Do or Don’t: Should You Keep Your Job While Sugar Dating?

A question that often comes up for new sugar babies is whether they should keep their job or not. What you choose ultimately depends on you and your goals, but most smart sugar babies will tell you that you should definitely keep a job even if you have a generous sugar daddy.

We agree that this is generally a good idea since:

  1. It will give you security. Just in case he decides to Poof, you won’t be in poverty.
  2. It’ll allow you to be more choosey and take longer in your sugar daddy selection process.
  3. The security of knowing you have a main income source will remove any hint of desperation when you’re negotiating allowance.
  4. If anything goes awry in your sugar relationship, you’ll have the freedom to leave since your sugar daddy is not your main source of income.

But, this whole job + sugar dating thing really depends on the kind of job you’re currently able to get.

If your current position will allow you to eventually advance up to the career you ultimately want to have or allows you to gain the experience you need – Great! Don’t quit your job for anything, even if your sugar daddy offers to triple your allowance.

But if, like so many people of the recent college-grad generation – you’re working at a job that will not lead to the career you ultimately want to have AND your current job is not teaching you the skills required to land that career, it’s not a bad idea to quit – but have a plan in place before you do.

For example, make sure you have a safety net solidly in place. A sugar daddy is not a safety net.  A good safety net is to have enough in your savings account to be able to support yourself for at least 3 to 6 months without a sugar daddy or a job.

Also, make sure you have a game plan for self-improvement.

One of the best reasons for being a sugar baby is to buy yourself time to improve your current skill set. Nine-to-five jobs that consist of mental menial labor are exhausting and unproductive. Your time is better spent devoting that time to learning new skills and gaining the experience you need to qualify for a much better position.

If you decide to quit your dead-end job, take advantage of the time afforded to you by your sugar daddy and get to work building up a skill base for yourself. Do everything you can to increase your value.

Apply for an unpaid internship. Do volunteer work that is related to the field you want to work in. Non-profits are continuously in need of people and willing to give you experience in a number of areas: project management, event planning, finances and budgets, fundraising, etc.

Spend some time studying whatever will get you closer to your ideal career. Learn a new language, read up on economics, invest your time studying for a certificate or in a training course.

A steady sugar relationship provides a way (albeit temporarily) for you to gain time and money simultaneously. Make sure you use it to your full advantage.

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