What Personal Information Should You Give Your Sugar Daddy?

By Caitlin


There’s this thing my mom used to always say: A hungry predator makes the easiest prey.

I didn’t get this for a long time. Then it started to dawn on me…

When a mouse is desperately foraging for food, he might not spot the hawk circling overhead. Or when a business owner is desperately in need of more customers, he might not see through the false claims in the sales pitch of someone selling him a promotional strategy.

And when an aspiring sugar baby is in desperate need of money, she might be fooled into forking over valuable information at the promise of a big allowance to come.

When you’re hungry for anything, it can be hard to keep a clear head. Yet – these are the times when you most need your wits about you.

There are scammers on sugar dating websites who pose as potential sugar daddies to extract personal information from desperate sugar babies. And despite what they might promise you – sharing that information with them may end up costing you more than any allowance they promise you’ll receive.

Thankfully, these scammers are far and few. You can also protect yourself from them very easily by being selective about sharing your personal information.

Here’s our guide to sharing personal information for sugar babies. If you’re a sugar baby yourself and want to pitch in with more advice, that would be awesome! Please share in the comments!

To Share or Not to Share: Your Name

Verdict: Sharing is okay

This one is obviously not that risky and totally up to you whether you decide to share or not.

I personally choose to go by a pseudonym in all the initial phases of corresponding with any potential sugar daddy. Once I have an arrangement with a man I trust, then I disclose my real name.

Whether you choose to use your real name, a full pseudonym, or just a fake first name all depends on how much privacy you want to have from your sugar life. Overall, this one’s entirely up to you.

To Share or Not to Share: Your Address

Verdict: Sharing is okay, but not recommended

Sharing your address is not really an identity theft threat concern. It’s more of a privacy thing.

I personally don’t like the idea of potential sugar daddies knowing where I live. Why? Because it’s the one place I can always be reached.

I’ve also come across a few potential sugar daddies who seemed to be laboring under the delusion that allowance = some sort of claim over their sugar baby.

Until I am in an arrangement with a sugar daddy I trust and know to be respectful of boundaries, I will not be sharing where I live. I’ll even lie about my neighborhood sometimes. Call me paranoid, but my privacy is sacrosanct.

If a potential sugar daddy wants to send you gifts? Easy. Give him your P.O. Box address. They cost nearly nothing and provide a world of secure anonymity.

To Share or Not to Share: Your Place of Work or School

Verdict: Sharing is okay, depending on the person

This one is really up to you. I tend to share where I went to school or where I work when I know a potential sugar daddy is both trustworthy and has no real connection to those places.

If I am meeting a potential SD for the first time, however, or otherwise don’t know enough about him, I prefer to keep everything general: “I finished my undergrad in Boston,” “I’m involved with emergency care,” etc.

That’s usually good enough. I mean, it’s not a job interview.

To Share or Not to Share: Your Bank Account Number

Verdict: Sharing is not recommended until you’re in an arrangement with someone you trust

Do not give your bank account number out to any random potential sugar daddy who wants to send you a gift. Give him your PayPal address instead.

Sure, a bank account number is not exactly “private” (i.e. anyone you give a check to can see it) but it is still something that can be used to withdraw money from your account.

Protect it by not giving it out unless you’re in an arrangement with a sugar daddy you trust who wants to deposit your allowance into your account. Make sure you know enough about this man – what he does, where he works, etc. – before you entrust him with your details.

To Share or Not to Share: Your Social Security Number

Verdict: Hell NO, under no circumstance

Seriously, nobody you’re entering into an arrangement with needs to know your social security number.

If he says it’s because he wants to get you an extra credit card on his account but under your name, just say “No thanks, I prefer cash. Or a prepaid credit card will do just fine.”

If he says it’s because he wants to put your on his payroll for tax purposes, say “No thanks, I’m not really looking for formal employment. Plus, you do know that if I’m paying taxes on my sugar baby allowance, you’re going to have to give me an extra xx% of the amount I asked for, right?”

Seriously, do not share your social security number with anyone. If he asks, write him off as a no-go, no matter how promising he seems.

To Share or Not to Share: Your Driver’s License Number

Verdict: What?! Why?!

There is really no reason in the world why a sugar daddy should ask for your driver’s license number, unless he is also your rental car agent. Which, I’m guessing, he’s not.

All of this might sound a little secretive, but it’s really not. There are so many ways to share who you are with a potential sugar daddy without disclosing compromising personal information.

Feel free to talk expansively about topics you’re passionate about, your interests, your hobbies and even more qualitative details about your life – but keep your personal information to yourself. Want more safety tips for sugar babies?

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    Tianna March 8, 2020

    Hi so I’m new to this as well he’s saying he needs my account login so he can add me to his bank account in order to transfer money and ion trust it …..is he scamming me ?

      Rebecca July 24, 2020

      Hi I have 2 sugar daddy that are asking for my bank info the 1st wanted my log in information and the second one wants my routing and account number

        Zorah October 7, 2020

        That’s a SCAM! Do NOT give any bank information. They can easily clear out you account and do god knows what else to your account.

      Tori September 19, 2020


      TayannaHedon May 26, 2022

      babycakes, he is trying to run of with your money.

    Michael October 21, 2020

    I just need my account number and routing number

tamara July 24, 2016

I am new to the whole sugar baby sugar daddy thing, anyways i am talking to this SD and he asks me for my online bank username/password just so he can get his “account officer” to make the check deposit and know when its availiable in my account… ok so when he said that i just felt unease cause why do you need thtat if your putting money in my account?… anyways i just want to know if he is trying to scam me or something should i be worried about him?

    Caitlin August 1, 2016

    Hi Tamara, thanks for reaching out to us. Our answer, in short? HELL no. This man is a scammer, we would bet every Chloe purse we have on that! Seriously, there is no good reason for him to have access to that information. Do not give it to him. And we also recommend you give this article a read, it goes over what personal information you should give to a POT.

      D July 31, 2021

      I met a sugar daddy today who asked me about where I am from and I told him where I was from. Then he went a head and asked me where my parents were from and when I said that I don’t feel comfortable saying that, he went and blocked me immediately.
      Why was that?! Why did he block me after saying I didn’t feel comfortable telling him where my parents where from like I did something wrong? Was he even supposed to ask me where my parents were from wasn’t that question too personal? Wasn’t he trying to trick me into scamming me because who knows what his next question was going to be?

    Kim November 4, 2016

    Yes he is trying to scam you that happened to me and thank God the bank I have called me and told me what was going on and the stopped it from happening and moved my account

    jay summers June 19, 2017

    He’s scamming you

    Destiny El-Aton August 22, 2017

    Do not give him that information. Tell his account officer to put u on his payroll and give him your account number but if you give him your username and password he can easily deposit fraudulent checks and that will make you look like the fraud instead of the victim.

    Lily July 24, 2018

    If you want him to put money then it should be in those gift cards. You can give him your paypal or tell him to venmo. To be honest, that is a salty daddy (fake). He is scamming. No one needs your full account to put in money.

Linn August 18, 2016

Im a new sb and i was talking to this sd who wanted my account number and routing number . I didnt give it to him but wanted to giet a prepaid card so he can put money on that instead. Is there anyway he can withdraw he money off my prepaid card for any reason? Is there a loadable card i can use where only i can withdraw from please help!

    Mellisa March 7, 2020

    Text me and i will let you know what to do.

Alohilani August 20, 2016

Is it okay to open a bank account with a separate bank and then give him the account info so he can deposit money into an empty account? It says he has deposited 2,000 into this separate account but it is still too early for it to clear yet, is there a way this could backfire that I didn’t see? He wouldn’t be able to withdrawal without my bank card or cash a check as me.

Myra September 25, 2016

So I have a question. I have a potential ST asking for my bank account info so he can deposit the money. I however only have a prepaid card and use PayPal. He says he doesn’t have PayPal. Should I just pass this one up?

Gianna November 1, 2016

I just started with this whole sugar baby , I’m talking to this guy who says he live in California but is vacationing in turkey for 4 weeks he said he want to give me a weekly allowance which I was happy about then he said he contacted his account officer who inform him he had reach his spending funds but his charity acct was still available he then told me he was going to wire me money to keep a small amount for myself and the rest I need to give it to the orphanage. I was unsure if to feel unease since he only ask me for my email and my full name to wire me the money. He ask me to call me bank and enable my online acct. I did. The money is deposit in my acct but it won’t be posted till tomorrow.he said he need me to contact the orphanage manger so I can send him the money by Walmart. I’m super confused if this is a scan or not idk what to do . I’m kinda scared I just want to return the money back since it a big amount ….

    Segababy November 15, 2016

    MY CURRENT SD JUST SAID THE SAME THING… only hes now asking for access to my online login “to see when its available” and Im thinking hell to the no.

      Sabrina April 30, 2017

      GIRLS DO NOT DO THIS. THIS IS A TYPICAL SCAM… YOU EVER MONEYGRAM POSTING OR SAYING NEVER SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW?! This is why! Its a complete scam. They keep the check held and then encourage you to send the funds elsewhere so that they can see that you’re “loyal” or that you want take the money and run. That’s their claim. But this is not a test. It is a scam.

    Erika November 22, 2016

    It’s funny you said that. I’ve been talking to a guy who lives in cali but was in turkey for work. And he keeps asking me for my information. I’m like no I’d rather just meet first.

      Kasha December 6, 2016


        Cilena March 10, 2017

        Omg!! Me too… is he a white male? My SD did the same thing… I’m getting super scared. I don’t want to get in trouble.

          TIff March 28, 2017

          Me too! Only he said that he’s in greece and that he wants to send me a twice weekly allowance of 300

          Taylor June 20, 2017

          Tiff can you email me so we can compare stories?

          Brittany February 15, 2018

          Got this same guy! Omg it’s privably the exact same one. He asked for my account number I said no, you can PayPal me since it’s secure (or Zelle) and he said “there needs to be trust”. THEN asked for my login. He said he’s from Miami but he’s in Greece for work And will send me $300 twice a week.

          Finbar May 28, 2020

          I had the same thing I they all ask me for cards too and when they do that I make them pay me in time for time is greater than money I waist days of their lives in return my last one told me that me needed money then said that he would give me it the next day but lied and said he was bankrupt…… but aside from that I had somone that was in Grease message me several times but he threatened me if I were to run away his last baby left him and so his brother is in the FBI and he had his last baby tossing in prison for life just for wanting to be with his family on a vacation. I knew I had to ditch him so I pretend to be my sister and told him that I was in a car accident later that night I supposedly died for the dead don’t go to prison I hade escaped him and now I’m free.

          SavageB July 11, 2017

          Ladies, if you have never received a dime that you have spent from the man, he is not you SD

      Monique October 3, 2017

      This what the guys said to me sound familiar

      California, I’m 47 , Presently I’m not in California cuz i got a
      Let me tell you about me , I work as a contractor and I live in
      contract here in turkey , I will be here till next two months ,
      while I’m here, I just need you to give me your attention and
      show me some care and always keep me company , I just want to be
      the happiest man , I know Money can’t buy happiness but it can
      bring happiness,will like to hear from you soon

      I have an app on my iPad , you will get your allowance within 5 minutes to 10 minutes
      Send me your email baby and your full name
      Baby I will need an iTunes card to log in now
      My log in session is expired on the app
      And I can’t get an iTunes card here in turkey to do that I’m sorry
      Baby that’s the only option I have
      Can you get me an iTunes card ,I will refund the money back together with your allowance

      I think it’s the same person

        Julie Gurnick October 15, 2017

        Did you ever get the money back?!

        Tianna March 8, 2020

        Is the sd name Tyler

    Leilani January 18, 2017

    Although my SD gave me a different location, it’s the same story. I gave him my account number and routing number, then he claimed he needed my login info. I said no.

      Natalie May 4, 2017

      If you did give your SD your acc number and routing info , are they able to take money out of your acc ???

    Maiya January 31, 2017

    OMG!! I just ran into the same freaking guy!!! He said exactly EVERYTHING you just said!!!!

      Jo May 18, 2017

      That’s a scam! I had the same thing happen to me on a childcare site.

    Tay April 26, 2017

    I hope you didn’t agree. Sounds exactly like a situation I was in not too long ago. He’s just scamming

    Princessleen September 22, 2017

    It’s a scam don’t do it

callie November 19, 2016

in reply to all ladies above, there are many options with today’s technology other than giving a stranger your bank info or personal info. There is: the Square Cash app, Venmo, Google Wallet, and Paypal. Square cash is personally my favorite. but they all work great and SD won’t need any personal info, just your email/username associated with the account. 🙂

hope this helps


    Caitlin November 19, 2016

    Thanks for the info, Callie! We’ve been meaning to update this post so this is super helpful 😉

    Allison February 14, 2017

    I am confused.. I live in Australia and my new and first SD lives in NY.. I’m his first apprantly… I have been given a loan to which he is the guarantee so he’s paying it back not me.. metroconloans but in order to get it I need to send 239 usd to the branch manager in Pennsylvania who does the loans… help he says I’m to trust him and we are meeting in march but I’m a little bit curious… is this normal for amounts being sent overseas

      Caitlin February 22, 2017

      Hi Allison, most cases where the SB is asked to pay something in order to receive the allowance don’t end well. International banking is not that complicated – there are a bunch of ways to send money without you having to pay anything – so this just sounds like nonsense. Add to that the fact that you haven’t met yet and it is most likely a scam. We’d advise you drop this POT and look for another.

    Mal October 6, 2020

    I had a SD ask for my name amd birthday. Is that normal?

      Caitlin October 7, 2020

      Hi Mal, thanks for stopping by! Yes, that sounds pretty normal. Just remember that until you become “official” (and even afterwards, if you want) – you’re totally free to tell him whatever you desire 🙂

Nichole Jones November 25, 2016

I am new to the whole sugar baby sugar daddy thing, anyways i am talking to this SD and he asks me for my online bank username/password just so he can get his “account officer” to make the check deposit and know when its availiable in my account… ok so when he said that i just felt unease cause why do you need thtat if your putting money in my account?… anyways i just want to know if he is trying to scam me or something should i be worried about him? And still ask me for it i will dont know what to do

    Caitlin December 2, 2016

    Hi Nicole, this is not info you should give anyone – and no real SD will ask you for your online bank username and password. This is a scam, please listen to your gut and do not give anyone your banking password.

Mia December 14, 2016

What about your cellphone number?
I don’t own a second phone that could run WhatsApp. Is it safe if I give away my everyday cellphone number? I mean, I could just block him if he started stalking and annoying me with texts every day, right?

    Roxymomo January 9, 2017

    Is it safe to give an SD your phone number for whatsapp, new to this,

    Gab May 7, 2017

    You can use an app like TextNow
    It gives you a number and is also a site

      Roo August 16, 2017

      Thats what i use when speaking with strangers never use your real phone number

Erin December 31, 2016

So, I actually don’t have a bank, and my SD is telling me to open a bank (after days of knowing each other) and insisting I get the card and go to all kinds of different lengths to get a bank account. He won’t do PayPal, since he had a ‘bad experience with another woman’. Is he scamming me? Should I dump him?

    Bianca January 9, 2017

    that is a scam hun. ive noticed a pattern with this. if he is not willing to wire or put money on a prepaid card for you than he isnt legit.

    mmhromeo June 6, 2017


    Imani July 15, 2017

    This sounds familiar !! Please email me !!

Ley January 9, 2017

Wow! im just getting a prepaid debit card to get money deposited. I’ve had a potential SD tell me he was in Turkey for work as well. Another contacted me on two different websites, using different names and background stories and photos, but he literally copies and pastes all his responses and statements.

    Christi February 15, 2017

    I think I am talking to the same guy! Did he also say he was a pilot and he lives in West Hollywood? He wants me to open an acct too and I’m trying to figure it out

      Lola April 14, 2017

      Omg! I knows its been a while since this comment but I had a guy claiming he was a pilot that lived in West hollywood asking me to open up an account at US Bank so he could transferred my weekly allowance and I told I rather a prepaid card and he just stop talking to me. Scammers! Ugh

Lynne January 11, 2017

I had a SD message me and since I can’t be arsed to type a summary I’ll just copy-paste it:

“I promise to be paying u 700$ per week and I will increase it to 1000$ when we see.I don’t send money through Western union,Money gram,PayPal so don’t bother to reply me if u don’t have bank account.i have met alots of fake peoples so all i want is an honest baby.”

On top of already being suspicious of how insistent he is about wanting to transfer to the bank account [meaning he’d need my info] I can’t help being a bit skeptical of him because of how poor his English skills are. His profile being completely devoid of information doesn’t help.

Not really asking for advice. Everything about this just feels suspicious so I’m passing regardless.

    Jay September 12, 2017

    Hi Lynne I was just scammed of the same thing he got 1,000 out of me and told me to buy 2,000 worth of iTunes card. I got scammed by the same guy. He really is sick and need help for doing this to people.

Kirsty February 4, 2017

Help help help….
Is it safe to give my mobile number to a potential sugar daddy??? So we can watsapp and agree to an arrangement as he said???? Thanku 🙂 xx

Tessa February 8, 2017

I’m talking to this SD and he wants me to open a. Ew bank account so that I can receive deposits from him. He told me to do a certain bank. Should I open a new account?

mimi February 10, 2017

my sugar daddy want me to give him my email address (paypal) license and and full name for money through his company. Sending it through email. this is my first time doing this, and its been all scammers coming to me. this one has been idk how to put it. whether it’s he’s the most consistent thus far? everybody else i can pick up their bs real quick. i haven’t even met him yet. all this is one week before actually meeting up. i’m thinking, why not get the money and give me the cash when we meet up? what do you guys think?

Lyn February 22, 2017

So my SD wants to open a new bank account where he can easily deposit/wire money in from his other accounts for my allowance. We’ve met a couple times already and he wants to go to the bank together to open the new account. Although this sounds pretty legit, should I be concerned about anything?

Leana February 22, 2017

Good article. I live in a small town where everyone pretty much knows me, so I don’t like to give that info to SDs. But I don’t know what to say when they ask me?

New SB February 23, 2017

Hi I’m a new SB and I am talking to a potential SD I told him I prefer to be paid through paypal but he’s saying he works through payroll and that in order to pay me he will need my username and password for my account I haven’t give him any info other than paypal

brianne March 10, 2017

I have been contacted by a handful of sweet gentlemen, however they keep offering to immediately start my ‘allowance’ and ask for my login information. Now, I went and purchased an easy pay card through Wells Fargo and offered to give them the card number, which I was told is harmless for the transfers since every guy contacting has said that is their bank. Well, no matter what I say to get them to understand I only am offering my card number, they still continue to push for my login. And between us, I’m broke as a joke which is why I am trying out the Sugar Baby life.

Has anyone else been asked for their login? Fraud?
Is this their way of trying to steal?

It’s so irritating!

    LadyD March 27, 2017

    They should never ask for that information! Any intelligent man would know you don’t just give out secure information so he would never expect you to do that. And any SD you talk to should be willing to give you your allowance in a safe and secure way that makes you feel comfortable. These guys sound like scammers! And I used to work for a huge credit union, so coming from that perspective I would never hand out information like that even to your mother!

Tori March 13, 2017

My SD wants my bank log in and password and says if after an hour I don’t see my allowance to change my password. What should I do?

    Savannah March 21, 2017

    If u do it open a blank account just for sugar daddies. When the deposit goes through withdraw it and put it in ur personal al account. Keep the personal information u give them to a minimal.

    Gabriel May 8, 2017

    Whatever happened with your situation this guy I meet wants my mobile bank login info also

Anna March 27, 2017

So I have been talking to a POT all week. He seems normal as far as conversation goes…but first off, his profile is not even close to my area, but he said he travels a lot for work and is in my area sometimes. Okay that’s reasonable. So I asked how often he would want to see me then and his reply was that he didn’t know the next time he will be out my way and wants an online relationship for now and we can get to know each other better…okay, so I asked him how often he wanted to talk on the phone or FaceTime and he said he likes texting better. Hmm. Sounds odd to me; and he proceeds to tell me not to feel worried about that kind of arrangement he’ll pay me $600 every week for my time talking to him. I haven’t responded back to that, it seems suspicious. I haven’t given him any information about myself and I have a pay pal account I use…what are your thoughts?

Ciara April 24, 2017

I recently started talking to a SD. He’s asking me for my Bank Account & Routing Number, but when i asked him did he do paypal or the square cash app he told me he does not do cash apps and there a waste of time. I don’t know what to do…HELP PLEASE!!

Princesa April 25, 2017

How funny mine said he was in Dubai …..

Siara April 25, 2017

I am new to this thing also and he asked me to make a bank account because he doesn’t trust PayPal and I keep telling him that I don’t have a bank account because I owe them fees. Now he doesn’t want to send me money. But I do have a prepaid bank account. If I give him the routing number and account number to that will he know that it’s prepaid or will I get caught. I just want him to send me money pls help

Kail May 21, 2017

My new SD offered to pay off all of my credit debt and gave me his account and routing number to pay everything off. He is a private pilot and flies all over the world. I went ahead and paid my debt and the accounts had the name he is going by on them. He has agreed to a weekly allowance but has not yet asked for an account or routing number. Additionally, I asked for photos and he did send me a few of the same person. I Facebook creeped and the photos he sent are associated to a Facebook with the same exact name he has given me. Additionally he sent me pictures of other photos like his discharge certificate and what not. His story lines up. The ONLY a thing that weirded me out was he asked me to buy 15 iTunes gift cards for $100 each and send the codes to him via picture so he can use them at an aspiring pilots conference he is running in France this coming week.

I just want some opinions!

    Ana May 28, 2017

    Do not do it, this is a familiar scan. If you buy these cards via debit or credit cards they can use skimmers to get the info also they will take the funds off the itune cards from the pic leaving you with nothing. Seen this too many times.

Nicole May 21, 2017

I am very new to the Sugar Baby thing, and in my first message a SD already asked me for my phone number or to add him on kik. His reasoning is because he doesn’t get online enough to check messages. Is it normal for them to jump right into the phone? is it safe for me?

Aiesha May 22, 2017

So my new SD asked for my routing number, name on the account & online banking details. I want to say he seems legit but I am skeptical because he lives in the states & I live in Canada and we have no plans to meet but he wants to start my weekly allowance asap. Is this a scam?!?!?

    M October 6, 2017

    It raises a lot of red flags. I would never give any out banking and credit card info. My SD provided me with an allowance each time we meet in cash.

    Zeel November 29, 2020

    I’m going through something similar

Ana May 28, 2017

Same story SD was relentless to get my login info to deposit $100 every day. I told him I didn’t have that info, but working in the banking industry I wanted to see what he’d do if I just kept telling him I didn’t have that info and that all he needed was actually a name and acct number. But he stated that he wanted to deposit the check in there and make sure i got it. What was sketchy as well was he asked if I had a bank acct and I said with a local credit union than he asked if it was a certain local credit union which was one of my banks that I don’t use so I said yes than he said great he’d send it there if I gave him that info. I told him that with today’s technology there was no need for him to have full access to my bank acct and we could use PayPal. He said that he tried last time it didn’t work and that he wanted me to trust him cuz he is Here for me. Haha guys this is a total scam. As a banker we caution ppl all the time about fools like him! Don’t do it, if you give him that information and he deposits a fake check YOU are responsible for the full amount if it returns and taking your account into the negative. No matter how desperate you get do not give any of that information out until you have established really good relationship with him. Even then I still wouldn’t recommend it, it just can turn bad.

Amber May 29, 2017

Im new to this my SD asked me for bank info and user name and password I gave him one to a account I have but empty he sent me a copy of his state I.d to insure me he was to be trusted I checked today he hasn’t sent allowance yet . Do I get paid to begin with or have to wait a week ?

Brittney June 15, 2017

Hello. I’m new at the SB thing and I have some questions. A SD said “He would need to ask his payroll what info she need to start making deposit to me” and asked for my bank information and such. I told him to do PayPal account but he said he wouldn’t take it. Is there a way I can get a deposit from him?

Fee June 22, 2017

At least you all were smart enough. I’m a naïve person. I gave my SD my routing and account number after a couple days of talking to him. When he first messaged me on SA, he gave me his number which I texted. He replied a few hours later and said he was glad that I messaged him. He referred to himself as “daddy” A LOT which was weird lol.
We made an agreement on my allowance being $700 a week and asked me for my bank account and routing number. I didn’t think too much of it and gave it to him. I told him not to pay attention to the fact that both my credit and debit cards were in the negatives. He ended up paying off my credit card and said he sent $300 to my bank account and that was for me to go shopping before he came out here to see me. He claimed he lives in New York while I live in Massachusetts. I was really starting to like this guy because he seemed genuine and caring. He told me a lot about him but always avoided the question of “where do you work and what do you do?” He’d always say, “Daddy sent you more money to your account. It should be posted in a couple days.” It’s been about a week and nothing has popped up. Just then, today I got an email from my bank saying that $920 couldn’t be added to my account because “David” sent a stale check. He was missing his signature. I screenshot the email and told him but he didn’t reply to it. I finally went on here and looked at all of the posts and realized that I’m literally going through the same thing everyone else is going through. I confronted him about it and he said “No. daddy would never scam you. I just paid off your credit card bill.” I told him I’ve read articles about scammers and he hasn’t replied since.
My heart is so broken right now because I trusted him. I changed my bank account and credit card account passwords and I’m now waiting for my new cards with new routing numbers and account numbers. I would’ve never thought this happened to me but it did. I’m not sure about my credit card because the full payment hasn’t gone through. Only partial.
I hope and pray this doesn’t happen to anyone else. .

    Princess June 26, 2017

    Daddy messaged me today. Demanded that I open a Wells Fargo account after I told him I didn’t have a Chase account…

    Seems the new scam is to ask for your routing and checking number so he can add you to His PayRoll.

    Do not give anyone your Bank information for
    Any reason!


    Even prepaid cards can be dangerous!
    Be careful ladies

Lorie July 5, 2017

This SD just asked me for my bank account so he can add it to his payroll to have the deposit ready.
Is that a scammer? I think it is but I just want to be sure?

Sarah July 12, 2017

So I’m very new to this site, and already theres a guy messaging and texting me. He’s sent me a ton of pictures and it’s definitely the same guy through out them all so I felt a bit more at ease. But he asked me not to talk to other men as we are talking, I agreed because that’s just now how I roll anyways. Then I asked him if we could meet up to see if we really click we’ll when he’s back in town. Says he is on vacation in Paris with his best friend. First he offers to buy me a ticket to join them as his friend has his SB with him. I declined of course because that’s a little much for me, he then says he feels bad that he can’t see me sooner and would like to start giving me an allowance so when he’s back I can have some cute new outfits and get my hair and nails done when we can meet. He asked for my bank number and I declined. I’m not sure if he is scamming me? But he hasn’t asked for it again either? I’m so confused and sad because the guy in the picture was actually kind of handsome. What can I do???

Tori July 17, 2017

Ok guys so ive been talking to my SD and he wanted to send me money so i said yes i didnt have any money in my bank acct so i saw no harm in giving it to him. He was supposed to give me 1500. 500 for my allowance and the 1000 to wire to a friend. I didnt like it but he already had my stuff so he asks me later if the money went through and he had transfered 10,000 dollars into my accoun. 1000 for me and 9000 for his friend. I dont want to do it anymore im really scared that im going to get in trouble but im scared that if i dont do the transaction that ill go to jail for just blocking him because i have his money. What do i do????

    Ashley Moore October 6, 2017

    Same thing happened to me but his accountant mixed up the accounts and I got his sons tutor money and his sons tutor got my allowance.. so I told my SD I didn’t like this something didn’t feel right and he said baby trust him and calm down everything will be fine.. we’ll i go to check if it went through today and my account is closed down and I didn’t do anything

    Ashley November 16, 2017

    That’s how I felt like after only 5 days of knowing him he started in with me and my kid moving in with him and him getting me a job and sent me about 700$… I finally told him that I needed time to think and he got upset about it. Now he’s threatening to sue me and everything. I’m scared shitless. I even told him I’d pay him back but it’s like he’s trying to pull me back in then get mad because I don’t want to move in with him right away.

    ShiaBaby January 25, 2018

    Don’t do it! You won’t go to jail. He will, he’s the scammer. I hope you made the best decision. If you wait for 10days, it’ll usually show you if it’s legit or not.

Sierra July 26, 2017

I’ve been talking with a SD I met this morning. He’d like to send me a check in the mail asking for my mailing address.. supposedly he lives out of state and comes down for business.. he wants my full name, full address, the city and state I live in, and my zip code.. should I trust him?

Beatriz July 28, 2017

Hey guys!
I’m new to the whole sugar baby thing. A woman took interest in me and wants me to be her sugar baby. She sends me live pictures and even Skype calls me to prove she is real. However, she wants me to send her my bank account number. She can’t withdraw money from my account from just the account number right? She said I need to make a separate checking account so that she can put money in for my allowance. She doesn’t use PayPal , she prefers the bank. Is this a scam? She doesn’t know my last name or my date of birth.

Cheryl August 2, 2017

I am new to the whole sugar baby thing. I have a supposed sugardaddy that wants to do an arrangement and deposit a monthly allowance for me. I gave him my paypal information but he is now stating I have to go to this certain credit union and open a new checking account with a new line of credit because this is the only bank where he can send the funds. I don’t believe that. I sent him a message stating if he can’t use the paypal which is much easier than we can’t have an arrangement. I do believe he is a big scammer because not only wanting me to open a checking but a line of credit unbelievable.

Lori August 5, 2017

What if I need a car? He wants to buy me a car so he needs my license number to verify information.

I think it’s reasonable.

Jennifer August 6, 2017

I have a guy who wants my account info to put funds in my account weekly is this safe? He wants my log on and and password for online banking is this safe?

Choc Bunny August 6, 2017

So where are the real SD sites then because this is just crazy!

ami August 8, 2017

my sd is telling me the same thing
he says i need this from you
bank name
name of account
account number
routing number
online login
online password
questions and answers
i told him look buddy, i know you don’t need all that info just for a transfer
& he says “i will have to add ur account to mine so i have to login inside my account to add u to my beneficiary like adding to my payroll so it automatically credits you every day with $200” with a bunch of heart emoji’s and 100 sign emojis after
i said well idk you enough/trust you enough for all that so i said just send it to my paypal, & gave him my link (not with my full name, just a username) & now hes saying there is no way to do that, bc his account is a “company” account & it disburses fund thru inter bank transfer and checks, & he pays his workers with it, more emoji’s and calling me babygirl
dunno if he’s still trying to scam me or not, i’m new to this
but i know for a transfer he doesn’t need my login info just my account number lol

Marcheal Gideon August 22, 2017

Male sugar baby here never give our your bank information sugar dad just scammed me recently.

Destiney August 22, 2017


This is a public service announcement for all the sugar babies out there because we all been gullible and this is my story of fraudulent SD on sugardaddy4me

Me: Hi Steven,
I read your message on Sugardaddyforme …thank you for the kind words =)
Yes, I would like a picture.

Him: Am Steven but call me daddy
(He sent picture)
img: qz77e92.xtm3.us/

Me;Yes Daddy

It’s lovely you got back to me,I’ll love to know more about you before discussing an arrangement,so tell me, do you leave alone or with your family? you got a boyfriend or kids? what state and city are you now?? what you do for work ?

Me:I am a newly single RN (work in pharma) that live in SC with one teenage son …
How about you?

Him:Oh definitely love … myself , i live in Dallas but currently in Cancun Mexico but I’m originally from Dallas Texas Stay alone..I work all around the country,i was raised in the UK till 2003 when i decided to relocate to the U.S where i have my company’s head office now.

I have been single since my wife died in 2013 to breast cancer ,we didn’t have kids before she died .I am into supplies of engineering and construction equipments, i have shares in over three companies in the states.and outside?the country, i travel a lot because of the nature of my Job.what do you do for fun honey?

Me: … I like to write, listen to good music, shop, dance, pick someones’ brain, & several other things more importantly I like to be competitive 🙂
Hoping to learn from you Daddy =)
What do you do for fun?

Well I watch football ,hangout with old folks ,go swimming ,hiking ,going to the cinemas and so on ..I’m a pretty boring person that why I need someone to spice up my life and I won’t stop any may any length to spoil the person …can you be that person ?

That doesn’t sound boring to me sounds like you’re pretty well-rounded but nothing wrong with some guaranteed excitement 🙂
……Certainly LOVE being spoiled

Him: So what do you expect from me as your sugar daddy?

Destiney August 22, 2017

Part 2
Me: What a luminating smile =)

• to be likable
• have clear expectations
•So if I am interested in starting a relationship with you…How are the allowances going to be handled, and how much can you offer?”

Him:Oh okay darling I’m willing to give you $300 weekly allowance for a start if you promise to be loyal and honest to me.

Me:Thank you but I’m looking to cover my bills and that won’t do it.

*Two pictures and one day later*

Him:How much is your bills?

So how much do you want to be paid weekly and who do you bank with so i can start fixing to add you on my payroll?

Me: Happy Tuesday Daddy =) My bills are $3,000 a month.
You can deposit $750 weekly in my SunTrust account.

Him:Let’s start with $500 for a start


Him:Or do you have a credit card?

Me:Yes, What kind of credit card

Him:Who issued the card?

Me:I have several credit cards why do you ask
Me:I gave you what you asked for I’m just not sure what you’re doing this is kind of strange

Him:What do you mean?
Him:Maybe I can help you load them my dear

Me:If you’re going to be my sugar daddy and want to deposit I gave you the information necessary I’m going into a meeting please let me know when my deposit is there Daddy thank you

Him:Okay dear
*hours passed*

Him:Baby, I tried direct deposit but it didn’t work because of my location but I have my company’s check right here with me so I’ll need your mobile banking login access to make a mobile deposit right now into your account.

Me: I always get a direct deposit in that account so I’m sorry you having a hard time unless you’re trying to withdraw which is prohibited. you can go to Western Union and send my money cash or use paypal payment.

Not another word from POT

* at this point I knew that it was fraud… Go with your gut instinct like numerous sugar babies said here. I was hoping for the sweet but as you CLEARLY see.. some are rotten and sour

His phone# 8583606199 which more than likely is a throwaway phone. Learn from our mistakes I came to the thread a little too late but not totally as my bank account still have what I had in there to start with.
Protect yourself


Destiney August 22, 2017


Him: My paypal was hacked months ago and i lost a whole lot of money meant for my business thanks to the so-called “safest paypal”, i aint going down that lane again

Me: to fellow SB
they are persistent

Megan whittington August 23, 2017

Okay. Question.

“My paypal was hacked years ago and i lost lot of money meant for my business thanks to the so-called “safest paypal”, i aint going down that lane again
You can empty up your account for me to start spoiling you
I’ll need the mobile banking details so i can add your account to mine in order to activate an automatic one time transfer”

Scam right?

Jamie August 27, 2017

So I had a SD contact me and we’ve talked. He asked if I had a credit card to send money to and I don’t. He suggested getting a credit card, I can’t. I have a prepaid card. He suggested setting up a bank account for deposits. Thoughts please. I am new to all of this.

Daisy August 27, 2017

Hello everyone. I’m a new sugar baby is it safe if he says that he has to add me to his payroll. I told him I only had PayPal and he asked me to open an account. Scam?

B September 4, 2017

My PSD wants my credit card account password to add to his business payroll. What can I give him instead?

Zay September 5, 2017

I have a potential SD and he was asking for my bank username and password. Why? He said he can’t send money though PayPal because they took all his money once and can’t send it the normal way of doing it from his bank.

Shaun September 7, 2017

Yes I’m new to this but I’m gaining a lot. I shared almost all my password and personal info with him and he has mine too and we are doing fine. Learn how to overcome your fear and always think positive

    Caitlin September 9, 2017

    Hi Shaun, thanks for stopping by and we’re so happy that things are working out for you. And yes, trust is important but blind trust is not wise, especially in the sugar world. Once you’re in an arrangement with a man you know and have a connection with, trust comes naturally. But to share all passwords and personal information before you’re in solid we-know-each-other-well-and-have-each-other’s-backs zone is a recipe for disaster. Just something every new sugar baby should keep in mind!

Kendra September 8, 2017

I just opened a new account no money is being put in it but my SD did the same thing, said he wants to add me to his pay roll and he asked for my account info! If I’m not putting any money into it should I be worried? And if so can’t I just change all of my passwords?

Heavenly September 8, 2017

why is my sugar daddy saying he only makes payments to bank or credit card after I told him cash app only ? Is it a scam ?

Stephanie September 14, 2017

Someone told me our arrangement but said he will not do PayPal or any other cash apps that he would send bank to bank? And wanted to know what bank I use? Safe or not safe? I’m new to this

Eva September 24, 2017

I met a Sugar Daddy recently and we agreed to go into an arrangement. After the first intimacy on the third date, he went uncontactable. He has given me 50% of the agreed allowance but I couldn’t understand why he disappeared.

The third date turned out well in my opinion. We had dinner before we bade each other goodbye. Have any Sugar Babies encounter similar incidents?

    HerGrace November 18, 2017

    Eva, The intimacy you mentioned was what he was after and it sounds like you will not hear from him again. Sorry but it does happen.

Tana October 6, 2017

Hi I have sugar daddies wanting me to get a Walmart prepaid card. I was wondering if they could withdrawn money from this or scam me by using this method. I’ve been scammed before and I’m cry cautious. But he insist all insist on Walmart credit card or Target Redcard

KaiteMayy October 14, 2017

Every SD I’ve talked to has asked me for my bank login so he can do a mobile deposit?
is it normal for SB’s to give this information? My gut says it’s not but I’m unsure because it’s been every single guy I talk to pls help…

Barbara October 17, 2017

So, I’m new to this. So far, all my Potential SDs have been asking for my account info. I’ve been pretty clear that I don’t want direct deposit and would prefer either cashapp, PayPal, or sending it in the mail. MANY have said that they can’t because “their bank” has many strict rules and regulations where they are unable to send money that way.
I don’t see how this would be true but I don’t know the ins and outs of higher income banks.
Can someone clear this up for me??

Brandy October 26, 2017

I’m new to the SD/SB world & I’ve been getting to know couple of men who say they are interested & want to start me on an allowance right away but because I am new I’m a little skeptical of what they ask for, they all basically ask for my username & password for the bank I use. That’s clearly a scam right?

    Taleah December 9, 2017

    Don’t give it to him!! Scam scam scammmMM!!!

Ashley November 16, 2017

Ok; so I was a sugar baby for a gentleman for maybe 5 days(?) then he started in the whole, “I want you to live with me, I’m in love with you, can have whatever you want and if it doesn’t work or you can keep everything… blah blah blah” at the time it sounded nice and that’s all I said “oh that sounds nice or that would be nice” then I started thinking I only have known this guy 5 days this is wrong for only 5 days. (In those 5 days he gave me $625; and a car I didn’t ask for) so when I told him my concerns about it all going to fast and I needed to pump the brakes he got mad and started threatening to sue me, call the cops, pretty much ruin my life. He knows my full name and phone number. How do I protect myself further? I have a facile to worry about and I even offered to pay him back since he was trying to control me and it turned me off to the whole thing.

Dijah November 19, 2017

My SD wants me to Western Union the money to me but he needs my name and city . I’m just really weird about it because I’m new to being a SB

Plummy November 21, 2017

I just started as a platonic sugar baby and two sugar mommies were interested both said they’d give me an allowance of 500$ and one asked for my account number and I gave her the card and the name on the card so she could wire me the money when she pleases but she hasn’t replied since? How do I go on?

Shannon December 6, 2017

Yep, happened to me too. Says he lives in Germany has a New York phone number that he says that he lives there but he travels to Germany for work. Want to put $150 daily in my account. I told him I wasn’t giving out my personal information he could PayPal it to me. He doesn’t have PayPal. I asked him to send me a copy of his passport and driver’s license and taking a selfie holding the ID never heard anything back from him. Always meet these men in person. They prey on the desperate girls be smart ladies.

Taleah December 9, 2017

So I started talking to this guy and he keeps trying to send me money over pay pal or I try to request it and he will show me that he sent it. I know it takes 3-5 business days for the money to deposit but can he cancel the transaction before it goes through or am I just doing it wrong?

Kennedy December 11, 2017

What are some ways for SDs to send money because it seems like everyone I talk to asks for my Mobil log in information and I’ve said PayPal but they never seem to have it.

    ShiaBaby January 25, 2018

    If they replied to you about this, can you send to me. I’m having the same issues.

Gordon Stanfield December 19, 2017

My sugar daddy keeps asking me to buy him things and I’m really confused.

Alex December 19, 2017

I just had a similar issue I came on hard times and a sugar mommy just put me 500 dollars more in debt. From now on I’m operating through paypal only. She scammed me with the gift cards as well and now is saying she is gonna send me a prepaid card connected to her own personal account.

Royak December 21, 2017

I meet a SD that want me to get a walmart card ..so i did. When i got it he askes for adress, routing number and D.O.B. am i trippen or its a scam? He said he wants to monitor my account to make sure everything. Went though properly?..

shyanne hamilton January 2, 2018

I just met a woman eager to be my sugar momma but she’s too eager to pay me and we haven’t even met. Plus she wants me to take the extra money she sends me and Western Union that money over to her caretaker. Does this seem fishy?

    ShiaBaby January 25, 2018

    Yes that’s fishy! Don’t do it.

Janessa January 10, 2018

So I have 2 SD’s lol but the first one asked for my username n login I gave it to him on good faith only because my bank will alert me for everything including scheduled transfers withdrawal deposits everything he didn’t mention an account officer or anything like that and he deposited two checks the kind you take a picture of through the bank app. I see the images of the checks and I’m not touching any of it until my bank says it cleared like the bank sent my bank the money but the check looks weird to me it’s Bank of America but it says Safeway too and it had a typed dollar amount on both of them for the same amount of $984.44 totaling $1968.88 he texted me saying it should be available to me the next morning but my bank emailed me that it will take longer for funds to be available until the 18th which is 7 business days away. I changed all my login info but do you think he’s scamming me I couldn’t find anything different on my account nothing changed or added I even called my bank about anything suspicious and they said no. If this is legit then I’m super excited I’m going to Vegas soon and could definitely use this extra spending money. What do you think?

    socialbutterfly27 February 12, 2018

    I would confirm with him how much he deposited? I wouldn’t touch the money until those seven business day and see if your still talking to your SD. For further reference it is much safer to use Paypal or Square cash app.

Yordy January 12, 2018

I’ve been talking to this sugar daddy for a few days and he wants to send me a weekly allowance and then a few days ago he sent me his “bank interface” and then i revived it and opened it and it took me to this page https://mariehasler.de/datadoc/ and told me to fill in the first part and then the 2nd box and that everything would be not seen my him and that he would send the money threw there . Someone HELPPPPP

ShiaBaby January 25, 2018

I’m curious what everyone thinks about credit card sharing info?
My POT asked for my login info so he could pay my cards- he wanted to prove he was legit.
I almost did since it wasn’t a checking/savings, but i hesitated since it still had my personal info I had to enter to complete.

Thoughts? Experiences?

    Krystal February 21, 2018

    I’m curious as to what you ended up doing? My potential is asking for the same thing

socialbutterfly27 February 12, 2018

Is this weird? I’ve been talking to a potential sugar daddy and he offered to give me an allowance of $100 daily and asked for my banking (which I didn’t give to him). I only told him the name of the bank and I said it would be easier for me to use Paypal or square cash app. When I logged back in to my SD profile our message were deleted and I can no longer view his profile. We have been contacting through email. I also asked for a photo of him and he keeps ignoring my request. Is this weird?

Krystal February 21, 2018

So I’ve been chatting with a potential sugar daddy. He says he is willing to help with my credit card debt and wanted my 3 largest ones to pay off. He says he needs the login info for them to link them to his black card. Has anyone dealt with this before? They are all maxed out so I’m not sure how he would scam me with them??

Amanda Elliott March 18, 2018

I downloaded an app called TextNow. I chose a phone number and give out this number to potential Sugar Daddy. It only works when there is wifi.

Sarah April 2, 2018

So I’m new to this as well. One man told me the exact story that some of you guys have shared- he is from Miami but is in Greece rn. The one I have more faith in, is a man who says he works for a bank and lives in Atlanta. But he put me on edge when he asked for my phone carrier log in and password but he said it was so that he can pay it. Which makes sense but then he asked for my security question which I was a little weirded out by but still gave it to him yet he hasn’t paid anything. Is this a scam? He wants to fly me there to see him and I feel like meeting him would help me figure out if he is trust worthy but also scared I’ll get kidnaped lol another man asked me what my full name is and said that he will sign a check and Send me a pic of the check so that I can enter the pic on my account. I asked if we could just do pay pal and he said no and that he doesn’t use third party apps. Is this all a scam?

Amberlily April 24, 2018

Hells yes this is weird! All signs point to SCAM!

nana April 29, 2018

Hello im new to this sugar baby and i recently got a sugar daddy and for my first allowance he wants to send me $5,000 and he told me to keep $600 and send the rest to someone for a work project. I wanted to know if i shoul go through with this or cancle the whole arrangement all together?

Jojo May 3, 2018

Thank u…I’m new to this SD n SB world…but in need of help. I do enjoy the company of men..and making them feel powerful and desired…I figured why not try this…of course after a friend of mine put the thought deep in my brain to resolve my financial situation. This info was extremely helpful…Smooches Jojo

Chuckigg May 12, 2018

Hey, so I have this SD, which unfortunately I’ve already done some of the DO NOT on this list with, but it’s not my actual bank account, so anyways he keeps telling me to buy him iTunes card everytime he deposits money, and I’m new to this whole scene, and it’s making me very uncomfortable, he keeps asking me to go to Walmart, and send money to this person and buy that for that person, should I be worried? or is that normal?

Passion June 8, 2018

I’m new to this sugar baby stuff , my sugar daddy is asking me to load $50 on a prepaid visa vanilla card so that he can send me $1000 is this legit or a scam.

Michael Fraise II June 11, 2018

Please help me. I’m new to the whole SD thing, The guy I’m talking too doesn’t want to use my bank so he told me to open a new account with $25 with us bank. He then says that all he will need is my username and password, And to make sure I have a temporary debit, and online access. I lied and told him I did it… But I’m scared. Is this a Scam?? PLEASE HELP

Brandi June 27, 2018

Im new to this having a sugar daddy. I have been talking to a few online & they will not send money to my paypal account, they want to send money to a credit card. Is it safe to share my credit card information with them?

Samantha Rae Esquibel July 2, 2018

Hi, i think i did something stupid. This surgar daddy seemed genuine. Then he asked me about me bills. I told him how much they were. Then he asked about my credit debit. I told him its 100 out of 300 right now. Then he asked for a screenshot…… I stupidly did it. I had my volume menu cover the notification bar. YouTube popup cover my account last 4 numbers and just my limit and debt was showing. Am i fucked? Also, he said to shop in the morning he will take care of the bill… I said look I am weary of this. Are we going to use zella or PayPal to send the money? And he said don’t worry I’m a man of my word… I am sure this is a scam but I want to hear what y’all think?

M July 11, 2018

My SD wants my full name for a hotel reservation. We’ve never met in person. A) Do I give it B) Won’t they ask for MY credit card at check in? What should I do?

    KLM July 23, 2018

    I know this reply is a bit late but I’m hoping you haven’t already done this. Do Not start with your SD this way! First, you know nothing about him and you need to make sure you feel safe around him and get an idea of his character. You don’t want to wind up in a threatening situation. A true gentleman SD will want to make sure you feel comfortable first, if not, then don’t go! Meet up for coffee or lunch, to get to know the vibe of him and never leave your drink alone with him if you need to walk away from the table. Sorry, but men can act like they are the most perfect gentleman in the world and then be absolutely crazy deap inside. It’s your life and you get to decide what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not if it to soon. 🙂 xoxo

Mattie Harper August 3, 2018

I got a SD that keeps playing games about paying me ,in the beginning he said he will pay me through Cash App and still haven’t received it yet ,another guy told me he will like to be my SD and asked if I have a bank account right off the back of just talking with in an hour ,don’t know what to do ?

Panera August 16, 2018

Can anyone help me?? Been talking to a very sweet potential sugar daddy but he wants to send me my allowance through money gram. He says all he needs is my name then he will send me the verification code to pick it up. This seems pretty safe to me but I just want to be sure! I feel like a scammer would have scrammed long ago with all the questions I’ve thrown at him. Thanks so much!

Katie September 13, 2018

If you haven’t met an SD in person, and he is not willing to pay you cash, or use PayPal or whatever, he’s probably a scammer. Sending money to your bank account is a classic money laundering scheme, and YOU could go to prison. That’s why all the sites say not to give out your bank info, peeps!

Jennica Morder September 19, 2018

So I actually started on a dating website when a sweet guy actually said he was an Sd unfortunately I fell for the scam he said he was in Rochester,New York and I was stupid and gave him my log in and he tried to cash fraudulent checks he went by the name Barry Hakeem and his profile had RichHakeem. I’m still dealing with luckily my bank caught and closed the accounts had to beg them to let me reopen the accounts but under different numbers and cards that was because he had access to one of three accounts. After the whole incident I decided I’d go on a real sugar daddy website but the next one I found has turned out another 3 frauders this is almost more than a new sugar baby can take. Sugadaddyforme.com has turned up these three frauders since reading these articles and the mishap I had b4 reading these I follow my gut. I had one that goes by Austin “SHULTZ” being his screen name try to guilt me into giving my online info or credit card #. Said he wanted to help take care of my debt had a four year old son named John and his wife had passed and he was lonely told him PayPal or Venmo hasn’t messaged me since. The next one asked for nude picks within five min of texting got him off that but then wanted bank account info to do bank to bank transfer said no PayPal or Venmo he said how about buying gift cards and I can reload them said nope. So he tried asking for my credit card number and I’d have to run some errands for him told him sorry nope you didn’t get rich by having random women you never met run errands for you. Haven’t heard back from him and he goes by Jason. He also has two different numbers will tell you phone restarted and now he’ll be texting you from this number. Then the third one from that site supposedly sends you 3k via western union but you have to pay out $300 dollars to get it told him couldn’t get it sorry that he could do it through pay pal. And he goes by Joel if needed I do have pictures of all

    Lilly September 26, 2018

    Hey babe! I’m a new SB and I’ve been experiencing this a lot. So many scammers and time wasters. DO NOT give out your information at all. Any bank information or anything. It’s all scammers and a real true gentleman SD will never do that. Please do your research also!

Vanessa October 11, 2018

Hi! I’m new too the whole sugar baby thing and I’ve been talking to this potential SD for a few weeks now and he says he’s legit he’s shared personal stuff with me , i have been scammed once a few months ago and i told him about it and he acted so concerned about it and said i should’ve pressed charges so i kind of believe he’s the real deal but I’m still not sure he hasn’t asked for my bank info yet but he does want to help me out and hire me into his business, he would order iPhone from a phone company send them to me and he said i would send them to the buyer and receive 30% profit but he want a picture of my ID So he can have it on file should i trust him??? I’m so confused i don’t know what to do? He said if he ever scammed me i could get him arrested he’s given me his full name and i know where he lives but i just don’t know what to do . Please help me thank you!

wesugbabe October 15, 2018

So the whole moneygram thing is a scam? He wants my ssn and my home address. I made the money gram and had my home address on there i gave him my login but after reading i just changed my login information and removed my bank account and debit card from the moneygram just in case. he also spoke about his accountant needing that information. My phone died so i decided to speak to him on his twitter account asking him why he needs my ssn and address. I told him i have a paypal and that he can send it there. no reply yet.

Bailey Baird November 6, 2018

Sugar Mommy I’ve been messaging is asking for my banking info : Account number, Routing number and my online access to my bank. Should I pursue with this or is it a scam?

cassie November 11, 2018

I have one asking for my bank and after I told him I only have a debit card he started asking for my credit score. No way!

jasmen November 21, 2018


Ss November 30, 2018

Hey my sugar daddy says he cant use money apps what does that mean? Is he trying to scam me?

Lilian December 28, 2018

I know that if I give my SD my bank account info, he’ll just be able to transfer the money. But are there any recommendations for bank accounts that are private and strictly for my allowance. I don’t want any of it to be traced back to my real account

Kaylee February 20, 2019

Is a Walmart prepaid debit card ok??? He says it cost like $5 just to get it and then he can put money on it.

Racheal April 3, 2019

New to the whole “sugar daddy” thing. I gave this guy my number and email only. He sent me a check and i took a picture and deposited it into my account. My bank has been acting funny and won’t let me log in and my this guy keeps telling me i have nothing to worry about and he can trust me, it’s just a “technical issue” Is it a technical issue or did he get into my account?

Gabriela April 28, 2019

New to SB scene and having trouble finding a sd. I keep getting scammers. Any suggestions on how to be successful

Joshua May 8, 2019

Hey I need to know if I’m being scammed. My SD offered to pay of my two credit card bills, so he gave me his banking information and it worked they are paid off, and he said he is a bit coin investor and needs Google play card. Is this real or am I being scammed and what should I do?

Shaila May 27, 2019

So I just started being a sugar baby. This is my first SD and he seems very trustworthy, he didn’t specifically ask for my account number but he going to give his accountant my number so they can call me tomorrow. Should I be worried? Or does this seem pretty legitimate?

Sophia June 6, 2019

I am just wondering what are safe ways to receive payments? I am also new to the SD/SB lifestyle and I’m quite nervous about how he will be giving me payments!

Kathy June 29, 2019

I have a WEIRD situation…. I was DMed on instagram by a girl who claimed to be trying to find a new sugar baby for her “ex-sugardaddy” as she was moving away and they wanted to call it off. She said she found my acct and thought I would be a good fit for her SD. Her acct seems semi-legit, had been up for at least a month and had many picture of her and over 100 followers. She gave me his phone # and just said good luck and don’t forget me when you start making all that $$!! After getting to know this guy he asked for my bank log in info and I offered to use paypal instead and he said he’s had his Paypal hacked in the past and didn’t want to go down that road again. He’s offering 800$ a week for me to keep him company in a non-sexual way. The girl on instagram said he is so nice and had been helping her for 2 years, but I don’t know if the “girl” running the acct is the same as the potential scammer SD. I asked him to send me pictures of himself and he did but again there’s no way to know if they were googled. I’m wondering if it is bad to open a NEW bank acct and give him that log in info and keep an eye on the activity to make sure it isnt fraudulent. And withdrawl everything that goes in it right away to avoid money laundering. Is this okay? How do I go about this safely i’m very uninformed.

James July 13, 2019

Thank you for this info.

I have a prospective Sugar Momma asking for my SSN.
She’s promising $220 a week, but that is not worth getting scammed over.

She keeps evading when I call her out on it.

I know not to give out my SSN, but seeing it here helps reinforce it in my mind.

Thanks again.

Xbxbxbx July 17, 2019

A sugar daddy contacted me on Twitter and wants my bank account number and routing number. Says his account is on restriction bc someone stole 12000$ from google wallet and that he cannot use cashapp venmo or paypal as he is on “restriction” he won’t even use Zelle bc his account is on “restriction”

Jamilett August 7, 2019

So this is my first time as a SB & I found a SD that wants me to be employed in one of his companies. He wants me to fill out an application. Should i be working for him in one of his companies?

PoppaC52 August 14, 2019

I agree with MOST of what is said here.

1 objection… A Bank Account number is needed to get money out of an account, true – but identity theft would be required, too. And a Splenda Daddy RARELY is going to be looking to scam your MONEY, girls. It is a sex act or 5 with you, without his holding up his end of the bargain he’s going to be looking for over 99% of the time.

A BIGGER objection, because it is a safety issue… Don’t give your home or work address to a POT SD before you know him well. Do you REALLY want a guy who could be very creepy knowing where you live? Come on. I NEVER ask an SB of mine about where she lives, or wants to, unless I’m going to pay the rent and we’ve known each other awhile.

Social Security – I pretty much agree with the Author here. Their is an exception. After I’ve been with a girl for a few months, and I see it is working, I may hire her. Then I need her SSN, but unless YOUR SD is going to have 1 of his companies cover your Allowance, he has ZERO need for your SSN.

PoppaC52 August 14, 2019

Money can only be withdrawn from a PrePaid Card or a Bank Debit card by using it. If you give him the Card’s info – number, expiration date, security card (and zip where you live if it is a bank debit card) – is the only way you can be scammed. Some prepaid cards may have use fees and monthly fees – but that’s a different issue.

PoppaC52 August 14, 2019

Barbara, you were right, Banks do N OT prevent that from happening. Some money receiving accounts, like cash.me, MAY not accept prepaid debit cards – I’ran into that problem with a collection company when I was young, but not actually with PayPal or cash.me

PoppaC52 August 14, 2019

Go to cash.me and open an account. Your SD can use his credit card safely (they won’t give its number to you) and you can use your Cash.me debit card number (you don’t get a physical card) for immediate transactions or have it transferred to your Bank account (immediately at a cost of 1% of what you transfer – cheaper than PayPal, or in 3 or 4 days for free). They don’t give him your Bank info. Takes an hour ot 2 to hityour cash.me account from when he sends it.

Jan August 21, 2019

So I got the same thing and I’ve learn to tell which ones are the scamming SD but I got this one that was different he was asking for my bank and that he didnt do PayPal and all that but he sent me a picture of his mobile bank like account and money he had and sent me his Instagram name but idk the whole just bank info is red flagging me. What do you guys think have you guys had the same experience and what should I do.

Courtney September 3, 2019

So I had a potential SD who was very persistent in getting my chase username and password,of course I said no i mean we just started talking. But any way I feel like SA is a ton of scamming sugar daddys. Any other sights you would recommend

Tiana Verreyy October 3, 2019

I need help, so I was talking to this guy online and I gave him my credit card account and he paid it off, and that payment was received, but it hasn’t posted yet, but now he’s asking to give him my at&t account so he can order phones and use his card info to pay for it. I’m not going to give it to him and I changed my account password but what do I do now?!?! What will happen to my credit card? Will I go to jail??!!!!!

Alaïa October 18, 2019

Please help! I’m new to the sugar daddy world and he’s willing to pay me through email? He’s asking for me to provide my full name and email address. Is this fraud or no?

Nik October 19, 2019

hey i’m new to this sugar baby thing. my sugar daddy wants to send me money through my account. he wants me to open up a new one instead of using my current one, should i go for it? could this be a scam?? he says he uses his business card and it won’t allow him to use cashapp or zelle. what should i do?

Cierra Henderson November 7, 2019

I have a new suger daddy he wants my routing number and account number and my name so he can pay me through his bank but is bank is a N26 idk if I just him can he steal from me if I give him this info?

    Caitlin November 12, 2019

    A routing number, account number and name are standard – not much he can do with that except make payment. And N26 is a perfectly legitimate bank. If you know the sugar daddy well enough already and you have an arrangement, that info is fine to share. If you want to double check, just ask your bank if those details can be used to withdraw money from your account. That should settle it.

Rubi December 2, 2019

I’m new to the sb thing and I feel soo stupid and scared now because I literally gave my sd all of the things that’ said not to give him..!

Eli December 7, 2019

Ok, so I am new to this whole SB/SD thing.. I am currently talking with potential SD… the thing is.. we’ve been texting for like the past 2-3 days and on the first day he mentioned the whole allowance thing and I said that I can do cash app, PayPal or anything of that sort.. but he said that he can’t do any of those.. his Paypal got closed in 2017 and he can’t use cash app because he says that his bank won’t allow it because it’s a lot of money that he has …. what should I do TTTT he said my first allowance would be on Monday which is in two days.. I have not given him any info because I want to make sure that it’s somewhat safe .. and like I mean I only have a few tens in my account but still it’s something ya know? HELP PLEASE!!

Alannah December 12, 2019

So I’m talking to this sugar daddy I’ve been talking to him for a couple weeks he asks me what type of arrangement did I want I said money but he’s asking me to get a card from a store because his bank account restricted him from using pay apps (PayPal cash app etc

Chandrea agee December 20, 2019

Is it normal for a sugar daddy to use his business account to spoil sugar babies?

And are echecks okay to deposit into the mobile app? Because in some way I feel like thats a scam

Millissa December 30, 2019

I was asked by a man on instagram to be his sugar baby and to receive a 400 week allowance and then asked for banking info not log in info just if I had checking account and what bank I said yes and stated bank name he said message him when I get up in the am and later get him banking info to deposit money into account. I do not feel 100% safe in doing this. What is protocol

Lalalove December 30, 2019

A sugar daddy asked me for online access, routing number and account number should I give him any on these information

manana January 3, 2020

sd is asking for my banks name, is that dangerous?

Mayra January 5, 2020

Is it safe to send your email address to them?

N/A January 5, 2020

I have recently just received a message from a sugar daddy on instagram. He is not asking for my bank account information. However, he states the only way for me to receive money from him is through cheques. The only information he would need is my name and email, and i myself would be the only depositing the cheques. Is this considered safe? Would he be able to know any of my bank information this way?

Tati February 12, 2020

I have a potential sugar daddy on the line. He said for my allowance he would make remote deposits. And that first he would need my full name. Is this a scam? I need answers.

Mikayla February 29, 2020

My potential SD, is asking for my credit card info, but I told him I don’t trust giving out my info like that cause I was almost scammed by a different SD, I told him that, so now he’s telling me he will give me HIS account info to put in money for my credit card so i can put money on it for the first time, hed does I believe some financial and ge told me his income,He also gave me a good amount of pics of himself he looks legit. Haven’t met, he lives in a different state but only wants company and talking nothing sexually. Just making sure I’m making the right decision. Its also my first time doing this kinda of stuff.

Lauren March 2, 2020

hi, this sd wants my email to send me a photo of a check so i can make a mobile deposit. is that a scam?

Jessica March 4, 2020

I’m a new SB and I requested the first allowance be through Venmo or Paypal until we actually meet (she is overseas atm). However, she prefers bank transfers and then gave me her bank info. Is this safe? Should I be cautious?

T April 22, 2020

So i recevtly had a sd message me on insta he asked for my name and postal code and city for a western union transfer i gave it to him but now im second guessing .he wants to transfer me money its not a check he said but im still skeptikal

Olivia Fourneau May 26, 2020

So I am new to the sugar baby/daddy thing. A SD messaged me offering me a weekly allowance which sounds great. I asked for him to give me the money through venmo, but he said his bank doesn’t let him do venmo or apps like it because he was sending to much money to them. He wants my banking information so that he can send me the money. He has said if I don’t trust him I can empty my bank account so there would be nothing for him to take. When I said I was just going to make a new banking account he said not to do that and that he would just send me a picture of the front and back of his pay check. Is this a scam?? Is there any way he could take money out of my account if he has my routing and account number?

Raimi May 28, 2020

So I read all the replies and am starting to feel concerned. This is my first sd. He said he is currently stuck in Italy on a business trip, which makes sense because it’s currently corona time. But he asked for my name email account and routing number. I didn’t feel comfortable giving him this information but I didn’t want to pass on a weekly $1000 so I gave him the information to a chime account I made but have never used. So there’s no money in it and no transaction history. I didn’t want to be scammed out of the money in my main account so I decided to give him my chime in case maybe it wasn’t a scam so I still get the $1000 a week. He said he sends money on the weekends and spoke about an account officer sending me the money so fingers crossed that this works and I’m not about to get scammed. Hopefully he can’t over draft a 0 balance account so I feel somewhat comfortable

Haley June 2, 2020

New to this SD dating thing and he is asking for my account holders name and the name of my bank. I am super hesitant to give that information

Susan July 14, 2020

I got to know a sugar daddy on whatsapp. We went through a conversation in which he said wanted to be my SD and told me some rules to this. He said he would like to know my bank acc number to transfer my weekly allowance of $ ****. We just had conversation a few times. Should I give it to him or not?

Sam July 26, 2020

My SD asked for my cash app then Email address because it’s through his business account. Scam or no scam

Becky July 31, 2020

So my SD is saying that his account is frozen so he needs to put all of his money into my account to use it. He had me get a cash app card so he could put all the money on it but idk if I’m being scammed or not. Pls help

Ashley August 30, 2020

What to do when I give him the account and routing number but he also want to know the log in and password for my mobile login

Anjanine Thomas September 23, 2020

My potential claims that he only operate through cashapp and requires an account fee to start my allowance. I’m like but why would I pay a fee to open an account when you approached me? I went off on him and told him that I thought that he was scamming. Ik that the sd is not supposed to ask for funds. He thought that he had 1. So, I am going tell him to send PayPal only..

Rose November 7, 2020

Last I remember my sugar day send my 2fake check in. They investigation what know about it but he sound honest

Mandy November 16, 2020

I’m new to this and my SD is offering to pay my cc debt
He’s asking for account log in to pay because trying to pay over the phone they require additional security information. Is this legit? Can I get scammed by giving that info?

Bolty December 27, 2020

Hey am also new to this whole sugar daddy stuff and he asks for my Instagram password and username is it safe to share this type of information with him all for money …is it honestly worth the risk….????

Dylan January 5, 2021

What if my sugar momma only asks for my PayPal tag?

Sisi January 9, 2021

Hi, I’m new to everything having to do with a sugar daddy and he asked for my credit card and my allowance will depend on my credit card limit he wants to see my ID I guess to verify that it’s me. I don’t know I just feel sketchy even though it may not be? Pls help. Is it a scam?

Jada January 15, 2021

Out of all the sugar daddies i talked to they ask me to send them a fee before receiving money through cashapp, is that legit ? Cause i have been telling them i shouldn’t have to pay a 300 dollar fee to get money.

Dezerae Thursam January 21, 2021

Hi I’m new to this Sugar Daddy wanted me to send him pics of my state ID card is he trying to scam me he said it was for verification

Makenna July 12, 2021

Hi so I’m currently talking to a sugar daddy and he says he can’t use cashapp if that normal I have already been scammed so I’m just worried

Casandra Lucas August 15, 2021

I have a potential SD who asked me to sign up fir ID me so he can send me a debit card connected to his bank account so I can get my allowance and pay off my credit cards he said he lives in Ohio he’s from New York but is working in Arizona. He said he just needed to verify who I am and that my identity is real! Does this sound like a scam?!

Rosse September 23, 2021

A Potential sugar daddy is asking for my Gmail should I give it to him he says he’s old and like to email better than snap chat but is it safe ?

Lateasegh September 25, 2021

I met a sugar daddy online he instantly asked me how much I wanted to get paid weekly and if it sounded good because he needs a woman then he proceeded to ask me for my telephone number telephone carrier Bank information or PayPal I feel like this is a scam and he is rushing it what should I do?

Daniella October 11, 2021

I’m new to being a sugar baby and he’s asked me for my email address to add me to his payroll so I get paid weekly? Should I trust it or am I being scammed?

Alexis October 11, 2021

I have a sugar daddy that wants to do a direct deposit meaning he sends the picture of a check and I deposit it. He haven’t asked for and passwords or usernames or bank numbers but idk if it’s suspicious or not.

Vickie October 30, 2021

Hi! So I got a DM from a sugar mommy recently and she asked for just my bank name because she only does mobile deposits. Is that safe to give out? She didn’t ask for numbers or anything so I’m not sure if I’m getting scammed or not.

Lindsey November 11, 2021

My sugar daddy is asking for my full name and email address so he could send it to his Financial Accountant. One he gets my full name and email, he would have his FA mail me a check which I can deposit it myself. I’m not sure if this is a scam or not

K November 30, 2021

I’m new to this and this person said all they need to know is where I bank and they will get ahold of their account officer to to process my allowance and email it to me ?

David February 3, 2022

It’s not just sugar daddies, it’s sugar babies who scam too. I was scammed by a sugar baby who said her real name was Jessica, turned out its not Jessica at all, she was happy to give her bank details a long with the fake name which I unfortunately sent money to. That is fraud and the police are involved so be careful guys, these girls are not all genuine. I don’t understand why it’s always about men scamming the girls.

Chealsea February 5, 2022

Hey my sugar daddy is asking for my crn number and drivers licence why

leah July 9, 2022

what do i do if a sugar daddy wants to meet irl and i’m not comfortable with that, strictly online

Naydelin August 27, 2022

Look I know I’m dumb for this but umm I have my potential sugar daddy my bank account log in and I’m scared he told me what he’s been through or whatever and he didn’t want any other form of transaction I guess but a bank log in like he wouldnt do cash app or anything why do i do

Lauren September 8, 2022

SD asked for my address but he now asking for a clear picture of my ID for his accountant to complete a transaction to be paid to me

Austria September 14, 2022

My so called sugar daddy wants a picture of my ID for his account manager to add me to pay roll. Should I be concerned?? I don’t want to send it to him. I asked what he needs off of it.

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