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A Young Sugar Baby Who Started at 15: How to Sugar Smarter

My name is Ling and I’m 19 years old – kinda young, huh? I’m a young sugar baby even now but I’ve been a sugar baby for 4 years. So I got into this at a very young age and I’ve had to act older and fake it til I made it.

I’m currently a college student studying medicine. My first arrangement was with my chemistry teacher in high school.

Why Did You Become a Sugar Baby?

To buy things that I couldn’t get as child, but that has changed now.

I sugar to pay for me! Which means buying things I want. I also see this journey as self-empowerment for women.

What’s Your Sugar Baby Superpower?

I’m a very sexy woman. And I’m not just talking about my looks but I’ve developed this mindset, which everything I would do would have to be sexy.

Since I’m so young, I’ve had to act older than I was. I would study how to be sexy. As women, it’s like second nature for us but practice makes perfect. Even in the comfort of my own home I would walk around the house with heels and makeup on for the psychological aspect.

I faked it until I became it! Meaning when I would spend several nights at my sugar daddies’ beautiful homes I would remain attractive. I only wore sexy clothes when I was around my sugar daddies.

If I wanted him to give me a huge allowance I had to look and play the part.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

Other than the money? It would have to be keeping me on my toes.

Also, being able to talk to different groups of people due to the knowledge that I’ve learned from my sugar daddies.

I feel so empowered when I’m with my sugar daddies.

How Did You Meet Your Sugar Daddy?

At the moment, I have 3.

  • Patrick: He’s my long term sugar daddy, his wife past away and he never remarried again. My allowance with him is 5,000 monthly. How did I get this much to start? I sent him a spread sheet of things that I need and want and the exact cost plus taxes. He takes me to dinner every Wednesday night at a five star restaurant and trips.
  • Nameless: I always forget his name! It’s so hard to pronounce – he’s from Germany. I call him Mr. Germany he likes it. We have the weirdest arrangement.
  • Mick: He’s my favorite so far, even though he’s new, we’ll see how it goes! Just found out today his daughter is in three of my classes. Shhh…..

Where do you meet sugar daddies?

I’m a fan of online dating sites for sugar babies such as Establishedmen.com or Seeking.com. I update my profile once every month, doing things like changing my picture, adding new ones as well as adding new information about me.

A common mistake that we make is not being blunt about our arrangement on the sugar daddy sites. When you state that you’re a sugar baby who is open for anything and wants to meet a man who can change your world, low-key, etc., you’re saying that you’re an easy lay.

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I have done that before and I was wondering why I kept getting scum bags in my inbox. So be blunt about what you will do and will not do and stand on it. Setting clear boundaries is especially important as a young sugar baby since some sugar daddies will try to take advantage of your youth.

Try not to fall for easy, quick money because of hard times. Patience is key!!

Don’t message every man! Only go for those who fit the type of arrangement you’re wanting.

Also another way of meeting sugar daddies is in real life. I’m talking about free-styling. Me and my other sugar baby friends do this together. We go out to a local spot after rush hour where a lot of business men are having a drink before heading home. Or we go a hotel where a business conference is being held.

How Do You keep things fun With a Sugar DaddY?

Being sexy is not enough. Here’s a list of the things I do to keep things spicy:

  • Challenge his fantasy.
  • Kinda remain a mystery to your sugar daddies. I know I do! One of the sugar daddies who I’ve been seeing for 11 months just found out I was a foster child and that I was a motherless and fatherless child…
  • …Which made him feel sorry for me but at the same time, he wanted to know where I learned my etiquette.
  • Sex.
  • Surprise him with gifts sometimes.
  • Invite him over sometimes.
  • Never dress down, dress up.

What Tips Do you Have for Young sugar babies?

I have a lot to say on this. The first thing is to pick a type of sugar daddy that fits your lifestyle and goals.

When you’re meeting sugar daddies online, there are three types that I have noticed from my experience:

  • The Creepy Guy: behind the computer screen who’s is looking for easy conversation. Makes inappropriate remarks to you.
  • The Married Man: who is probably looking for sex.
  • The Busy Man: who is too busy for traditional relationships.

There’s nothing wrong with the creepy guy and the married man but the busy man is the best pick.

Fake It Until You Make It #golfPro

My body language was key for me to be able to attract wealthy men. I learned that all my sugar daddies want me to act older, but still have childish ways.

Example: I hate golf, it’s just not a sport I’m a fan of.

My sugar daddy took me golfing for the first time and instead of me acting petty because I didn’t want to play golf, I showed him that I was willing to learn and give him a dominant role while I became submissive. I could tell that he was never asked to coach his daughter’s sport team LOL. I would look at him and ask “Like this, daddy?” “Yes, sweetie” he’d answer.

I even talked about golf at dinner with him asking him questions on how I can work on my golfing skills. He end up paying for golfing lessons for me! On the inside I dreaded it but hey, now I can play golf.

Do your research!

That’s key for sugar babies. I had to learn the hard way. I went to several events where I came off looking really uneducated in front of my sugar daddy.

Going to an art show and not knowing a thing about the artist’s work that’s being displayed. Or going to French restaurants and being clueless on what to order and how to pronounce different meals. And not knowing what’s going on in the world such as politics, crime, business, and sports.

That’s when Google became my best friend! I google everything to become more educated. I would google a restaurant before I agree to eat there with my sugar daddy.

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I also go on CNN’s website and read different articles about things that are going on in the world.

By doing this you are able to talk about more with your sugar daddy but be careful with politics. Even go a step further and learn what type of music your sugar daddy likes, download some songs he’d like and play them for him.

Have backups!

I have gotten texts messages from my sugar daddies saying send me a picture of you doing #SomeThingSexyForDaddy. I would be lying in bed with acne cream on my face eating ice cream watching old reruns of Sex in City! Thank God for my over full iCloud of pictures.

Always have backup pictures! I try to take pictures at least once a day just in case. If he asks you to send a picture and its 8pm, don’t send a picture of yourself in the daytime then he will know that you didn’t just take that picture. #WorkSmarterNotHarder

Keep a Job as a Sugar Baby

I’m able to be independent because I work! Most of the time I don’t tell my sugar daddies that I work for more money.

I work to simply pay my bills such as the cell phone bill, college pop up fees, etc. The money I receive from my sugar daddies I spend it on myself and save ¼ of the rest.

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This puts me in the position of learning to pay bills with my working money and not depending on sugar daddies. Even though my sugar daddies think they are paying for my bills – I am.

Only because I’m not going to be a sugar baby for the rest of my life and I need to learn to be financially reliant on myself for the basics.

Don’t Date Non Sugar Daddies

Last but not least, this comes down to personal preference but I don’t date other people apart from my sugar daddies.

I stopped because it was too much trying to explain to a special person who I was falling in love with that I was a sugar baby.

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So does that mean you’re a gold digger, whore, and escort? I hated explaining myself over and over. So I started to date sugar daddies on a whole different level instead of trying to do both.

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