How to Find a Sugar Daddy in Real Life

By Caitlin


It’s never been easier for a sugar baby to snag herself a wealthy sugar daddy. There are sugar daddy websites and matchmaking services galore – most of which are free for sugar babies – that will match you up with income-verified daddies in your area and take much of the pain out of the initial search.

Still, you don’t want to spend all of your time online and why not utilize your mingling hours to scoop up a potential sugar daddy or three? If you’d prefer to take your game on the road – while your profile does the online baiting – here are the best ways to find a sugar daddy in real life.

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1. Make friends with his friends

Mingling with the crowds that your future sugar daddy belongs to is a surefire way to meet and befriend a range of potential sugar daddies.

Don’t be shy about asking around if any of your friends are dating someone who might be in sugar daddy range and asking for introductions to some of his friends. Even if you don’t instantly meet a sugar daddy this way, it’s a great way to network and improve your chances of meeting the perfect sugar daddy.

Not to mention, you’ll pick up tips on what potential sugar daddies are looking for…

2. Hit up hotel lounges and bask by their pools

Scoop out the best hotels in your areas – the ones that cater to traveling executives and vacationing tycoons. Dress up, grab a friend (or go on your own), grab a drink and relax by the pool while you scope out potential sugar daddies nearby.

Don’t have free daytime hours? Grab a girlfriend or two – keep the group small and intimate so you’ll be less intimidating to approach – and make yourself available for conversation by the bar.

3. Treat yourself to first class tickets

You can usually upgrade to first class for a little over $100 on domestic flights, which also gets you access to the first class lounge. Be sure to arrive early so you can hang out in the lounge and casually chat with fellow travelers.

Airports are also a great way to meet people since most businessmen are traveling alone and don’t have anything particularly interesting or pressing to distract them.

4. Give back

You probably have a lot to be grateful for. Why not share your good fortune with those who are less fortunate? That’s what many quality sugar daddies do. Volunteering is a great way to give back, feel awesome about yourself, help others, and meet potential sugar daddies.

You’ll also gain access to a variety of local charity events and mixers which will help expand your social circle and actively interact with many potential sugar daddies.

5. Shop where he shops

Every metro area has a swanky part of town that caters to affluent locals and wealthy tourists. Even though you can’t afford the price tags of the stores in the area, why not window shop around (for both handbags and potential sugar daddies) and enjoy an iced beverage in one of the cafes nearby?

Stick to these upscale neighborhoods even when you’re out and about doing your everyday chores – hanging out in the same areas that potential sugar daddies do will increase your chances of meeting them.

Making sure you visit the same joints and venues that sugar daddies do is a fantastic way to increase your chances of meeting a sugar daddy in real life. That said, the absolute best way to snag yourself a sugar daddy isĀ online. Why?

Because many sugar daddies may enjoy the joints and activities mentioned above, but might simply be too busy to frequent them.

Also, many gentlemen may be very interested in a sugar relationship but feel more comfortable approaching the topic in a setting that caters exclusively to ladies who he knows are interested in such an arrangement.

From the potential sugar daddy’s point-of-view, it’s much less intimidating to spring on offer on a woman he knows would be interested in the offer than a beautiful woman he’s just met at a lounge or charity event.

It never hurts to extend your sugar daddy search to real life joints and venues, but always remember to keep your sugar dating profiles updated and well-kept.

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