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An 18 Year Old Sugar Baby Tells All: How I Met My Sugar Daddy

Hey there, sugar babes! My name is Piper, and I’m freshly 18 years old. And this is how I met my sugar daddy.

My Sugar Baby Goals Were…

When I was first starting out considering getting a sugar daddy, I created a profile on every single site imaginable. I hated my job and had just quit. My mental health is far more important to me than any job ever will be.

I’m in college, so of course I need money. I’m going to an expensive private school and I have a very expensive taste for clothes and makeup. Especially makeup.

Turns out, I didn’t need the sugar daddy sites at all, as I knew my sugar daddy in real life already, and just had to be vocal about what I wanted.

What I Wish I knew When I was first starting out…

When I first started…I wish I would’ve known how difficult it is to keep a sugar daddy. It’s a very competitive – yet very supportive! – community we have. There are beautiful sugar babies everywhere, and so many captivating women and men all over the world.

So, if a sugar daddy gets bored with you, he knows that. He’ll bounce to the next one if the relationship isn’t mutually beneficial.

The worst sugar daddy experience I had, was my very first date. It was awful, and it’s what made me realize it wasn’t so easy being a sugar baby after all. He was an older man, age 53. He was handsome and very, very rich. He was also very, very demanding.

He would get upset when I would say no to him and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He wanted to fly me out to California to meet him. That’s how he started his end of the conversation after I said a simple, “hello”.

We kept talking and eventually, he agreed to come meet me in my own neighborhood.

So we met up, and on the first date, he slapped $200 on the table, and told me he would give me a bonus of $500 if I went home with him right then. Then, he proceeded to slap another $300 down and told me that allowance would be for if I engaged in oral sex with his dog – and I wouldn’t be the one receiving.

Needless to say, I declined and he stormed out of the restaurant, leaving me with $200 to cover the tab and go home with.

How I Met My Sugar Daddy…

As far as sugar daddy stories go, I would have to say how I met my sugar daddy is…very peculiar.

See, my sugar daddy is my teacher. Well, he was my teacher. Until he got fired for having a relationship with me. I can swear up and down, put my right hand on any religious book, and say that we never had any romantic experiences together. We were just very close and people took things the wrong way.

As I was his student, we got closer and closer until we ate lunch in his classroom together every day. He wrote me passes to get out of class. And he told me things about himself he had never even told his own mother. He always told me I was special to him, and that I was intelligent and other-worldly, as well as gorgeous and deserving the best man or woman out there.

It’s for this reason that I don’t have any online dating or sugar baby profile tips for you all. But I do know how to keep a sugar daddy roped in, in the best way possible of course.

How I keep My sugar relationship interesting…

To keep a sugar daddy, things have to be fun and spicy, and always interesting. The way I do it, is a lot of teasing. I like to send naughty pictures. But I cover up the parts he wants to see with little emoji stickers- maybe hearts or flowers, or even the eggplant!

Another thing I make sure I do, is keep at least one day a week devoted to him. I don’t have a job, I’m only a student, so why not make at least one day entirely for him? I ask him what he wants to do, I ask him about his feelings, and most importantly, I listen.

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A lot of the sugar daddies out there are just looking for someone to listen to them. To keep things fun, we do things other than sex. Because contrary to popular belief, sugaring isn’t all about sex!

We go out for movies and baseball games, we listen to music together, and sometimes we hang out with each other’s family and friends.

My favorite thing about being a sugar baby…

My favorite thing about being a sugar baby is probably the relationship I’ve built with my sugar daddy. It has brought us so much closer as a “couple”.

My next favorite thing is how it has helped repair my trust issues. Having to trust people to give me money to have food to eat (and glam shoes to wear) is very scary. Then, of course, my next favorite thing is the money.

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My current arrangement with my sugar daddy is very simple, he is also my significant other. He pays for trips to come see me. He lives in the southern part or my state and I live on the northern. Plus, he pays for my schooling and my food, whatever I need really. He throws in lots of toys too 😉

My Best advice for aspiring sugar babies…

If there was one thing I could tell an aspiring sugar baby, or just any sugar babe in general, it would be to make sure that YOU are having fun as well.

The relationship between a sugar provider and a sugar baby should be mutually beneficial. If you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do, then it’s time to get out of there, or have a talk with them. Your mental health matters too.

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