3 Simple Ways to Get More From Your Sugar Daddy…Without Even Asking

If there’s one thing every sugar baby wants more of…it’s sugar 🙂

That sugar can come in the form of cash, gifts, trips, educational expenses paid – you name it, we’ll take it.

But how do you go about getting more sugar from your SD without demanding, whining, stressing him out, and being an all around pain-in-the-a**?

Or even better – how do you get more (a lot more) from your sugar daddy without even having to ask?

It comes down to one simple thing: You provide massive value to his life. So much value that he can’t help feeling immensely happy and grateful to have you as his sugar baby.

And a happy, grateful sugar daddy = a generous, pampering sugar daddy.

Yes, the easiest way to keep yourself happy and all your needs and wants taken care of is simply by keeping your sugar daddy happy and taken care of. And unlike the whining and pestering route, this is actually a win-win for you both.

It’s also a pretty simple strategy to start using right away and we’re going to show you 3 steps you can take to start working this magic in your life today.

Practice and repeat – pretty soon, you’ll become an expert at getting everything you want without even saying, “Pretty please.

3 Simple Steps to Get More from Your Sugar Daddy

1. Give Your Sugar Daddy Your Active Attention

Sugar daddies are shrewd businessmen – that’s how they made their money in the first place – and clever businessmen don’t part with their hard-earned wealth unless they feel like they’re receiving something of equal or greater value.

And by “value” – we’re not talking about sex. That’s a rookie mistake. Sex is cheap, easily bought and it doesn’t keep men around – it especially doesn’t keep sugar daddies around.

What does keep men around? Emotional connection. Friendship. Comfortable rapport. To truly endear yourself to your sugar daddy and make him want to spoil you like a princess and treat you like a queen, you need to get in his head and worm your way into his heart. 

You can do this simply by paying attention to your sugar daddy. Find out about his life, listen to him vent about his frustrations or wax poetic about his passions – your job is to discover as much as you can about your sugar daddy in a way that shows him that you’re interested in him as a person (not an ATM).  

This is simple but not as easy as it sounds – like we said, being a successful sugar baby takes hard work 🙂 – but it is highly effective and will demonstrate your value in a way that your sugar daddy can’t help but notice. 

Start paying active attention to your sugar daddy by asking him interesting questions and actively listening to find out things like: What makes him tick? What are his interests and hobbies? What makes him laugh and feel good about himself? What are his values? What are the most important things in his life?

Or even better: What are his secret insecurities? What are his unvoiced fears?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can be that girl that supports his interests, validates his values and crucially – calms his insecurities and fears. If you can master even this one part – congratulations, you’ve just made yourself invaluable to your sugar daddy and he’ll give you anything to keep you happy and by his side.

2. Give Your Sugar Daddy Your Support

Nothing turns off a sugar daddy like a sugar baby who’s constantly stressing him out with the drama of what’s going on in her life. You want to be a source of support to your SD rather than a source of stress – especially since most sugar daddies spend all day taking care of everything and everyone except themselves.

Think of yourself as a beautiful, replenishing oasis amidst his stressful life. You are a refuge, a relief, a very welcome change from his usual busy, work-focused existence.

By not burdening your sugar daddy with your own problems and letting him share some of his emotional and mental burden with you, you’re providing HUGE value – the kind of value that he can’t get anywhere else in his life. This is surefire way to keep your sugar daddy satisfied, grateful and spoiling you for as long as he can.

3. Give Your Sugar Daddy Gifts

Wait…what? Shouldn’t he be giving you gifts?

Yes, of course – but giving him gifts first is one of the most effective ways to get more frequent, more awesome gifts from your sugar daddy.

Know what’s doubly cool? It won’t cost you much.

The kind of gifts you give your sugar daddy don’t have to be expensive or fancy – he’s not expecting that from you at all – you just want to get him little, thoughtful presents that do 3 little things:

  • Show him that you care about him and have been paying attention. He’ll be flattered to receive a thoughtful little gift that makes his life easier or improves his life in some way ’cause it’ll demonstrate that you cared enough to notice and do something about it, even though you didn’t have to. This makes you seem like you went above and beyond your “duties” – aka, providing massive value.
  • Make him think of you often in a happy, grateful way. The best sugar daddy gifts are the ones they’ll use daily – or even several times a day. If it’s also something he loves and/or improves his life in some way, he can’t help but feel happy and grateful to have you in his life every time he sees or uses the gift.
  • Demonstrate he’s special to you and you have a special bond. These are the sorts of gifts that really bond your sugar daddy to you – and basically guarantee that he’ll go above and beyond to provide for you since men instinctively take care of what’s “theirs.”

We’ve put together an awesome collection of sugar daddy gifts that meet the above 3 crucial points – check it out for ideas! All of them are big on thoughtfulness but have a small effect on your wallet 🙂

No matter what the gift – the very act of buying a present for your sugar daddy shows that you’re a giver and appreciate him as a person, not an ATM. That alone will make it “safe” for him to give to you as well – which he will, frequently and generously.

What other simple tactics have you used to increase your sugar daddy’s happiness and gratitude toward you? Let us know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Get More From Your Sugar Daddy…Without Even Asking”

  1. Some great advice here, especially the part about providing value to the shrewd businessmen. I always play a little hard to get but not so hard as they get fed up with my games. You have to know where the line is to give in or pull back. But it creates a great game for me as well. I also agree, sex is cheap, it’s in the art of the seduction that will make him yearn for you forever like yo’ve put a spell on him. Xo G

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