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What Makes a Good Sugar Baby Profile? Science Says Do This

What makes a good sugar baby profile? If you have already read our ultimate sugar baby profile guide, you already have a profile that’s better than average.

But how can you make sure that it’s one of the best profiles any sugar daddy will come across In essence, what makes a good sugar baby profile even better?

Here’s what science has to say…

Smile (With White Teeth)

Most sugar daddies will openly tell you that the most important photo for a sugar baby to have on her profile is a close-up of her smiling face. And it’s no surprise why.

Research has consistently found that a simple smile causes men to find the smiling woman more beautiful. In the study Happy Guys Finish Last, researchers found that happiness is ranked the most attractive emotion in females.

Smiles are easy and free while making you instantly more attractive to the potential sugar daddy viewing your profile. Make sure you have at least one smiling photo of yourself.

PRO TIP: One of the cleverest ways to score extra attractiveness points with one smiling photo is to give your teeth a little whitening attention. Research shows that white teeth are pretty much the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail.

The reasoning is that teeth are an instant sign of health and genetic quality (‘though for us modern humans, they can also be a sign of a good dentist and access to Crest White Strips). They don’t have to be bleached peroxide white – a natural, healthy white is perfect.

Wear Red

The simple act of wearing red has so thoroughly been linked to increased perceived attractiveness that there is even a name for the phenomenon – the red dress effect. There are plenty of studies to back it up as well.

A study by Pazda found that women who wore red were rated more attractive by men. Another study by the University of Rochester found that men found women wearing red to appear more sexually interested and available than women wearing other colors.

An easy way to take advantage of this simple trick is to add a splash (or two) or red into your profile pictures. It’s simple enough to do and it gives you an automatic boost in perceived attractiveness. Win win.

PRO TIP: Why stop at wearing red clothes when you can further bump your attractiveness up a notch by donning red lipstick?

Research shows that servers in red lipstick tend to get higher tips. A University of Manchester study further found that wearing red lipstick translated to more attention being focused on the lips – a full seven seconds of attention longer!

Find Him Funny

Here’s another very easy, science-backed tactic to make yourself instantly more attractive to sugar daddies: show that you find him funny.

PRO TIP: You can do this in two ways. The first is to describe your good humor appreciation ability in your profile bio – i.e. I love to laugh, easy laughter, etc.

Another way is a bit more active. When you come across profiles that display humor, send the sugar daddy a message showing appreciation of the funny thing they wrote, how it cracked you up, how you love their sense of humor, and so on.

Cinch that Waist

Marilyn Monroe. Kim Kardashian. Beyoncé. Jessica Rabbit. What do they all have in common? Hourglass curves, of course.

You don’t need science to tell you that men like women with hourglass figures. But science does, in fact, confirm it again and again. In studies from New Zealand to America, researchers have consistently found that men prefer an hourglass shape with a slim waist. What’s more is that this preference for slim waists is not just a modern phenomenon – it seems to go back centuries.

How slim is the perfect waist? Well, it’s all proportional. In general, it’s thought that women who have a waist size that’s 60% to 70% of their hip size are rated the most attractive.

PRO TIP: Let’s be honest – most of us just don’t have that kind of waist-to-hip ratio. The good thing is that you can still create the illusion of it in your sugar baby profile photos.

It can be done by simply wearing a waist trainer or a corset. Or you can tighten a belt over a dress to cinch that waist. Don’t have a belt? You can simply knot your top or tie a jacket around your waist. You can even wear high-waist yoga pants that flatter your waist.

There are many ways to go about it. Just make sure to emphasize the hourglass shape of your figure and your sugar baby profile pics will come off much more attractive.

Be Positive

Your sugar baby profile should ultimately be a reflection of you. Whether you’re offbeat and quirky, cute as a button, sweet and feminine, or sassy and wild – your profile should show that.

But one rule that the most successful sugar baby profiles follow is that they give off a positive positive vibe.

Science backs this up. There’s research confirming that optimists are regularly rated as being more socially attractive. More research shows that kindness – or “goodness” – affects how attractive we perceive others to be.

PRO TIP: Keep a positive tone as you write your sugar baby profile bio. Skip doing anything that goes contrary to that, such as:

  • Coming off arrogant, standoffish, or rude
  • Sharing a sob story or complaining about how much you need money
  • Being explicit or crass about sex
  • Uploading nudes

Go over your sugar baby profile and make sure you remove anything that might come off negative or crass.

Build Rapport

One thing that researchers studying attraction find over and over again is that people are attracted to those who are “like them.”

So one of the easiest ways you can do to attract sugar daddies is to build rapport, right from your profile bio.

PRO TIP: Do this by keeping the focus on “us” and not just you.

Most sugar baby profiles are all about me, me, me. Who I am, what I want, how to please me.

So if a potential sugar daddy comes across a sugar baby profile that helps him visualize what he gets out of getting to know you – he’s going to be transfixed.

It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

Go over your profile and see where you could make little changes in describing yourself. How can you talk about your likes, hobbies, interests, skills and needs in a way that relates to potential sugar daddies and the role they can play in your life?

One of the best ways to immediately set yourself apart from the masses is to have a profile that focuses on what you offer as a sugar baby. Take advantage of this.

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