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A Platonic Sugar Baby on What Makes a Sugar Daddy Feel Special

Hey sugars! I’m Veronica and I’m a platonic sugar baby. When people meet me they think I am the typical college student who is motivated and passionate about my major. I obviously am, but I also double as a sugar baby.

My goal is to get a doctorate in the health field to help kids and teenagers with their speech disorders. My backup major is with the fashion industry. No one knows I live this lifestyle.

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I have many friends who have financial issues that are worse than mine. I want to avoid this and I do not want to get older and have tons of debt. So I decided, why not use my beauty as an advantage?

Why did you become a sugar baby?

I have so many goals to accomplish on this journey. First, I would like to have some friends that are not in college. Many of the people I meet do not understand others and start drama.

I want a drama-free relationship where we can depend on each other. If the friendship becomes something deeper, then I am willing to do that also.

Second, I need money to save up for college textbooks and bills. I do not pay tuition thankfully but there are many other things I need to pay for. My ex used me for money and I do not even have a great job! I need to save up from what I spent on him (about $1,000).

What do you wish you knew when starting out?

I wish I was more open with the men that messaged me. I also advise that sugar relationships are not just physical, but emotional.

Thinking that everything was only physical kept me from wanting to be open with these men.

But it turns out that being a sugar baby is a lot more than just sex. There are sugar daddies out there who are okay with a platonic sugar baby, even if it takes longer to find them.

Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy?

I met my sugar daddy on Seeking.com. I’m a platonic sugar baby so the search was more narrow. We talk to each other about a variety of topics. We give each other advice on everything and are always honest.

Our first arrangement was going to dinner and spending time at the hotel. We got drinks at the bar and he gave me $200 for just spending the night with him.

We had separate beds so nothing was awkward. I stood out to him by our conversations. We were both surprised how much we already connected about many events that happened in our lives.

Do you have online dating tips for sugar babies?

My tip for your profile: your Picture. If you have no picture, then how will they want to message you? Even if you have your face half-covered, you can do something sexy (yet appropriate) that will grab their attention.

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A second tip is being honest about what you want from a sugar daddy in your profile. Talk a bit about yourself and leave them wanting more by not giving everything away.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

The best part about being a sugar baby is having a secret life that no one knows about. I get to go out to places every week around the city I live in. I get to meet intelligent, handsome men that actually want to support and care for me.

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I think the college life gets pretty dull quick and having the opportunity to do things I could not do on my own is very exciting to me! I want to travel one day when I am more independent from my parents, which is something else I want to save up for.

How do you keep a sugar relationship spicy?

Since I am a platonic sugar baby, there is nothing really to *spice up*. 😉

But it’s important to keep a sugar relationship interesting and to maintain the connection. To really stay connected with a sugar daddy, you have to find what emotional aspect is missing in his life, and determine how you can fulfill it.

While it might seem a bit depressing, choosing a sugar daddy who has something missing from his life will give you an opportunity to fill it and is the best way to guarantee the success of your relationship.

What advice would you give aspiring sugar babies?

If you are only going in for the money, I do not recommend that at all! A lot of these men are here for a connection that they can not get with anyone else. They are hoping to share valuable time with you.

If you can not do that, then sugaring is not for you. You can gain knowledge and life lessons from them which are crucial to not making terrible mistakes.

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