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Want to Date Much Older Sugar Daddies? You Need to Know This

Some sugar babies like young sugar daddies. Others prefer older sugar daddies – even ones who are much, much older. This article is for the latter.

Because if you’re consider dating an old sugar daddy, there are a couple things that you absolutely need to know. Whereas it’s commonly believed that many sugar daddies are among an older generation, most sugar daddies are actually not that old.

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And it’s one thing to date a sugar daddy who is in his 40s or 50s. But it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to sugar daddies in their 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Is It Worth Dating Older Sugar Daddies?

As a sugar baby, part of your job is to provide him companionship. It’s hard, though, when you have a huge, gaping spasm of an age gap between the both of you. What do you talk about? How do you behave? Will you have enough in common to form a connection?

It goes without saying that this kind of a large sugar daddy age gap can be tricky to navigate. Which leaves many of us to wonder: is it even worth it?

Pros of Dating an Old Sugar Daddy

Well, there’s plenty of questions but also tons of benefits. Here are the pros of dating older sugar daddies…

  • There can be more sugar. Older sugar daddies tend to be well established and have more wealth to share. They’ve had a lifetime to reap the rewards of their career and their investments have had more time to mature. That translates to more sugar for you.
  • Less drama and more manners. Older sugar daddies and older men in general are more settled and drama-free as well as gentlemanly and cultured. That often translates to better manners.
  • You can learn a lot. Older sugar daddies have lived the length of your lifetime – a couple times over. They’ve learned a lot in that time and most are happy to share their wisdom with you.
  • You’ll be treated like a queen. Or rather, a princess. Older sugar daddies know the value that you’re providing – youthful energy and the attractiveness of youth. Most likely, they will spoil you more than a younger sugar daddy can or will.
  • It’s likely to be platonic. It’s no secret that men’s sex drives decline as they get older. As such, many older sugar daddies are looking for emotional connection, companionship, and fun company rather than romps in the sack.

As you can see, there’s a lot to gain but there are also some very real downsides…

Cons of Dating an Old Sugar Daddy

If it was all sugar and sprinkles, most of us would be dating much, much older sugar daddies, but the experience does come with some downsides…

  • Less relatability. The music, the movies, hobbies and lifestyles may simply not match up. He won’t get your pop culture references and most likely, you won’t get his.
  • You may disagree on his viewpoints. The world was a different place back when older sugar daddies were growing up. As such, he may have drastically different views from yours when it comes to politics, sexuality, and so on.
  • Physical attraction. Most sugar babies are more attracted to youthful sugar daddies than older sugar daddies. This can present a challenge if there is intimacy involved.
  • Limited dating activities. With a younger sugar daddy, your dates could be more active and involve rock climbing, hiking, snorkeling, amusement parks, and so on. With a much older sugar daddy, however, your dates will be limited to what he has the energy and mobility to do.
  • Social stigma. Publicly dating a much older sugar daddy is not for the faint of heart. People will state. Assumptions will be made. It’s one thing to go on sugar dates with a 45-year-old sugar daddy when you’re in your 20s. But going out with a 75-year-old? You will get unwanted attention.

All that being said, if you can handle the downsides, there are plenty of benefits to dating a much older sugar daddy – as long as you keep some things in mind.

How to Date Much Older Sugar Daddies

Here are some must-know tips to help you be the best sugar baby you can be with a sugar daddy who’s much, much older than you.

Start with shared interests

The easiest first step is to find out what interests and hobbies you both share. This is one of the best ways to negate the age difference between you and your sugar daddy.  So focus on what you two have in common!

Even the smallest things matter in relationships like these. Whether it be your shared love of hiking to your passion for good sushi, it’s super important to find a common ground to talk about.

In addition, if he has interests or hobbies that you’re not keen on but are interested in learning more about, never be afraid to ask him about them. In the best situation, that’s a new hobby you two can share together.

His places, not yours

This is a bit unfortunate but better for you to know before you go into an arrangement with a large age gap. Here it is: You’ll want to stick to going to places that suit his age range, not yours.

That’s because socially, it’s more acceptable for someone younger to show up at a place meant for older people (like a gala, or a business party), versus someone older showing up at a younger area.

You can always look older by dressing the part and doing your makeup appropriately, but it’s hard for an older man to look younger. However, if you’re ever uncomfortable with a place that he suggests, say no. Your relationship is mutually beneficial, and that means that your feelings matter too.

Be ready for differences

The smartest thing you could do to prep yourself for an arrangement with a big age gap is to accept that there will be conflicts between your views.

If you’re lucky, your sugar daddy will agree with you on the things that matter to you. However, it’s not a surprise if your perspectives differ, whether it be political, social, economic, or more.

And that’s okay. It’s an arrangement, after all – you’re not marrying the man.

Unless it’s an absolute dealbreaker for either of you, it can be looked past by avoiding the topic or even learning why the other person has that perspective in the first place.

Learn to be thick-faced

One very useful skill to have when you’re dating someone with a large age gap is knowing how to take criticism and judgement.

No matter what you do, there will alway be people out there who won’t be accepting of your relationship. From harsh words to judgmental looks from strangers, it’s crucial to know how to behave.

Never act brash in front of your sugar daddy. You are expected to be polite and poised when seen with him. If you’re offended by something that someone says or does, just take a deep breath and remember that they don’t understand the dynamics and hard work that goes into preserving a sugar relationship.

Be polite and let them know that you enjoy what you have and it works for you. (“It’s not for everyone.”) Ignore strangers that give you a look, because their opinions don’t matter anyways. All in all, just try to remain put together in all situations.

Don’t bring up the age gap too much

First of all, it’s important to talk about it if either of you feel like the age gap is a big deal. After that talk, though, move on. Yes, there will be challenges. Yes, there will be disagreements, even arguments.

But don’t always attribute that to the age gap. Talking about the age gap constantly, even in a positive or encouraging light, can still be detrimental to the relationship.

For example, if you keep telling him that his age doesn’t bother you, even when not asked about it, he may take it as a sign that it actually does bother you.

Know when to stop

Is the age difference the cause of arguments and stress? Are you always fighting with your sugar daddy because he doesn’t understand you, or you don’t understand him? Know when to say goodbye and break up. If you’re not happy with him, and it’s causing you (or him) stress, it’s time to let go.

Sugar relationships are supposed to provide him stress-free comfort, and if it’s not working, it’s okay to let things go.

How do you deal with a sugar daddy who’s a lot older than you? Are there any tips you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments down below!

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Candice, aka The Bay Area Sugar Baby. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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