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A 23 Year Old Bisexual Sugar Baby: The Most Important Thing in a Sugar Relationship

Hello lovely people, nice to meet you, I’m Lindsey, a 23 year old ! I identify as a Jewish-American bisexual sugar baby. In my non sugar time, I work in an internship with a non-profit, and I am looking for a job.

I’m independent, love exploring and adventure, like to be outside, and hang out with my family as much as possible. I also hope to go to graduate school soon and get my masters in social work.

Why Did You Become a Sugar Baby?

I had just left a bad relationship when I first started sugaring 3 months ago. By chance, I saw Brandon Wade on YouTube talking about how love doesn’t exist and how every relationship is built on some form of a give and take.

I have always been a very sexual person and have never related love with sex very much. I also hate being in debt. So being a bisexual sugar baby seemed like a good way to start paying off student loans. Just by doing something that comes easily and naturally to me.

In the end, money is definitely why I started doing this, although I know that is not the case for all SBs (I hate the term Sugar Baby). I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed with having money or being wealthy. Ultimately, I just don’t want to worry about not having enough money all the time.

So far, I have made 1k/month. Seeing my student loans go from 43k to 40k in such a short period of time, while I was still working 60hrs/week at an internship, was very rewarding.

What do you wish you’d known before starting?

Here’s the most important thing, even though it may seem funny coming from a hypersexual and bisexual sugar baby. I wish I had known that successful sugar relationships are built on a connection, not on sex. If your sugar daddy doesn’t care about you as a person, the relationship and benefits won’t be as stable.

Many people look down on sugaring because they think it’s solely to do with sex and that any sugar baby is just an escort. Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against escorts. I’m just not one. If sex was all these men wanted, they would hire a prostitute.

These men are looking for something that’s missing in their own lives. You just need to figure out what it is! Establishing that emotional connection with your sugar daddy is the smartest way to sustain a happy, long term sugar relationship.

Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy?

I have met my Sugar Daddies on Seeking.com (the website Brandon Wade created). My profile picture is a goofy picture of me camping. It shows no skin. I think that this shows more of my personality. Which helps Sugar Daddies to see that I am down to earth and wouldn’t make great arm candy.

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It also looks different from the usual profile picture, which I hope attracts the kind of sugar daddies that are right for me. I also specifically put in my profile that I am looking for help with loans. This warns away those few Sugar Daddies that are looking for relationships where monetary compensation is not included.

It’s crucial to differentiate yourself from your profile from the get-go. It definitely narrows down the pool of potential Sugar Daddies to those that would be the best fit for you!

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

I feel like I can access anything I want or need. I don’t ask to get pampered with jewelry, clothes, or fancy dinners. So when I really need something, I can ask a Sugar Daddy for it.

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Since I am just now establishing relationships, I haven’t asked for anything other than a few donations to the non-profit I’m with. In the next few weeks, I plan on asking different Sugar Daddies for new glasses, therapy to help me with a recent death in the family, and an apartment.

How do you keep a sugar relationship fun?

You don’t always have to go to dinner. I like going on dates to amusement parks, miniature golf, museums, etc.

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Public places are best. But once you establish a mutual trust, road trips and camping can be fun! Just make sure that you enjoy will enjoy their company for longer periods of time first.

What advice would you give aspiring sugar babies?

Spend time and effort trying to find a sugar daddy. For every 20 people you meet, only one may be compatible. And then, of course, there’s just the garden variety sugar daddy time waster who will promise you the world on a silver platter but give you exactly nothing while expecting everything.

If you dwell on the potential relationships that went sour, you will turn Sugar Daddies off by being too upfront or aggressive.

Let things move slowly. And don’t let yourself be hurt by the assholes who mistreat or lie to you! A quality I have learned as a sugar baby is how to move on from bad relationships. Keep your hopes up and continue searching!

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