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How to Be a Good Sugar Baby: What the Best Sugar Babies Know

You don’t just want to be a sugar baby. Nope. You want to know how to be a good sugar baby. An exceptional sugar baby. A successful sugar baby who knows she can always get the best arrangements because she is so very good at what she does.

We’ll show you exactly what makes a good sugar baby. And the one thing you can do to make yourself exceptional. Read on.

What Makes a Good Sugar Baby?

Sugar babies come in all shapes and sizes. We span the range in ages, are all different races, have various body types and personalities. So what makes a good sugar baby doesn’t depend on these factors.

Not to mention, sugar daddies also have a wide range of preferences. So what makes a sugar baby “good” for one daddy may make her not-so-good for another.

All that being said, there are a couple qualities most sugar daddies would agree that all good sugar babies have in common.

Good Sugar Babies Are Givers

People like givers. Why? Because in the presence of a giver, you are always receiving. You receive compliments, you receive consideration, you receive attention, you receive love…why would anyone not want to be with a giver?

Many sugar babies join sugar daddy sites with the taker mindset, constantly focusing on what they want from their sugar daddies and how they’re going to get it. This is a surefire way to attract a fake sugar daddy – one who will only be thinking about what he can get from you.

Genuine sugar daddies are sugar daddies because they enjoy giving. But they are not silly enough to be constantly taken from without receiving anything in return.

It’s a good idea to know what you want out of a sugar relationship, but once you know this – the rest of your attitude should be focused on giving.

And giving doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can show it in simple ways:

  • Contribute to the conversation by actively listening
  • Remember the things he’s interested in and learn about them
  • Suggest things he’d like – i.e. articles, events, books, shows, links
  • Ask about his day and for updates on important matters he’s shared with you
  • Give him your full attention when you’re together

In general, be generous and thoughtful with your consideration of him. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of pleasant things as well.

Good Sugar Babies Show Appreciation

Here’s how to be a good sugar baby without any extra time or effort. Just show appreciation.

When you give someone something, doesn’t their appreciation make you want to give them more? On the other hand, if they express no thanks or acknowledgement, you’re probably not going to be dropping any favors or gifts their way any time soon.

Appreciation is so simple to express and free to give that there’s just no excuse for not doing so every chance you get.

Thank the potential sugar daddy you’re having coffee with for his time. Say it with a big smile so he knows you mean it. If he takes you to a lavish restaurant, let him know how impressed you are. He got you orchestra theatre tickets to your favorite show? Be openly delighted.

It’s the same for the little things. Thank him if he insists on paying for your coffee and blueberry muffin. Yes, he’s a sugar daddy and he always insists on paying, but that doesn’t mean you should be any less appreciative for it.

Be thankful for the small things and bigger things will come your way.

Good Sugar Babies are Happy

Happiness is one aphrodisiac that doesn’t get enough mention. It is free and it multiplies the more you use it. Not to mention that it’s highly contagious. Just being happy in a potential sugar daddy’s presence will rub off on him and leave him with a positive impression of you. One that he’s very likely to remember.

Happy people are addicting to be around because they put you at ease. Happiness does not mean being some wide-eyed, bushy-tailed peppy cheerleader type twenty-four hours a day. That’s exhausting.

Really happy people are the ones who are relaxed, easy-going, and not bothered by much. You can spot them pretty easily. They’re not the ones running around with maniacal excitement in their eyes…they’re the ones that aren’t bothered by it.

How to Be the Best Sugar Baby

Okay, you say. Be happy, show appreciation, and aim to give instead of take, take, take.

All fairly basic things. Good manners, really. Is there anything you can do to go above and beyond that? You know, to be not just a good sugar baby, but a really great one. The best sugar baby. Ever.

Yes, there is. And this short poem sums it up:

“Oh I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece, I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece, Hi-dee-ho, here I go, Lookin’ for my missin’ piece.”

Bet you never thought you’d find a Shel Silverstein poem on a sugar dating blog. But this poem describes the most effective path to becoming a good sugar baby.

It’s simple: You gotta find his missing piece…and become it.

But how do you do it? Here are 3 sugar baby stories that show it in action.

Example #1. Caitlin’s Story

One of my longest sugar relationships was with a workaholic entrepreneur. He worked all the time – to the point where even when he wasn’t actually working, he was still thinking about work. There was no such thing as weekends for this sugar daddy. He didn’t have time for hobbies and he didn’t see the point of socializing.

So ‘though he was a great catch – single with no kids, fairly young (late 30s), quite cute, wealthy and with a sweet, considerate personality – he hadn’t had an actual relationship for several years.

His reasoning was that he wanted to date a certain caliber of women: sweet, funny, smart and cultured. But he knew that work was always going to come first and he would inevitably end up canceling dinners, forgetting anniversaries, and generally being unavailable to do all the stuff that couples do.

Which would lead to guilt trips and fighting or the women leaving him to find someone who had time for an actual relationship.

While he didn’t love the drama of the typical relationship, he missed having a relationship with someone he was into.

His missing piece? An obligation-free, guilt-free, must-do-couple-stuff-free “girlfriend” who never made him feel bad about his workaholic habits, never needed any attention he couldn’t provide (he was much more willing to part with his money than his time), didn’t stress him about commitment and would be ready and willing when he wanted to have some fun.

Once I realized this – and knew that it was the perfect arrangement for my personality type as well – I knew what I had to do to be the perfect sugar baby for him.

Caitlin, aka Plain Jane Sugar Baby.

Example #2. Steffi’s Story (Part I)

My sugar daddy and me spent a weekend in a beautiful little hotel. One morning over breakfast the owner told us that she and her family haven’t had a holiday in years because business wasn’t going great. She then went on about how she grew up in the hotel and expects to die there.

When we were alone my sugar daddy shook his head and said: “I don’t understand why she doesn’t sell the place. It’s a great location, she’d get two million for it for sure.

He completely ignored how she felt about the hotel. It makes her happy to live there, even though it doesn’t make her rich. When I replied “She clearly loves this place. Not everything is about money” he gave me a long, quizzical look.

I was wondering if I had started to speak in tongues when he finally said: “Right. Not everything is about money. I tend to forget that.” And I understood my purpose in his life.

He needs me and the way I live my life as a counterpart to his profit-oriented style. (Yes, I am aware of the irony that he is actually paying for my company…)

Example #3. Steffi’s Story (Part II)

Another guy I have an arrangement with was even more clear about why he chooses to spend time with me. My profile states that I am an artist. Potential sugar daddies will get to know that I used to live in an ashram for a couple of years.

In short: My CV is not very normal. I am basically the opposite of someone with an MBA and a strategically planned career.

On our first date he told me he had wanted to be an artist his whole life – until he was grown up enough to be reasonable and think about a “real” career.

He likes to interrogate me about every aspect of my creative endeavors. He soaks up my stories about where I find inspiration like I do the sun after a long, hard and dark winter. Through me he feels re-connected to his own poetic side, like some sort of healthy secondhand smoke.

I quench his thirst for an artful life. I tell him about the things that are happening in my life. About the gallery owner who expressed interest in my work. I am specific right down to the woman’s blue nail polish.

That stipend I applied for and was rejected? It actually was awarded to my best friend. How does that make me feel? Proud and jealous in more or less equal parts. My sugar daddy does all but jot down notes when we are having these conversations.

Just as he introduced me to five star restaurants and limousines, I cut out a window into my world for him. I let him see the world through my eyes, let him sense it through my skin. And I take him with me to my favorite artists’ supply store – which is a win-win. He gets a strong dose of art and I get my shopping paid for.

For him, I am that strange creature who doesn’t think money equals happiness. The Bohemian for another sugar daddy. And the redhead who prefers sneakers over high heels for yet another.

Steffi, aka The German Sugar Baby.

Sugar dating sites state that they have a lot more registered sugar babies than sugar daddies. I read somewhere that it’s a ratio of eight women to one guy! In real life, the numbers are most likely even higher.

So there’s a lot of competition out there. Which is why it becomes even more pertinent to know: what do you have to offer a potential sugar daddy that no other sugar baby can?

Figure it out and you will be the best sugar baby your sugar daddy could dream of.

Conclusion: What Makes You a Good Sugar Baby?

In short: Your job as a sugar baby is to uncover what piece is missing from a sugar daddy’s life and if and how you can best fill that void.

So when you first begin interacting with a potential sugar daddy, keep your eyes and ears open to what his missing piece could be. Most of these men are over-worked and under-entertained.

Find out what he most craves, what he’s most starving for – and give it to him. He’ll not only agree to your desired allowance, but he’ll be hooked on you for as long as you’re the one who’s fulfilling his missing piece.

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