What Kind of Sugar Do You Want: Sprinkles or the Whole Cake?

By Emma


As we’re fond of saying: Sugar babies come in all shapes and sizes. So do sugar daddies.

There are all sorts of sugar daddies out there. Old, young, tall, thin, generous, strict, childlike, wild, conservative – you name it, there’s a sugar daddy who fits the bill.

But in this post, we’re going to be talking about a very specific kind of sugar daddy – one that many of you have probably encountered at least once or twice along your sugar journey.

This is the sugar daddy who likes the idea of having a sugar baby but is a little allergic to the idea of a sugar allowance. He offers gifts, shopping sprees, spa dates, and maybe a little cash here and there but balks at the idea of a regular weekly or monthly allowance.

Yes, we’re talking about the Gift Daddy.

There are quite a few Gift Daddies on most of the sugar dating websites and we know a few sugar babies who have gotten involved with these sugar daddies. We’ve even met a few ourselves.

As such, we thought it was prime time to weigh in on the topic of these mysterious Gift Daddies.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Deconstructing the Gift Daddy

The Gift Daddy is one who offers to “take care of you.” To do that, he takes you shopping. He pays for spa days. He foots the bill when you get your hair done.

But he rarely gives you cash. And a regular, ongoing allowance is something he just won’t go for.

As such, whenever you need something – you need to ask him first. He knows every little thing you spend his money on and controls every minute aspect of your purchases. He even gets to have a say in where you spend your money and on what, since he’ll be there footing the bill.

The Gift Daddy is one who will wine and dine you at the best restaurants – but he gets to be there. He’ll treat you to lovely spas, pedicures, massages, and hair salons – but again, you have to go through him. He’ll gift you jewelry, electronics, purses, and shoes – but again, all goods come from him and at his discretion.

That is the essence of the Gift Daddy. Which brings us to the question…

Is a Gift Daddy Worth Your Time?

A lot of sugar babies get involved with Gift Daddies in the beginning stages of their search. After one or two rejections from Allowance Daddies (aka Real Sugar Daddies), the allure of gifts and little luxuries from Gift Daddies sounds quite nice.

But in our honest opinion – Gift Daddies are a waste of your time.

Here’s why:

1. Fake Sugar

Various sugar babies have various reasons for getting into the sugar game. But all sugar babies can agree on one thing – you want additional money to improve the quality of your life.

Cash allows you to do this. With regular cash, you can pay your bills, splurge on little luxuries of your choice, and most importantly – save some money.

Purses and pedicures come and go but smart sugar babies know that a lump sum of saved cash is the best thing they can do for themselves and their future.

Gift Daddies simply don’t allow this to happen. They “spoil” you by buying you things – but unless those things have great resale value (i.e. Rolex watches, Hermes purses, gold bars), it’s just fake sugar. It’s not providing you with any real wealth. All you’ll have to show for your efforts in the end are some cute clothes and a nice haircut.

And ultimately, without having acquired any real wealth for yourself, you’ll be left with…

2. Sugar Daddy Control

A huge reason why we’re not fans of Gift Daddies is because it really screws up the sugar relationship power dynamic.

Think about it like this: You ask a real sugar daddy for an allowance of $4,000 a month and since you’re a smart and savvy sugar baby, you manage to save 50% of that every month. In six months’ time, you have $12,000 in your savings account – enough for you to survive for half a year without a sugar daddy if you have to. This gives you options – including the option of leaving your sugar daddy if you need to.

A Gift Daddy, on the other hand, never gives you the means to be able to leave him. He holds all the sugar, always. He’ll give you some sprinkles on his terms, but you’ll always be left a little hungry – hungry enough to be continuously dependent on him.

Not a smart road to go down, in our opinion, especially since…

3. A Real Sugar Daddy is a Gift Daddy Too

A Gift Daddy doesn’t give you allowance, only gifts.

A real sugar daddy, on the other hand, gives you allowance and gifts. We have never come across an allowance-giving, genuine sugar daddy who didn’t occasionally take their sugar babies out for luxurious dinners, pamper them with spa dates, and shell out for shopping sprees.

So why settle for sprinkles when you can have the whole cake with sprinkles atop?

Ultimately, Gift Daddies are a colossal waste of your precious time and energy. The time you’re spending to meet, cajole, and please your Gift Daddy could be better spent perfecting your sugar daddy search and dating real potential sugar daddies.

As for those of you currently dating Gift Daddies who are wondering about this question…

Can You Transform a Gift Daddy into a Bona Fide Sugar Daddy?

Gift Daddies, although they’re not providing real sugar, can be real sweethearts. You might’ve grown to really like yours and you don’t want to lose him completely.

In that case, we recommend sitting down with your Gift Daddy and letting him know that while you love being pampered, you’d prefer to have the cash to take care of your affairs.

Make sure that he knows this. You won’t be coming off greedy nor selfish – you’re simply asking for what you want, like he’s asked for what he wants. Always, always remember that the point of a mutually beneficial relationship is that it benefits both parties. If you’re not getting what you want – well, you’re not really benefiting, are you?

Don’t be passive about your needs. You’re entitled to receive your end of the deal.

If he doesn’t want to uphold his part of the bargain – just know that there are sugar daddies out there who will.

For the sugar babies who’ve had a Gift Daddy or two…

What are the pros and cons of dating such daddies?

Are they even worth it?

And most importantly, is it possible to turn a Gift Daddy into a bona fide sugar daddy?

Sugar babies – feel free to dive into the discussion in the comments!

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marababy September 22, 2013

I’ve never had a “gift daddy” but I completely agree with no.3 – a sugar daddy does give you gifts on top of allowance. At least in my experience.


[…] If you’re looking for a set allowance of $x,xxx every month – let your sugar daddy know and do not proceed with the arrangement until he’s clear with the terms. Don’t let yourself get side-tracked by sugar daddies offering only gifts when you’re looking for allowance. […]

Stacy.W June 29, 2015

“gift daddies” are a bunch of cheap time waiters who give real benefactors a bad name!

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