How to Snag a Sugar Daddy and Keep Him Hooked On You

By Caitlin


“Oh I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece, I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece, Hi-dee-ho, here I go, Lookin’ for my missin’ piece.”

Bet you never thought you’d find a Shel Silverstein poem on a sugar dating blog 🙂

But this poem epitomizes the shortcut to snagging a sugar daddy and keeping him hooked on you for as long as you want.

How do you do it?

It’s simple: You gotta find his missing piece…and become it.

There’s a reason people do things, like sign up for a sugar daddy website. A sugar baby might be motivated by money, career goals, or the desire to be loved and taken care of. What sort of sugar baby are you? Find out here!

A sugar daddy might be looking for excitement, a partner-in-crime, wild nights, a guilt-free girlfriend experience, a non-judgmental partner to let loose with, youthful exuberance and energy to make him feel young again, or someone to love and take care of.

Whatever it is – one thing is for sure: there’s something the sugar daddy doesn’t have that he wants and is willing to pay to have in his life.

Your job as a sugar baby is to uncover what piece is missing from his life and if and how you can best fill that void.

Here’s a personal example. One of my longest sugar relationships was with a workaholic entrepreneur. He worked all the time – to the point where even when he wasn’t actually working, he was still thinking about work. There was no such thing as weekends for this sugar daddy. He didn’t have time for hobbies and he didn’t see the point of socializing.

So ‘though he was a great catch – single with no kids, fairly young (late 30s), quite cute, wealthy and with a sweet, considerate personality – he hadn’t had an actual relationship for several years.

His reasoning was that he wanted to date a certain caliber of women: sweet, funny, smart and cultured. But he knew that work was always going to come first and he would inevitably end up canceling dinners, forgetting anniversaries, and generally being unavailable to do all the stuff that couples do. Which would lead to guilt trips and fighting or the women leaving him to find someone who had time for an actual relationship.

So while he didn’t love the drama of the typical relationship, he missed having a relationship with someone he was into.

His missing piece? An obligation-free, guilt-free, must-do-couple-stuff-free “girlfriend” who never made him feel bad about his workaholic habits, never needed any attention he couldn’t provide (he was much more willing to part with his money than his time), didn’t stress him about commitment and would be ready and willing when he wanted to have some fun.

Once I realized this – and knew that it was the perfect arrangement for my personality type as well – I knew what I had to do to be the kind of sugar baby that he’d do anything to keep around.

So when you first begin interacting with a potential sugar daddy, keep your eyes and ears open to what his missing piece could be. Most of these men are over-worked and under-entertained.

Find out what he most craves, what he’s most starving for – and give it to him. He’ll not only agree to your desired allowance, but he’ll be hooked on you for as long as you’re the one who’s fulfilling his missing piece.

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