How to Spoil Your Sugar Daddy: 3 Easy Tips to Find the Perfect Gift

By Caitlin


Babies, you’ve been with your sugar daddy for quite some time now and you feel fantastic about being spoiled by him whether it be gifts, dinners or spontaneous trips but from time to time daddies like to be spoiled too!

If you’re asking “What’s the point of getting him gifts if he can already afford them?” – even though your SD can get whatever he likes on his own, spoiling him with gifts from time to time keeps the arrangement exciting. Plus, the element of surprise will make him happy and see how thoughtful you are.

Sugar daddies are also truly busy people and just because they can afford the finer things in life, it doesn’t mean they always get around to it. Many a sugar daddy just doesn’t have the time to browse tech websites for the latest gadgets or peruse magazines for novelty items they’d love.

If you thoughtfully pick up something they didn’t even know they needed, it becomes a lovely way to surprise them and make them think of you in gratitude every time they see or use your thoughtful gift!

Not to mention, spoiling prompts reciprocal spoiling so it’s not entirely an altruistic thing to do. You just may get some gifts and goodies yourself out of the process 😉

So how do you go about spoiling a “man who has everything?” Here are some tips and tricks!

Dig into his interests

What does he like to do for fun? Hobbies, interests? It doesn’t have to be a piece of fancy jewellery to show your appreciation, pay attention to little details when he tells you stories.

Did he say he played a sport or wanted to get into a sport? Maybe there’s a golf club he wants to upgrade to or maybe he wanted to pick up on badminton and now’s the chance for you to get him a nice racquet.

If he loves TC/movies or favors a certain actor, get him a box set of the series, DVDs of his favorite actor he’s mentioned, with some searching online you can come across some signed memorabilia or props from the set too.

Does he have a favorite sports team he always cheers for? There’s an endless amount of merchandise dedicated to any big team out there (trust me I’ve looked) if you’re thinking about it, some online website can plaster a logo on it.

Find out what team(s) he enjoys and search around on websites of what would fit his lifestyle. Does he need a new coffee tumbler? A big team flag for his office? A toaster that imprints the teams logo? The possibilities are endless – and these gifts accommodate every price range.

Date ideas

While spoiling him, you can sometimes spoil yourself as well! You’ve probably had times where both of you two have spoke about a common interest and said “We should do that one day!” well now’s the time.

Was there a band he mentioned that he would like to see live? A sports team he’d love to see a home game with? Go together and surprise him with the best seats in the house!

Does he have an adventurous soul? My SD definitely does, we’ve talked about going to Six Flags and skydiving as our next dates. If he’s one for adventure, surprise him with some park passes or something adrenaline filled like bungee jumping.

Maybe you and your SD are a little more laid back and there’s nothing wrong with that. Next time you guys go on a dinner date, offer to pay for dinner and if he insists on paying, don’t fight it but offer to buy a nice bottle of wine for you two to share.

Work, work, work

We all know your SD is hard at work all the time so showing that you’re interested in what he does shows your appreciation as well. Think about his business and travel needs.

Something as simple as a new designer wallet, briefcase, or laptop case could be perfect for your SD. And depending on his style and what he typically wears to work, cufflinks, a tie, or even new dress shoes could be a great gift.

Another option is suitcase sets for a traveling sugar daddy.

The possibilities are endless, I hope this article helps or at least sparked some ideas on spoiling your SD’s. Remember your daddies enjoy being spoiled just as much as you do!

Want more specific – and unique – gift ideas for the man who has it all?

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Noelle, aka The Different One. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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