How to Find a Sugar Daddy Fast: 3 Things To Do For Quicker Results

By Emma


You don’t just want a sugar daddy, you want to know how to find a sugar daddy fast. After all, you’ve got bills to pay, sales to take advantage of and student loans due. Well, get ready to roll up your sleeves and splash into the sugar world.

It’s not going to be easy – if it was, everyone would have a sugar daddy – and yes, it does take work.

And it usually takes quite a bit of time. For more new sugar babies, it takes at least around a month to find a sugar daddy. But if you’re smart, strategic and persistent, you’ll up your chances of finding a sugar daddy faster! Here’s what to do…

It’s a numbers game

It’s a sugar baby truth that too many newbies aren’t aware of: the more sugar daddies you have access to, the better odds of finding the perfect sugar arrangement.

So here’s what you’re going to do: you’re going to pad out your profile to make it the most enticing thing ever and then register for as many sugar daddy sites as you can handle. It doesn’t take any more effort since you can post the same profile and pictures to every site.

Remember that most of these sites are free for sugar babies while sugar daddies have to pay for them. Because of this, most sugar daddies will only register for one site. By signing up for at least 3 sites, you get access to 3x the number of sugar daddies.

Persistence pays off

Sugar dating seems super easy at first – you find the best sugar daddy sites, you sign up, upload some pictures and presto! you’re a sugar baby!

Except it doesn’t work that way. How it usually goes is more like this: you find the best sugar daddy sites, you sign up, upload some pictures and then begin the often arduous process of weeding through the rush of messages you get when you first sign up – and your profile is featured since you’re a new member – as well as screening through profiles of sugar daddies in your area and thinking of cute, personable messages to write to them.

And then there are the sugar dates – be prepared to go a lot of them until you meet someone you have chemistry with. The good news is they’re free for you. The bad news is they’re time consuming.

The best news is that even if most sugar dates don’t end with the sugar arrangement of your dreams, you will get sugar from some of them. We’ve had sugar daddies bring us gifts and even cash on the dates so make sure you’re doing everything you can to stock up on as many of these as possible.

Another option you can use is to choose a pay-by-date site like What’s Your Price which allows sugar daddies to take you out for a paid date – it’s not an arrangement, sure, but it can lead to one and it does allow you to make money quick when you’re in a rush.

Most importantly, don’t give up just because you’re a few days in and haven’t met the sugar daddy of your dreams. Keep searching, contacting and dating! Which brings us to…

Take an active approach

Of course, in order to meet the sugar daddy of your dreams – lying around and hoping the perfect catch comes to nibble on your profile is not the best strategy. Actually, it’s a crap strategy since there are many more sugar babies out there than there are sugar daddies.

Plus, sugar daddies don’t have tons of time on their hands so don’t expect them to be endlessly rummaging through sugar baby profiles to find the diamond in the rough – you.

Instead, get read to roll up your sleeves and put in some serious work. That means messaging a lot of sugar daddies every day. That means doing pre-screening phone calls. That means going on a lot of sugar dates.

The good news is, we’ve got you covered on all these departments, here are some articles to read up on:

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cassie December 31, 2016

Hi, Any tips on writing an enticing profile, headline, description? Thanks Cass

    Lily July 22, 2020

    Yea, an article on profile writing will be great, thanks Lily

Velda brown November 5, 2017

I’m 51 n i want a man that is very weathy. I ‘m also interested in someone who is sensible, a gentleman, sense of humor, honest and doesnt believe a woman belongs in the kitchen and bedroom. Mayb i’m asking too much. I guess i won’t know until i try.

Mwaba November 13, 2017

I need a sugar daddy am from Zambia

Tatiana March 6, 2018

Hi I’m 30 I’m looking for a sugar daddy who’s up for fun times someone who will pamper me someone who will really spend his money

Tatiana March 6, 2018

Hi I’m 30 I’m looking for a sugar daddy who’s up for fun times someone who will pamper me someone who will really spend his money on me

swanky May 27, 2018

hi, am 27years n I want a sugar daddy who is wealthy, romantic, since of humor, honest sensible, caring as well, I also want a man who who respects a woman and pamper me

shekinah April 16, 2019

I’m 31 years I’m looking for a sugar daddy ASAP

Sally November 3, 2020

Am 25years am a Zambian am looking for a sugar daddy who can just put food on my table and pay my Bill’s and I will make him never regret ever choosing me

Kelly Patrick December 27, 2021

I am 48 and I am looking for a wealthy man that would like to make love, let me pamper them, cook for them etc…. I have a lot to offer but haven’t found a guy that ticks all of my boxes. I have decided to stop looking for that guy and just have fun with life. I am tired of being disappointed and tired of always being alone. Please let me show you some love.

Sweetha August 21, 2022

I need money urgently for my daddy …i need sugar daddy immediate And I’m from Malaysia I’m 18 old

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