The Secret to Being a Successful Sugar Baby

Every successful sugar baby has her own style, her own way of spicing things up and keeping her sugar daddy hooked.

We all have our own unique way of wearing things, doing things, saying things that suit us but when you get down to the root of what makes certain sugar babies so successful at sugar dating, you find they all hold something in common.

They all know the secret to sugar baby success.

The secret is a simple one: Successful sugar babies know exactly the unique value(s) they provide to their sugar daddies and they become as awesome as possible at providing that value.

The best sugar babies are, in essence, businesswomen (or men) who are able to identify a need in their sugar daddy. This requires the ability to read between the lines (he might not even know what it is he needs) and pick up on subtle cues in his behavior and personality to gauge what he needs the most from you.

Hint: Contrary to popular belief, it’s usually not sexual.

Once the need(s) has been identified, the best sugar babies are the ones who outdo themselves in staying attentive to their sugar daddies’ needs.

It’s a simple secret, but it does take a bit of practice to perfect.

The technique, if it can be called as such, consists of just two parts. Practice the parts and weave them together in flawless unison and you hold the key to sugar baby success.

Part #1. Understand What Your Sugar Daddy Needs

The first part of the equation requires that you think like a giver, rather than a taker. When you shift your attention to assessing what it is that he needs, you will automatically be able to pick up on aspects of his character and desires.

You’ll be able to sense if he feels overwhelmed by work, whether he simply needs someone to take care of him for once in his life, or that what he wants the most is some completely stress-free, fun times with someone who loves the fact that she’s enhancing his life.

You’ll be able to pick up on his secret desires and what makes him tick. Does he love it when you make him feel like a knight in shining armor? Or maybe he adores a woman who can put him in his place? Maybe he has a thing for taboo and breaking societal conventions?

Whatever it is that he desires most in a sugar relationship – whether explicitly stated or not – will become more obvious to you the more attention you pay to him.

Part #2. Know Yourself

The second part of putting this secret into practice concerns shifting the attention to you. It requires you to think about your unique qualities – what make you you? Why do people like to be around you? What do your friends see in you? What are you especially good at? Are you funny? A patient listener? Broad-minded? Introspective? Outrageous and crazy fun to be around? Find out what sort of sugar baby you are!

Whatever it is, you want to be able to determine how your unique qualities can be used to meet the needs of your sugar daddy. Once you hit that sweet spot – the place where you can gratify your sugar daddy’s needs simply by doing what you do best – you’ve just landed yourself a spot at the successful sugar baby table.

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