5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Sugar Baby Should Have

By Caitlin


When I first started sugaring, my allowances weren’t as high as they are now so I learned how to stretch my money pretty quickly. After a couple of dates feeling a tad underdressed and just not great about how I looked in general, I decided I needed an upgrade.

The best advice I can give you when you’re starting out is that you need to pick some staple pieces – clothes you can mix and match and wear several times without it actually looking like you’re recycling it! As you can probably guess from the title of this article, there’s 5 staples I think every sugar baby should have.

Black Trousers

I’d personally recommend some cigarette pants although feel free to find a style to fit your body type. You can get inexpensive pairs on websites like Asos and Missguided that definitely don’t look cheap. They’re way classier than jeans or leggings and they’re super flattering on any shape.

You can dress them up with a cute blouse or a fitted jumper but they’re still easy to dress down with a cute tank! Either way you’ll look sophisticated and sexy.

Black (Strappy) Heels

This might be an obvious one but if you don’t already have a killer pair of black heels, now is the time to invest. I’d recommend a pair of strappy, barely there heels. I got my first pair from Public Desire for less than $40, and they’re a dead ringer for a YSL pair more than ten times the price! They go with absolutely everything and who doesn’t feel ten times sexier in a pair of great heels.

Editor’s Tip: If you’d prefer to have a pair of couture heels to start your sugar journey in but don’t have the funds – try The Real Real. It’s an online consignment shop with a huge array of couture shoes that are in great condition and clean. You should be able to scoop up a pair of beauties for, like $100.

Blue Jeans

A really great pair of blue jeans should be a staple in any girl’s wardrobe but you definitely need them entering into the sugar world. A lot of dates you go on will be in restaurants but there will also be times when you’re going on more casual dates, like the movies or my favorite – shopping trips!

I’ve always found that Topshop has really great options for every body size and you’ll usually pay between fifty and sixty dollars. You can pick anything from low slung to high waisted, zips, buttons, even lacy detailing on some pairs. You can dress them up with your killer black heels or throw on a pair of sandals or trainers for a more casual look.

Black Skirt

I know, I know – black again but I promise they’re always the best buys at first as they’re so easy to pair up without actually looking like you’re repeating your outfits over and over again! A plain black skirt will also only set you back around fifteen to twenty dollars and can be picked up from stores like Forever 21 or H&M.

My current staple is a stunning black suede mini skirt – a gift from my sugar daddy during a shopping trip in Texas! Again, a skirt like this can be dressed up in no time – think a tight black tank and strappy black heels for dinner dates. However, it’s always easy to dress down- throw on a pair of cute sandals for daytime lunch dates.

Little (Not Necessarily) Black Dress

The final staple I would recommend having if you’re in the sugar world is a killer dress. The ‘all black’ rule can well and truly be thrown out the window for this one!

The only rule is that this dress should be a showstopper – something you feel super confident in and definitely something that will have all eyes on you. Think thigh skimming, spaghetti straps and form fitting.

As we all know, men are very visual so I usually go for colors like red or blue. Bright colors that grab attention and really show off your figure are probably best although if you’re more comfortable in a more low key color like black, you can never go wrong with a great LBD.

I went straight to websites like Missguided, Asos and Pretty Little Things. They have an absolutely huge selection and again, there’s something to fit every body shape. There’s also constant new stock coming in so be sure to check out the ‘sale’ sections.

As I got more experienced sugaring, my allowances got higher and I started to go on shopping trips with the sugar daddies I was seeing. Because of this, my wardrobe obviously did improve but even now, I’d never be without these five staples.

The most beautiful girls are the most confident ones so find some really great pieces that complement your body and you’ll be looking and feeling like a rockstar in no time!

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Aly, aka The Travelholic Sugar Babe. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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