What the Best Sugar Daddies Are Looking For in a Sugar Baby

By Emma


There are several societal misconceptions about the sugar dating dynamic. The most widespread – and perhaps also the most wrong – of these misunderstandings is that sugar daddies are only interested in hot, younger women.

It is true that physical attractiveness is an important component in sugar dating. In fact, it’s an important component in any sort of dating dynamic. In much the same way, many of the same things people find attractive in “normal” dating are considered to be paramount in sugar dating as well.

While the variety of what sugar daddies are looking for varies widely, I’ve found that the majority of the many sugar daddies I’ve had the chance to meet and become acquainted with are looking for similar things in a sugar baby. And “young” and “hot” are rarely stated to be at the top of the list.

Here are what the best sugar daddies say they are mostly looking for in a sugar baby:

1. Discretion

There are many different ways to describe this quality. Discretion relates to privacy, the ability to remain silent about something, and most importantly, the sensibility to know what must remain a secret without the need to be told.

Some sugar daddies are in high profile positions and having their private affairs come into public scrutiny could cost them their jobs, their status in life and even their families (remember Spitzer? and Weiner?).

Even for sugar daddies who own their own business or are autonomous through some other means, the possibility of drama associated with the sugar affair is not something they want to ever deal with.

It’s important for a sugar daddy that he be able to trust his sugar baby. Discretion is an important part of this trust.

2. Safety

Obviously, no sugar daddy wants to be scammed. But concerns of safety extend to other areas as well. A sugar baby should lead a low-risk lifestyle in order to attract a quality sugar daddy.

This means no drugs, no unprotected sex in random fits of promiscuity, and generally staying away from high-risk behavior.

3. Value

This concept is expressed in so many different ways, but it seems to be on every genuine sugar daddy’s list of requirement for a sugar baby.

Sugar daddies did not amass their fortunes by making bad investments so don’t expect him to choose you if you are a bad investment. Sugar daddies want sugar babies who will be able to provide value to their lives. What sort of value a sugar daddy wants varies depending on the sugar daddy, but the important point is that what you provide for him is as important as what he provides for you.

Adding value to someone’s life doesn’t have to be through extravagant gestures. Maybe you make him laugh, perhaps he loves it when you listen to him vent about his work – whatever it is, a successful sugar baby will find out what it is her sugar daddy wants and keep on doing it.

Value is not always something that you have to return to the sugar daddy. Many sugar daddies enjoy being with a sugar baby who is able to take the value that the sugar daddy adds to her life to augment her own life. These are the sugar babies who are going places and already have a clear direction, but just need a little help.

Many quality sugar daddies like to know that they are adding true value to their sugar baby’s life in this way.

How about you? Has your experience as a sugar baby led to any conclusions about what genuine sugar daddies are looking for? Share your insights in the comments!

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