For two years.

Honestly, I got scared up until this January. A close friend of mine opened up about her success on the site.

Hearing about how she kept the encounter strictly to her inner circle. Plus the details about how the event went down, I opened my account back up.

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Within a few hours of uploading some profile pictures, some beautiful verbiage and with refurbishing, I was back in business. This time with much better luck.

Why Did You Become a Sugar Baby?

When I initially began sugaring back in 2015, I was just a young girl who wanted money and for some reason never thought about going out and getting a job.

But when I began my search back up in January earlier this year, I was in $7,000 of debt. It was my worst nightmare.

For 8 months prior to this, I was in an abusive relationship. I had been supporting my significant other’s drug and alcohol habit. It was a tough time, shoving every bill I had to the side in fear of the trouble I would find myself in if i said “no” to going to the liquor store.

When I finally got out of that relationship and saw the damage it did to my funds, I realized I seriously needed money. More money than I could get from a typical 9-5.

I had always attracted a myriad of men. And I finally made the decision to take that more seriously. I had to get myself out of this hole life had put me in. 

What do you wish you had known at First ?

The first thing I always think of that I wished I would have easily found online is information on scams before a sugar daddy scammed me. Or that someone would have mentioned to me that a real sugar daddy or mommy will only need your bank account and routing number for online transactions. That’s all they need.

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These are things I learned the hard way after a sugar daddy scammed me. If they ask for your username and password, it’s a sugar daddy scam. Here’s another one. If they say they want to add you to their payroll, it’s a scam. And yet another. If they say they need you to buy gift cards to send to them and they will send them back, it’s a scam!

And – if you do arrange to meet someone in person and they are not willing to meet in a public place – run! There’s no reason that a sugar daddy wouldn’t want you to feel safe and comfortable, right? 

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Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy?

I met my current sugar daddy on Seeking.com. He actually didn’t stand out much to me. Except for the fact that he was quite inquisitive to my interests, but not private about his own. That made me feel quite comfortable to open up to him.

By the way, if someone has no photos anywhere on their profile, chances are that the account is not safe to interact with. That’s another tip I learned after a sugar daddy scammed me. If there are no profile pictures and he won’t share a picture, it’s probably a scam.

Simply ask the account owner to show you or post a photo if they are interested in further interaction with you! You should never feel wrong for advocating for your safety!

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

My favorite thing about being a sugar baby is that because I have had an abusive past, I have some attachment issues when it comes to people. Being a sugar baby helps me keep those attachments in place.

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It helps keep me regularly sexually active, I get to go out every so often, and there is always someone to look to when I’m feeling lonely that I know will reciprocate! 

How do you keep your sugar relationship fun?

My sugar daddy and I have the same taste, so for us it flows quite nicely. Some tips are sending occasional photos, texting to let them know you’re thinking of them or asking if you can try something you know you like with them.

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Sometimes it’s also fun to be able to dress up and get ready a little more than usual to show that you are excited by the encounters you have.

Any advice for aspiring sugar babies?

Aspiring babies? I would say this: you are worth every penny you believe you are worth.

Never let anyone make you feel silly for keeping yourself protected. Advocate for your own needs! And always remember that a legitimate sugar daddy or mommy will always be on your side!

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Also, bringing up the money discussion quickly is, in my experience, a good sign. A sugar daddy who asks you what you want from the beginning is likely to be legit.

I am pleased to be able to chat with all of you through the coming weeks and I hope my words will be able to help!

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  1. Did you tell your SD up front about your attachment issues or it that more of a wait-till-you-know em Kind of thing?


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