A 5 Point Sugar Baby Checklist for High End Restaurants and Formal Affairs

By Caitlin


When you’re first starting out as a sugar baby, you’re most likely not accustomed to going to upscale restaurants, balls, and fancy parties regularly.

So when your sugar daddy invites you to a formal event, you feel both excitement and a heap of anxiety. What are you going to wear? What will you talk about? How are you supposed to behave? Lots of questions, even more Google-ing, and a lot of wishing that you had friends you could ask about these things.

No worries – we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips on how to present yourself!

Dress for the occasion

Surprisingly, this is a rule that’s broken all the time.

If your sugar daddy is taking you to an upscale restaurant, dress appropriately. Dig out your classy dresses and find dainty jewelry, because eyes will be on you. Avoid showing excess cleavage, dresses that are too short, or dresses that you could show up to the club in. If you’re unsure, go with a plain dress that isn’t too flashy, simplicity makes a statement too! Complete your outfit with a heel no taller than four inches and a little bling.

If your sugar daddy is taking you to a gala or any other high class event where you’ll be meeting people, dress to impress. Overdressing is always better than underdressing.

Always wear heels to events like these, unless you’re too tall (opt for some clean flats). Jewelry should look expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost you much. Just shy away from tacky studs and over-the-top pieces.

Sugar tip: If your sugar daddy has invited you to an event that requires a dress code out of your normal budget – kindly inform him you’d be delighted to join him but you have nothing appropriate and would love to get something that he’d love to see you in.

Learn the art of small talk

This only applies when you’re meeting other people with your sugar daddy, because you don’t want to do this with him; you want to get to know him better!

Small talk is an essential skill, and there’s a sweet spot to hit. You’ll want to make meaningful small talk to make it seem like you’re actually interested in who you’re talking to, so ask about them and try to not talk about your surroundings or yourself too much.

Start out by asking how their day went, or how they’re enjoying the food, but transition into asking them questions about themselves (“What do you do?”) or for advice (“I wish I could learn more about the stock market. Are there any tips you could give to a beginner?”).

Genuinely listen to other people have to say and pay attention to both your body language and theirs! You’ll want to smile and face them completely.

The number one thing to avoid? Checking your phone while they’re talking! It’s rude and makes you and your sugar daddy look bad, and that’s the last thing you want.

Master a handshake

This one’s pretty simple. It’s pretty useful to have a good handshake down pat. Practice with friends and family!

First, you’ll want to make sure your hands are clean. If you have oil or food remnants on your hand, politely excuse yourself for having messy hands and wipe them with a napkin, or if none are available, apologize and greet them the same way.

If your hands are sweaty, try to discreetly wipe them on your clothes. To start, to grip the person’s hand firmly, but don’t squeeze their fingers together.

Make proper eye contact and smile, then give it one or two shakes. Your first impression is the most important, so don’t mess this part up!

Don’t drink too much

Know your own limits. If your sugar daddy orders some wine at dinner, it’s okay to take one or two sips, but unless you’re experienced with wine and know exactly how much you can take, do not drain the glass quickly.

Dinners usually last an hour up to a few hours, especially at upscale places, so it’s okay to space out the sips throughout the night.

For events, try to not drink at all. If someone offers you a glass of champagne, you can easily say that you’re trying to cut out alcohol from your diet completely. They should respect your decisions.

A sugar baby who gets too drunk slips up more easily, and you could say the wrong thing in front of your sugar daddy (or his friends!!).

Keep your language sophisticated

This should be practiced around all sugar daddies, not just at events. Don’t swear, use slang, or other crude language. Instead of saying, “Oh yeah! I want the salmon dinner”, say, “Yes, I’d like the salmon dinner, please!”.

Small things like this add up to a great sugar baby that’ll give reason to your daddy to take you out again.

What other things are important to remember when going out with a sugar daddy? Leave your ideas below!

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Candice, aka The Bay Area Sugar Baby. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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