Q&A: How Much Should I Set as My Allowance Expectation?

“I’m a new sugar baby and confused about how to talk about allowance. I really want a sugar daddy who can give me a monthly allowance of at least $3K but I’d love to get more than that! My problem is that I have a profile on SeekingArrangement and I don’t know what to put as my “Expection.” I don’t want to put too little or too much so I have it as ‘Negotiable’ right now but I am getting contacted by sugar daddies who end up offering waaaaay too little. How do I put the right amount?”

Okay, great question! First of all – kudos to picking one of the best sugar daddy websites out there. One thing we especially love about SeekingArrangement is the fact that you can state your allowance expectation right on your profile.

Here are the choices:

  • Negotiable: Openly negotiable to any amount
  • Minimal: Up to $1,000 monthly
  • Practical: Up to $3,000 monthly
  • Moderate: Up to $5,000 monthly
  • Substantial: Up to $10,000 monthly
  • High: More than $10,000 monthly

A lot of sugar babies choose the “Negotiable” option because, well, it’s the easiest. You figure that it’ll give a wide range of sugar daddies the incentive to contact you (more potential sugar daddies to choose from!) and once you’ve met up with a sugar daddy or two – you can negotiate the actual price you want.

And that’s all true – setting your allowance expectation as “Negotiable” does result in more sugar daddy interest. But that’s both a pro and a con.

You see, you’re not trying to open yourself to each and every potential sugar daddy on the market. No no – you’re trying to find a sugar daddy who’s willing and able to give you the allowance you want. 

Your time is limited and it should be spent pursuing the sugar daddies who are going to be able to afford you in the first place.

So get rid of the “Negotiable” and instead, state your expected allowance as one range higher than what you want. You say you want an allowance of at least $3K, so state “Moderate” (up to $5,000 monthly) as your expectation.

That way, you’re not limiting yourself to $3K nor cutting off potential sugar daddies who can provide an allowance of say, $4K, from contacting you.

Another reason the “Negotiable” is not a good option is that most sugar babies are seriously uncomfortable talking about money. If you’re a sugar baby who’s mastered the art of negotiation and can talk cash with a sugar daddy without batting an eyelid – “Negotiable” might work for you. But if the thought of discussing your allowance with a relative stranger makes you squirm uncomfortably – it’s much better to state a clearer picture of what you want.

It allows you to immediately weed out the sugar daddies who’re unable to provide within your range and you get to know that the men who are contacting you and responding to you are comfortable with the allowance you’ve stated. Win-win.

Seeking Arrangements is one of the most popular sugar dating websites but it’s certainly not the only one. Check out our reviews for the best sugar daddy websites!

9 thoughts on “Q&A: How Much Should I Set as My Allowance Expectation?”

  1. As a SugarDaddy, I can tell you, your advice is completely wrong. If a girl wants $3k but says $5k, she will get ignored by an SD that can afford only $4k. It is obvious that a SB will take MORE, so the allowance expectation should be a Minimum, and I would recommend that the website change to reflect that. Not only am I an SD, but I also have an MBA focused on marketing and a BA in Psychology.

  2. I don’t see where I can add my expected allowance on Seeking Arrangements. This would be very helpful to include. For legal reasons I don’t want to discuss compensation. Please help.

  3. I agree w / David . What I’m willing to provide will be directly proportional to what my SB is willing to provide .

    This bullshit you are filling woman’s heads with is clearly written by a woman who thinks her
    S**t don’t stink and she will look 18 and fresh forever or a 300 pounder with a man hating attitude.or better yet a true poser without a clue .

    Girls it Makes no difference if you agree with this or not the simple fact is this , SD’s have the advantage in every aspect.. We have the means , We have our standards and never settle for less, and We have a fresh young crop coming of age every single year willing to provide what we desire .


  4. Question. I am very new to sugar dating. I just found an amazing guy as a PSD. However, I work part time and get SSDI, and I have a rep payee who pays all of my bills. I put negotiable on my Seeking Arrangements profile, but I am curious as to how much to ask for in allowance. What would you recommend?

  5. I don’t understand why you suspend my account for talking about money expectations when this is so clearly the point of the site?


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