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Best Sugar Daddy Apps of 2019 (And Which to Avoid)

It all started with sugar daddy websites but let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before sugar daddy apps took over. Case in point: You’re probably reading this from your phone right now. So might as well take advantage of all that phone time you log and snag yourself a sugar daddy in the process.

The best part? The best sugar daddy apps are incredibly easy – and fun – to use. Plus, they come with other, more unexpected benefits…

Why Sugar Daddy Apps?

So, you’re on the hunt for the best sugar daddy apps to propel your search for the perfect arrangement. Good for you, you’re quicker than most. And so, we’ll let you in on a little secret.

Here’s the thing: Several years ago, when sugar dating first became popularized by the mainstream media, everyone headed online. But back then, there were only sugar daddy websites and the best ones attracted massive amounts of traffic from both sugar daddies and babies.

Back in those days, if you wanted the perfect arrangement, the top sugar daddy websites were hands down the best – and pretty much, the only – place to find your perfect sugar match.

Fast forward nearly a decade and the game has changed. The best sugar websites are still going stronger than ever but there’s a whole new population of sugar daddies and babies who are finding their way to mutually beneficial arrangements entirely through their phones.

And this is where you come in. You see, there’s a significant advantage in the fact that sugar daddy apps are new to the game. The cohort of experienced sugar babies who began their sugar journeys years ago are used to the websites and as anyone who’s tried something new knows, habits die hard.

That means that as a new sugar baby, you can give yourself a competitive advantage simply by choosing a different platform, one that’s still a bit too new to be overpopulated with your fiercest competitors.

And of course, if you’re an experienced sugar baby reading this to expand her fishing horizons – what are you waiting for? There’s a huge selection of untapped sugar daddies out there to mingle with!

Ready to get started? Below are the only sugar daddy apps you’ll need!

What are the Best Sugar Daddy Apps?

If you’ve been reading our articles for awhile, you know that we are huge fans of casting a wide net. Since sugar daddies often have to pay more than sugar babies for websites and apps, they tend to stick to just one.

That means that a sugar daddy you find on one website may not be on another app and so on. So to instantly broaden your options, all you have to do is sign up for several sugar daddy websites and apps at the same time. It doesn’t even take much extra effort since you can use the same pictures and profile information.

The thing is, though, apps can really take up a lot of your precious phone storage space. So you want to find the perfect balance, giving yourself maximum access to sugar daddies while steering clear of storage-wasting, time-wasting sugar daddy apps.

The easiest way to do that? Choose only the best sugar daddy apps – here are the only 3 you need.


best sugar daddy apps

Love the convenience of Tinder but wish it came with benefits? Well, meet SugarDaddyMeet. SDM is our favorite sugar daddy app for good reason: it combines all the ease of Tinder’s left-or-right instant swiping with the benefits of sugar dating.

Obviously, that convenience streamlines your sugar journey. Like with Tinder, you can instantly see all the potential sugar daddies and babies in your area, swipe left or right based on what you like and then quickly start chatting with everyone you match with.

But then again, a lot of sugar daddy apps offer this sort of ease. So what makes SDM our favorite?

Here’s why: SugarDaddyMeet is unique in that it expends a lot of its effort toward making sure members on the app is legit. And that means verifying the members that join.

Which also means that yes, the member base may be smaller but it is also legit. That means less fake profiles, less scammers, and more time to focus on real potential sugar matches. Quality over quantity wins every time.

Ready to sign up? Check out the website here or download it directly…

best sugar daddy appsbest sugar daddy apps

Seeking (Arrangement)

best sugar daddy apps

Love the Seeking Arrangement website and want to get it in app form? Of course you do. After all, a ton of sugar babies meet their sugar daddies through this site. It’s got tons of members and tons of success stories.

And its corresponding app – Seeking – is just as good, bringing everything we love about the website into convenient app form. 

Here’s what we love about this app:

  • Everything at a glimpse. Hands down the best thing about Seeking Arrangement is the simplicity. You learn so much, so quick. All the essentials – from pictures to exactly what they’re looking for – are featured in a way that makes it ridiculously easy to learn a lot about POT in a minute.
  • Real people. Let’s face it – the crappiest thing about most sugar daddy apps and websites is the amount of fake profiles and spammers. There’s a real noticeable lack of this on the Seeking app. Instead, there are tons of interesting, well-filled-out profiles from a wide age range of POTs.

That may not be a lot – but it’s actually everything you need to find a sugar arrangement: access to real, genuine sugar daddies and babies as well as the features to be able to quickly connect with these members.

Overall, Seeking is totally worth the download. The only downside at the moment – January 2019 – is that the app is only available for Android phones. So if you got one of those, take advantage and download the app…

best sugar daddy appsbest sugar daddy apps


best sugar daddy apps

To be honest, the Millionaire Match app was a bit of a surprise. As you may already know, it’s actually one of our favorite sugar daddy websites but frankly speaking, their website is a little older looking than most sugar daddy sites.

So we weren’t expecting much from the app but it totally exceeded all expectations.

Which, come to think, is not that surprising considering the company behind the app knows what they’re doing.

Here’s something you may not know: MillionaireMatch is actually owned by Successful Match, which is the same company that owns SugarDaddyMeet (above). That’s why you’ll notice that the two apps have some striking similarities, such as the smooth signup process and clean design.

So why bother signing up for Millionaire Match if you’ve already got SugarDaddyMeet?

Here’s why: the Millionaire Match app is like a more prestigious, more “vetted” version. SugarDaddyMeet is awesome for its streamlined simplicity while Millionaire Match has all that…plus the bells and whistles.

Here’s some of the perks we love:

  • Serious search options. Sure, most sugar daddy apps let you see members in your area but Millionaire Match takes this further – you can also search who was last online, newest members, and our favorite – Certified Millionaires…
  • Verified wealth. Our hands down favorite thing about Millionaire Match is their selectiveness. This is a millionaire dating app, after all. Which is why they offer the option to search for Certified Millionaire members. The catch is that you need to be a member yourself but if you’re a serious sugar babe, you understand the value of this – there’s less competition at the top.
  • Luxury moments. On top of the normal “moments” that offers a glimpse into members’ lives, Millionaire Match also has a Luxury moments option that lets members post, well, luxury moments of cars, watches, designer purses and so on. A great way for other members to comment and start a convo.

Because the focus is on millionaire dating rather than pure sugar, Millionaire Match draws a distinct member base of very rich men (and women). If you want to go where you know the wealthy are – this is the app to get.

best sugar daddy appsbest sugar daddy apps

Sugar Daddy Apps to Skip

Sugar daddy websites and apps are trending, which means there are a lot of them out there and new ones popping up everyday. As a result, there are a lot of them and we aren’t going to go over them all but here are a few popular sugar daddy apps that aren’t really worth your time.


We had high hopes for Sudy when it first came out but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to them. In fact, it didn’t even come close.

For starters, support is hopeless. Got a glitchy, buggy app you can’t use? Don’t expect support to do much about it.

But even if support could come through with a technical solution, you’d quickly find that there’s little point anyway – Sudy is populated with fake profiles. So much so that the majority of the interaction you’d get on the site would be with a bot or a scammer. Skip this one. 


“Money, meet honey.” Cute, right? Plus, it’s actually free. We actually really liked the sound of this…until we tried it. The app has really low barriers for entry – no ID, verification checks – and as such, attracts a higher than usual amount of scammers.

It also seems to be populated with fake profiles and if you scan long enough, you’ll start to notice that the same pictures show up with different names. Not worth your time.

Just stick to the top 3 sugar daddy apps above and you’ll have a smoother, easier, and more enjoyable sugar journey. 

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  1. i’m new to being a sugar baby and just about every potential sugar daddy asks for my bank login to put me on their payroll or deposit a check, etc. what should i do? none of them will just accept my account and routing number which i know is enough to transfer money!! SOS

    • DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING!!!! THEY’RE PROBABLY SCAMMERS!!! With modern technology like Paypal, Venmo, and even Chase QuickPay, why does he need your bank account information? You only need an email to send money securely.

  2. Hi I’m new to this and this guy says he is not in the us right now but will be shortly like he took a vacation he didn’t ask for any bank info he told we were going to take things slow and see where they go and gave me his email address and said he didn’t want jump right into money and is constantly busy we’ve only been chatting for 3 days lol but is this legit or a scam

  3. Hi I’ve been wanting to be a sugar baby. But since I’m new, I want to start out with pictures. Is there any websites that offer this option??


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