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Millionaire Match Review: Don’t Sign Up Until You Read This

Don’t want to read this long and in-depth Millionaire Match review? Cool, we can condense this entire site into one sentence: quality over quantity.

That sums up exactly what you’ll find on Millionaire Match.

It’s not for everyone. But if you’re a smart sugar baby, you know that the key to success is to cast a wide net. And also to not fish where everyone else is fishing. Dating is hugely a numbers game. So the more access you have to quality men, the better your chances of getting into an arrangement with one.

Here is exactly why this may be one of the most underrated sites to do just that.

What is Millionaire Match?

Millionaire Match isn’t just another sugar daddy website. In fact, it’s not a sugar daddy website at all.

Instead, it’s a luxury dating website that caters exclusively to a high-end clientele seeking attractive partners. Anyone can join the site but to be verified, you need to prove that you’re earning over $300k a year.

As you can imagine, that automatically cuts down the pool of available matches. Which is why it’s strange that there are Millionaire Match reviews complaining that there isn’t a huge pool of members. Well, how many people do you think earn $300k per year?

But that’s the point of this luxury dating website. It’s not open to everyone. There are stringent requirements. The result is that it has a small, exclusive pool of members. But the members that do make the cut? They’re going to be top notch.




BEST IF YOU LIVE IN: United States, Australia, the United Kingdom

GENDER RATIO: 1 male to 1 female

PRICE: Starts at $35/month for a 6-month membership

WHO’S ON Millionaire Match?

Millionaire Match is the first millionaire dating site, launched all the way back in 2001. Since its inception, its members have included doctors, CEOs, lawyers, celebrities and models, and so on.

As a pioneer in the luxury dating niche, it’s attracted a lot of attention. It’s been featured on the whole alphabet soup of media outlets: CNN, ABC, CBS, and it’s been voted “Best of the Web” by Forbes.com.

As a result of all the media attention – and the fact that they’ve been established for decades – Millionaire Match currently boasts over 5 million high quality members.

So who are they? Well, whereas professions, lifestyles, and personalities may differ, what we know for sure is that Millionaire Match has the majority of their member base in English-speaking countries, with 4 of the top 5 countries with the most visitors being the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

If you live in any of those countries, you’re going to meet a lot more potential matches as opposed to if you live in, say Argentina.

Here are more specifics about the member base you’ll find on Millionaire Match:

Developed countries

It’s no coincidence that the majority of Millionaire Match’s site visits are from countries like the US and UK – this luxury dating site only serves developed countries. Its primary member base is in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany.

Heterosexual relationships

Another thing you should know about Millionaire Match is that it currently only caters to heterosexual relationships. So every member on this site is either a wealthy man looking for attractive women or an attractive woman looking for wealthy men.

Men vs Women

And that brings us to the most important thing about this site – Millionaire Match has one of the most equal gender ratios out of all the rich men dating websites.

Because both men and women pay the same amount for premium services, the member base is more…equal. This is one of the main reasons why we think it’s a great site for sugar babies to find sugar daddies since you are not dealing with the intense level of competition that’s present on most sugar daddy websites.

HOW MUCH DOES Millionaire Match COST?

Signing up for the website is free but to access the premium features – aka actually get the full functionality of the website – you need a paid membership.

Here are the costs:

  • $70 for 1 month
  • $45/month for 3 months
  • $35/month for 6 months

As you can see, the longer you sign up for, the more affordable it gets. The payment is taken in one go.

Is Millionaire Match Worth It?

Millionaire Match has a member base that’s exclusive, verified, and tend to be looking for something more long-term and serious. So is it worth it for sugar daddies and babies?

Here’s what we think.

Millionaire Match for Wealthy Members

The first thing you should know about Millionaire Match is that the attractive members who are on the site have paid to be there. To take security even further, attractive women are also verified – either with a recorded selfie video or by uploading a government-issued ID.

Thanks to this, there is a noticeable lack of fake profiles, bots, or even scammers you’ll have to deal with.

But the best part is that this website gives you access to a pool of exclusive, very attractive women – think models, fitness influencers, as well as just generally beautiful women who are looking for a wealthy, established partner.

For celebrities and public figures, Millionaire Match provides special access to protect your identity. They also offer VIP membership that offers a sort of online dating concierge service – everything from profile creation to personal matchmaking.

Millionaire Match for Attractive Members

Millionaire Match is one of the most underrated sites. And the fact that is charges attractive members for membership is a deterrent for some. But this is actually a benefit. While most luxury dating sites have massive competition from other women, you’re operating from a much less stressful 1-to-1 ratio here.

And the quality of the men are second-to-none. It’s called Millionaire Match for a reason, after all – the men on the site are established, wealthy, and serious about pursuing a suitable arrangement. Many of the members have verified their income as well so you know the matches you are getting are legitimate.

That being said, we wouldn’t recommend this site if you’re looking for a short-term fling. The men here seem to be more relationship-minded. So if you’re looking for wealthy, successful men for a more serious arrangement or even marriage, this is the place to head.

MillionaireMatch.com - the best millionaire dating site for sexy, successful singles!

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