The Hunt Begins: How to Find a Sugar Daddy in 6 Simple Steps

By Caitlin


There are plenty of sugar daddies out there, but finding the perfect one for you can be a pretty arduous search. Here are some tips to help you snag the perfect sugar daddy in 6 simple steps.

Step #1. Get organized

Organization is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of finding a sugar daddy, but it is oh, so important. You see, the hunt for the ideal sugar daddy can be time-consuming and frustrating. Or it can be easy-breezy and fun. The difference? Organization.

Once you begin your search, you’ll most likely be inundated with emails and new potential sugar daddies and it is imperative that you remember who is who and who seems promising.

As silly as it may seem, this is best handled with something like a simple Excel spreadsheet (find an example of what we use here). Jot down the names, ages, where you met them, plus a little ‘notes’ section for all potential sugar daddies you interact with. This is particularly helpful because when you are first searching, you want to cast as wide a net as possible and then go narrow with the best options. If you’re not actively organized, you’ll let most of the good fish slip away simply ’cause you won’t be able to keep track of who’s who.

Not to mention, there is no bigger mistake you can make in the beginning than confusing one potential sugar daddy with another…

A simple spreadsheet will help you keep track of the most promising potentials and not waste your time. Check out our example sugar daddy spreadsheet to get your started 🙂

Step 2. Craft catchy e-mails

If you want to catch your ideal sugar daddy, you’re going to have to do the searching. Don’t just choose from the pool of men contacting you – figure out what it is you want and go find him! When you do find some that appeal to you, go ahead and write them first.

On most of the sugar dating websites, the men are outnumbered by the women and they receive tons of emails per day so make sure your email sticks out. Humor is the best way to go. If you can make him laugh, you’ll probably be the one he’s taking out to dinner.

Stay way from standard e-mails such as “I like your profile. I like fine dining too!” and ask questions and make jokes about things that are specific to his profile. Be cheeky. Be friendly. Just don’t be boring.

Tip: Check out some good advertising copy for examples of catchy writing. Seriously, it helps.

Step #3. Have a phone conversation

E-mails are not the best way of assessing personality and establishing connection. It’s best to talk to a potential sugar daddy one-on-one, preferably via telephone.

Even though it can be more time consuming than simply sending an e-mail, there’s no better way to instantly establish rapport and connection as well as to ascertain if this is something that might work. There’s nothing worse than getting all dolled up and sitting through dinner with someone you belatedly realize you can’t stand.

Step #4. Do Your Research

You should already have their phone number and if they call you, their name should come up on your caller ID. Do a reverse phone check. You can find out their full name (to do further Google research with, my dear), if they own property, if they have a family, etc.

Do a general Google check to find out more about their background and sugar daddy stats. This is seriously helpful. You’ll be able to instantly find out if a potential sugar daddy is using a fake name or is employed in a position that can not possibly afford a sugar baby allowance.

A little research can save you a lot of time.

Step #5. Weed and Tend

You’ve cast a wide net and reeled in a lot of fish. You’ve kept track of all of them with the aid of your trusty spreadsheet. You’ve chatted with and researched the lot of them.

Now, it’s time for a little gardening.

Start by weeding out the undesirables – your deal breakers and others who display fake sugar daddy tendencies. And then start focusing most of your attention on the ones leftover, the ones that seem most promising.

Check out the signs of a fake sugar daddy here and a cool little test you can do to make sure a potential is worth your time!

Step #6. The First Date

Ah, the very first meeting with a potential sugar daddy. So full of possibilities, so laden with expectations.

Not to put more pressure on you, but the first date is important with a capital I. And you want to get as good as you possibly can at mastering the art of the first sugar date.

To do this? Plan to line up as many of these as possible with the sugar daddies who seem promising. After all, practice does make perfect. And of course, check out our tips on the perfect first sugar date!

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