The ONE Simple Test to Find Out if a POT is Worth Pursuing

You’re a clever, proactive sugar baby who’s signed up on the best sugar daddy websites, taken pains to present the classiest, most enticing profile, and takes pride in crafting personable messages to several potential sugar daddies on a regular basis.

You go on dates with several of these potential sugar daddies and give them the best first sugar date experience they’ve ever had.

And now one of them is pursuing you.

He calls. He texts. He wants to see you again. So you go on another date.

He likes you. And he calls. He texts. He wants to see you again. So you go out yet again. The process repeats itself, with you hoping he’ll ask for an arrangement during the next date. But when you finally bring up the topic of allowance, he hems and haws. Turns out he never intended to make any considerable financial contribution to your life.

He just wanted your time and attention pro bono.

So what did you do wrong?

Nothing. Except investing your precious time in a man with no sugar daddy potential. But don’t worry – we’ve all had this happen before. A few too many times, actually, before we learned this little test.

And it’s such a simple test Stupid simple. If it hadn’t been for Ho Tactics: How to MindF**k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring – we wouldn’t even have known of it (check out the book, btw – it’s one of the best sugar baby books for good reason!).

The Simplest Test to Find Out if a Potential Sugar Daddy is Worth Your Time

Simple is beautiful – and that’s precisely what we love about this “Headphone Test.” Here’s how to do it (our modified version, 3-step version – you can find the original outlined in Ho Tactics).

1. Impress

The best way to hook a potential sugar daddy is to thoroughly knock his socks off on the first date. Be interesting, be funny, be engaging, be flirtatious and most of all – be your charming self.

Your first and foremost for the first date is to make him CRAVE to want to see you again. Under no circumstances should this involve sex.

2. Ask

If you did step 1 right, the potential sugar daddy should contact you within a few days asking to see you again (if you did it really right, he’ll be asking what he can write on the check to make you happy – in which case, you can skip the test :))

While you’re arranging your next date, slip it into the conversation that you need a set of headphones. You can make it seem like you can’t hear him very well, briefly comment on your broken headphones and ask him if he can swing by the store and grab you a pair before you meet up. Don’t specify the brand or price – tell him to surprise you.

As all experienced sugar babies know – just ’cause a POT has massive wealth, it doesn’t mean he’s willing to share any of it. This test is great because it allows you to find out (quickly and without asking) if and how willing a potential sugar daddy is to spend on you.

3. Know

If you did the asking, you’ll know if this potential sugar daddy is worth any extra effort or time by the second date based on what he brings you.

If he shows up empty-handed and says he forgot – cut the date short and lose his number (unless he slips you $100 to pick some up yourself).

If he shows up with a cheap pair of headphones – $20, $30 – then you know he is willing to spend on you, but probably not that much. You can think of him as a Gift Daddy and keep him around or if you’re on the hunt specifically for a bigger fish – cut him loose.

Now if he presents you an expensive pair of headphones from a top brand – then you know he is both willing to spend money and consideration to make you happy. That’s what you want in a sugar daddy and this one is worth your time.

Have you tried the Headphone Test (or something similar)? Let us know in the comments how it went for you!

8 thoughts on “The ONE Simple Test to Find Out if a POT is Worth Pursuing”

  1. Hi,

    I mostly agree with the concept of your test. As a man who is giving thought to becoming a Sugar Daddy, I have my own thought about the test and it concerns me a little bit. I am trying to look at it from the perspective of what would I do if I got that phone call. (I believe I wish to be considerate, caring, and generous).

    Here is my issue. When I received that phone call, I might actually go to several websites and research what the best headphones for quality would be. It might even take me quite some time to find the best ones. However, the Sugar Baby (Potential Sugar Baby), may not know I have invested time and energy into the assessment. Many times the best is not ALWAYS the most expensive. She may not even know the name brand. (I know she could always look it up and get the cost of what I spent). However, my concern is that in your test, she makes her decision only on what I spent on the headphones. There is no way for her to know the effort I put into pleasing her, or that I researched to find the best pair, not the most expensive.

    Somehow, I would like her to be able to identify that I am willing to put in time, emotion (caring), as well as the money into a relationship.

    -Average User

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an insightful comment. You sound like you’d make a great sugar daddy! This is a basic test to assess whether a POT has actual “potential,” aka a desire to actually be a sugar daddy instead of trying to take advantage of SBs. But from what we can tell about you from this well thought out comment is that the sort of sugar baby you’d attract would be a smart cookie with substance to her – and she should have no problem knowing when someone has put thought and care into a gift. Good luck and keep us posted on your SD adventures 🙂

    • That’s so nice 🙂 you make an exceptional point and I totally agree. In your case I would tell her as I’m presenting it that “I looked them up and made sure to get you the best quality” and end it with a smile. that way she know you spent the time. That’s just what I would do and I’m a girl so others might not think about saying something like that 🙂

  2. Well i think if any pot sugar daddy went their way to get something the sugar baby need to made her life a little easiler is very sweet, (that is before the sex). In my opinion the thought count much higher than $.
    Because if they are thoughtful then $ shouldn’t be an issues, since they will try to made their sb happy…
    still looking for

  3. I have a question, so I just started this and Isome guys are talking to me. One is from New York I live in Dallas and we have not met yet. I literally just set up my account a few days ago. He said he’s willing to give me a $300 allowance… but he needs my bank info? I don’t feel comfortable about giving him that. What should I do? How can I figure out if this is a scam?

    • He doesn’t need your bank information for any reason. He can give you cash or a check.

      Plus there should be another zero on that allowance imho.

    • Hey there, I just got involved a couple of months ago in the sugar world. I am also a very skeptical person and it’s really hard for me to trust people so I can totally relate haha. I would recommend you to set a Paypal account and provide him with that information instead of your bank account. Or, if you don’t mind not getting it in cash, look at a store of your choice and provide him just with your email and he can send you a gift card. Also he can write you a check or get you a pre-paid card.


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