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9 Sugar Daddy Mistakes to Avoid When Dating a Sugar Baby

Sometimes, the best advice is to simply state what NOT to do. Most sugar daddies learn about these mistakes the hard way. But you can find out exactly what not to do when dating a sugar baby in the couple minutes it takes to read this article.

Here are the most common sugar daddy mistakes and why you need to avoid them.

1. Exaggerate

The sugar daddy profile should put your best foot forward – but it should also paint an honest picture of who you are and what you can offer.

Never feel the need to lie about your height, weight, net worth, income, or age. It wastes everyone’s time. Plus, it’s pointless since the right sugar baby will be the one who wants what you’re offering anyway.

2. Message for Too Long

One of the most common sugar daddy mistakes is becoming a text buddy. There’s just no point in exchanging messages for too long. Getting to the video call quickly will let you weed out sugar baby scammers immediately.

sugar daddy mistakes

And the first sugar date will determine whether you get on way faster than a hundred text messages will.

Attention spans are short in the sugar world. While there’s momentum is the best time to push it through. The faster you go through the process, the sooner you arrive at the fun stuff.

3. Be Too Suspicious

Online dating can get a bad rep. That goes double when it comes to online sugar dating. But the vast majority of potential sugar babies who are contacting you are going to be real, legit women looking for a sugar daddy – not bots or sugar baby scammers.

So be cautious. But don’t be too suspicious.

Good sugar babies are not going to jump through hoop after hoop of tests. And if you continue to ask a potential sugar baby for “proof” that she’s real, that’s going to be a clue for her to move on to the next sugar daddy.

4. Great Sexpectations

One of the top sugar daddy mistakes is making it sexual too soon. Pushing for sex is never a good look, much less a turn on. And pushing a sugar baby for sex too soon will set off alarm bells that you are a “john” or a Salt Daddy.

At the same time, you don’t want to waste time and money on a sugar baby rinser who was just stringing you along and never intended to become intimate in the first place. For you, getting to intimacy quickly is the main way to differentiate between rinsers and legit sugar babies.

A good way to compromise is by starting with a PPM until you are both comfortable with and trust each other. You can also offer platonic dates with a cash gift at the end of each date until she is comfortable with a full-blown arrangement.

5. You Need to Get Your Money’s Worth

This is a common and disastrous sugar daddy mistake. When dating a sugar baby, the last thing you want to be doing is counting your pennies and thinking that she better be worth it. This sort of transactional mentality doesn’t make for a good sugar relationship.

Most sugar babies can sense if a sugar daddy is begrudging about spending money on her. It’s the same way a sugar daddy can sense if a sugar baby is only there for the money.

The reality is that there are going to be sugar dates that you go on that don’t lead to anything. There may also be times when you invest in a sugar baby and get little in return.

sugar daddy mistakes

Just think of it as the cost of doing business. You win some, you lose some. In the same way that sugar babies invest their time and effort to get dolled up for a sugar date, sugar daddies invest money to take a sugar baby out. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

The best you can do is refine your weeding process so that the next potential sugar baby is more likely to be the one.

6. Money Makes Me the Boss

This is probably one of the worst sugar daddy mistakes. And it’s really important to avoid because most sugar babies will avoid these types of sugar daddies like the plague.

The key to remember here is that just because you have an arrangement where you are financially supporting a sugar baby doesn’t mean that you own your sugar baby. She is her own person just like you are. And her boundaries should be respected just as much as you expect her to respect your own.

7. You Want it All

Here’s one of those sugar daddy mistakes that is so common, it doesn’t seem like a mistake. You see, when it comes down to it, most sugar daddies want…it all. They want youth and maturity. Carefree fun and connection. Excitement and comfort.

And the best sugar babies will gauge what you want and go above and beyond to become that fantasy.

But it’s important to have realistic expectations. If you’re dating a sugar baby who is a couple decades younger than you, you can’t expect her to have the same level of emotional maturity as you do. If you’ve chosen a university student as your sugar baby, you can’t expect her to be able to drop everything and fly to the other side of the world for a business trip.

The best thing to do is to have a think about your important expectations for a sugar relationship and choose a sugar baby who fulfills them – not hold out for one who is the best of all worlds. Because they don’t exist. Which brings us to…

8. Sugar Daddy FOMO

You sign up for a sugar daddy website. You check back in after a couple hours and you find that the inbox is full of messages. There are chat requests from beautiful girls and personalized messages from attractive women. And they all want you.

With so many sugar babies to choose from, how does a sugar daddy ever decide? You need to talk to them all. Go on dates with them all. But wait – there are even more messages piling in.

Pretty soon, you find yourself juggling potential sugar babies like it’s your part-time job. Several would make great sugar babies, you think, but you just need to chat with just one more. Now several weeks have gone by and you’re still wondering if the next potential sugar baby may be even better than the ones you’ve already spoken to.

You’ve developed a case of sugar daddy FOMO (fear of missing out).

This is a classic sugar daddy mistake, especially when you’re new to the sugar bowl. And it’s understandable. After all, becoming a sugar daddy is an eye opening experience. It’s flattering to have so many choices. But keep in mind that if things don’t work out with a sugar baby you choose, there will always be plenty of beautiful fish in the sea.

Make a decision, enjoy the experience, and when it comes to an end – you can always try someone different.

9. Forget it’s a sugar relationship

You know it’s a sugar arrangement. But there’s passion, chemistry, connection, and you feel yourself falling in love with a sugar baby.

This is the time to remind yourself that, yes, it is a relationship. But it’s a sugar relationship. And sugar relationships are unique precisely because they make it possible to experience the best parts of a relationship without the ugly downsides.

You always see your sugar baby at her best. She’s fun, happy, beautiful, and the perfect woman while she is with you. But she is able to provide this experience within the confines of a sugar arrangement. The reality of a serious relationship with a sugar baby may be a lot more different than what you’ve become used to.

Our advice is to appreciate the arrangement for what it is and enjoy the heck out of it. Because most of the time, sugar relationships aren’t made to be forever.

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