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Where to Find a Sugar Daddy Who Can Give You What You Want

It’s not simply about knowing where to find a sugar daddy. You can just type in “best sugar daddy sites” into Google and hundreds will come up.

It’s about knowing where to find a sugar daddy who can give you what you want. And to do that, you need to know where to fish.

The thing is that there are many different types of sugar daddies. There are the men who have dealt with one-too-many disappointed girlfriends complaining about their busy schedules and lack of commitment and are now seeking sugar babies who will adapt to their schedule. And then there are the men who are looking for real love and connection.

There are men who may not be able to afford to spend several thousands on a sugar baby, but are ready and able to provide gifts and lavish dining for the company of beautiful women. And there are men who are tired of traveling alone and are want to foot the bill for an attractive travel partner.

Some just want beautiful arm candy as a plus one to black tie dinners and events.

There is a massive array of men in the sugar world. And each of them are likely to congregate in different places. So where can you find the sugar daddy for you?

Here are the best places to find a sugar daddy – depending on what you’re looking for.

Luxury Gifts and Experiences

Maybe you’re a sugar baby who has a job and most of her living expenses taken care of. But you crave those luxuries that are just beyond your budget. Dining at the hottest restaurants in town, riding around in luxury cars, or being gifted that new MacBook.

Or maybe you just have expensive taste and want a sugar daddy who can scratch that itch.

You want a pair (or three) of Louboutins, a luxury cruise to the Greek islands, and regular spa days at the most luxurious hotels in town. The right kind of sugar daddy for you is one who’ll get you into every exclusive restaurant and club around town.

Here’s Where to Find a Sugar Daddy…

The good thing about being this type of sugar baby is that these types of sugar daddies are the easiest to find. Most sugar daddies are more than willing to gift a sugar baby what she desires, especially if it’s in lieu of a hefty regular allowance.

In fact, you can find a man to spoil you without even having to go on a sugar daddy website. Craft the right image and you can snag a man who will occasionally treat you to gifts and little luxuries on Instagram or Tinder.

So if you’re a sugar baby looking for gifts and luxuries – you’re in luck.

That being said, if you’re looking for more high-end gifts – not just what’s on your Amazon wishlist – make sure you go where the wealthy sugar daddies are.

In terms of sugar daddy quality, we’ve found SugarDaddie.com and SugarDaddyMeet to be the best for drawing a pool of wealthy, accomplished, and talented men. Most of the sugar daddies on the website will be legit and willing to spoil. Get thee on these sites.

Cold Hard Cash

You are a sugar baby who is after one thing – the cash, the money, the moolah. Gifts and treats are nice. But for you, they are just sprinkles.

What you’re after is the kind of sugar that is substantial enough to be your bread and butter. You want an allowance that upgrades your quality of life. Or a PPM payment that lets you live easy month-to-month.

Here’s Where to Find a Sugar Daddy…

If you’re after cold, hard cash – you don’t want to waste your time with men who only want to provide gifts and lavish experiences. You don’t want to eat at nice restaurants while you have a zero balance in the bank!

The easiest place to start making money straight away is by signing up for What’s Your Price. You pretty much set up a profile (it’s free for sugar babies) and “Generous Members” (aka, sugar daddies) will send you an offer of how much they’re willing to pay to go on a date with you. You can either name your own price or accept the offer.

Voila – you just got paid for a date.

It’s not just for newbies, either. It’s a great options if you’re looking for spare cash that won’t tie up too much of your time. Or if a full-time or even part-time sugar daddy is too much maintenance for you – you can do very well for yourself just going on dates through What’s Your Price.

If a date or ten won’t cut it and you want a regular sugar baby allowance or PPM, the best places to find a legit sugar daddy who would be open to that type of arrangement are:

Seeking is free for sugar babies but the others are not. That being said, the exclusivity you’re paying for is well worth it when you’re seeking a serious sugar daddy.

Tuition Assistance

University tuition costs are at an all-time high. But you want to graduate with a diploma without strings. No debt, no student loans – just you starting your adult life without a $xxx,xxx burden on your shoulders.

So naturally, your highest priority when it comes to choosing a sugar daddy is that he is willing and able to foot your tuition bill.

Here’s Where to Find a Sugar Daddy

When it comes to finding a sugar daddy who is ready and willing to provide tuition assistance, head straight to SugarDaddy.com. As the name suggests, the men on this site are well aware of the kind of arrangements that the website promotes.

As such, most are expecting to provide financial assistance. And paying tuition for an ambitious sugar baby is one of the most common forms of financial assistance. With the number of sugar daddies active on the site, you’ll have the best chance of finding one who can foot your university bill.

Another website is Seeking, which has gained infamy for its university-aged members. It even offers a free membership if you sign up with your school email. So it’s very worth checking out.

Sugar Daddy Travel

You have a bucket list of countries and travel adventures you’d love to have – but they’re a little (or a lot) out of your budget. There’s that scuba certification you want, those hot air balloons to ride, the photography course you want to take, and the cooking classes everywhere from Paris to Thailand.

What’s the best solution? You find a sugar daddy who loves to travel and would love a fun, attractive travel companion even more.

Here’s Where to Find a Sugar Daddy

The first site that comes to mind when you’re looking for a travel sugar daddy is MissTravel. And you would be right – except that the site has very low active users. So it may take you a while to find a sugar daddy for regular travels.

That’s why we recommend branching out and using more mainstream sugar daddy websites in a slightly more creative way.

SugarDaddyMeet is the best one. It has a lot of features that let you interact with other members, like Members Events, which allows sugar daddies to post their travel plans and events they’ll be at. If you’re in the area or the plans are in a destination you’d like to visit, you can Request to Join.

On top of that, SugarDaddyMeet only allows members from the top 20 richest countries – and residents in these countries typically like to travel. So if you want to travel around Europe, for example, you can reach out to potential sugar daddies based in the UK or the Netherlands. If you want to travel around Southeast Asia, you can reach out to sugar daddies based in Singapore. And so on.

Sugar Daddy Mentoring

It doesn’t matter as much whether a sugar daddy will give you gifts or a sugar baby allowance. You’re after something else – you want what he’s got in his brain (and rolodex).

You may be putting yourself through college. Or you’re in law school, med school, or business school. If you’re not in school, you might be an entrepreneur building a business. Or already working and looking to fast track your climb up the ladder.

Whatever your goals, one thing is for sure – you want a sugar daddy who can provide a big boost to the top.

Here’s Where to Find a Sugar Daddy…

So naturally, you’ll want to be rubbing shoulders with the most accomplished sugar daddies in every arena and SugarDaddie.com is one of the best site for getting access to these kinds of men.

We’ve met entrepreneurs in the financial sector, tech sector, healthcare sector on that site as well as private investors, musicians, and professionals in law, healthcare, and finance. Start there.

Another site we’ve found to be particularly great for meeting accomplished men of the slightly younger variety (30s and 40s) is Seeking.

And last but not least, MillionaireMatch is definitely worth signing up for. Just to become verified, the men need to prove that they’re making over $300k a year. So you know that you’ll be mingling with men who are at the top of their game.

Sugar Daddy Husband

You’re a sugar baby who wants everything the sugar world offers – forever. Clever cookie.

In this case, you’re not looking for a no strings attaches kind of arrangement. No, you want the ring. It’s a long play but one that comes with the biggest payout.

Here’s Where to Find a Sugar Daddy…

You’re looking for a long-term (maybe life-time) connection so you’ll have the most stringent selection and screening process. You’re looking to form an emotional connection that will lead to a fulfilling relationship with your sugar daddy – not negotiate the best terms for an arrangement.

As such, we’d advise that you actually stay off most of the sugar daddy dating sites since most of the sugar daddies on those sites are looking for arrangements, not a life-long commitment. 

Instead, go for wealthy dating sites like the ones catering to millionaires who are looking for love, rather than an arrangement. Our favorite is MillionaireMatch. It caters exclusively to high-end clientele who want attractive partners. You’ll also be able to find verified millionaires through the sites, making the search process much easier for you.

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