What Type of Sugar Baby Are You? (And Why It Matters)

The very first step to becoming a successful sugar baby isn’t necessarily what you’d think. It doesn’t involve improving your looks. It doesn’t even involve actually finding a sugar daddy.

It’s actually a very personal step, one that has to do with sitting down with yourself for a moment and asking yourself the all-important question of…

What sort of sugar baby am I?

Strange question, we know. But it’s also crucial to your success as a sugar baby.

Why? It’s simple. You need to know what type of sugar baby you are – what your wants and needs are, what your motivations are for getting into the sugar game, etc. – in order to find the ideal sugar daddy and negotiate the terms of the perfect arrangement for you.

After all, how are you going to get what you want if you don’t know what you want?

So if you’re a newbie sugar baby, take a few minutes to read through the various types of sugar babies and find the personality type (and arrangement) that will best suit you. Okay, here goes!

“Cash is King” Sugar Baby

For a “cash is king” sugar baby – it’s all about the benjamins. This type of sugar baby has no illusions or fuzzy feelings about finding the man of her dreams or even having wildly good times in the sugar world.

She has one goal and one goal only: get the cash.

What sort of arrangement works? If you are a “cash is king” type of sugar baby, you won’t want to waste your time with Gift Daddies – unless they pay for big ticket items in cash (which you can return later for cold hard cash). To learn how to do this from the best – read Baje Fletcher’s A Gold Digger’s Guide: How to get what you want without giving it up. It’s a super fun + instructive read on how she decides exactly what she wants and then gets men to fund it all. A sugar baby must read!

But more than Gift Daddies, you’ll want to look for Allowance Daddies who won’t tie up too much of your time. Lastly, if a full-time or even part-time sugar daddy is too much maintenance for you – you can do very well for yourself just going on dates – What’s Your Price is the best option for this.

You pretty much set up a profile (it’s free for sugar babies) and “Generous Members” (aka, sugar daddies) will send you an offer of how much they’re willing to pay to go on a date with you. You can either name your own price or accept the offer. Voila – you just got paid for a date.

“Spoil Me with Sprinkles” Sugar Baby

These are the sugar babes who already have their living expenses taken care of and are primarily looking for all the benefits a wealthy, exclusive, jet set life has to offer.

This sugar baby doesn’t need a regular allowance – but she’ll take a pair (or three) of Louboutins, a luxury cruise to the Greek islands, regular spa days and is seeking the sort of sugar daddy who’ll get her into every exclusive restaurant and club around town.

What sort of arrangement works? The good thing about being this type of sugar baby is that Gift Daddies are the easiest sorts of sugar daddies to find. Most sugar daddies are more than willing to gift a sugar babe what she desires while Allowance Daddies are harder to come by. So if you’re a “spoil me with sprinkles” sugar baby – you’re in luck.

That being said, if you’re looking for a high-end Gift Daddy – make sure you go where they are. In terms of sugar daddy quality, we’ve found SugarDaddie.com to be the best for drawing a pool of wealthy, accomplished, and talented men. Get thee on that site.

“Friend and Protege” Sugar Baby

This sugar baby likes the cash and presents…but those aren’t the main thing she’s after. This sugar baby has a vision of her life and career and she’s looking for more than financial support to get to where she wants to go.

She might be looking for allowance and gifts as well, but financial benefits are simply not enough for this sugar baby – depending on her goals, she’s after accomplished sugar daddies who have the skills, experiences, and/or connections to further her life and career in a meaningful way.

What sort of arrangement works? It doesn’t matter as much whether he’s a Gift Daddy or an Allowance Daddy – you want what he’s got in his brain (and rolodex). So naturally, you’ll want to be rubbing shoulders with the most accomplished sugar daddies in every arena and SugarDaddie.com is the best site for getting access to these kinds of men. We’ve met entrepreneurs in the financial sector, tech sector, healthcare sector on that site as well as private investors, musicians, and professionals in law, healthcare, and finance. Start there.

Another site we’ve found to be particularly great for meeting accomplished men of the slightly younger variety (30s and 40s) is SeekingArrangement.com.

“Marry Me” Sugar Baby

This type of sugar baby has been around since the beginning of time and she wants, um, all of the above. Forever (clever cookie :)).

This sugar baby is not looking for a no strings attaches kind of arrangement – she wants the ring. It’s a long play but one that comes with the biggest payout.

What sort of arrangement works? You’re looking for a long-term (maybe life-time) connection so you’ll have the most stringent selection and screening process. You’re looking to form an emotional connection that will lead to a fulfilling relationship with your sugar daddy – not negotiate the best terms for an arrangement.

As such, we’d advise that you actually stay off most of the sugar daddy dating sites since most of the sugar daddies on those sites are looking for arrangements. Instead, get thee to a wealthy dating site catering to millionaires who are looking for love, rather than an arrangement. Our favorite is MillionaireMatch – you’ll be able to find verified millionaires through the sites, making the search process much easier for you.

9 thoughts on “What Type of Sugar Baby Are You? (And Why It Matters)”

  1. I am really new at this game. I am recently separated from a 30 year marriage and want some thing better. I just would like to experience some of the finer things in life. My confusion is how to classify my self. I am not looking for marriage at all. I would like to find a man who can help me financially but dosnt need a every day commitment. So what kind of sugar baby or momma am I? And where do I look?

  2. I’m just getting started I just wanna basically tell you what I want and I need help finish the best site. So basically ofcourse I would like money and gifts, and need bills taken care of but I would also like to have sex with my sugar daddy in his behind

  3. I’m new to the sugar Baby lifestyle, but I want the money and the gifts. But how do I get my profile just right so I don’t attract more scammers?

  4. Theres going to be a lot of scammers. Just go back to the stranger danger rules… Filter them out and let NOONE convince you to give out your account, personal info etc etc. If they make rude comments that imply your asking for too much, leave. If they are implying for you to quit school/college. Leave. It is not wirth it 🙂 all the best.


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