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The Secret to Gay Sugar Baby Success. Hint: It’s Not What You Think

There are thousands of gay sugar daddies out there – hundreds of thousands, actually, if you’re on SeekingArrangement. So with such a large population of gay members on sugar daddy sites, you’re bound to find one, right?

Not exactly.

You see, sugar daddy sites are rife with sugar daddies…and massive competition from sugar babies. It’s mostly intentional, which is why many of the sugar daddy sites are free for sugar babies while the daddies have to pay.

This ensure that there’s a constant, endless stream of sugar babies to choose from. It’s sort of like “Ladies’ nights” where girls get in free in order to attract the paying guys who are only there for the girls.

Here’s a quick example of how the stats stack up in your favor if you’re a sugar daddy or against your favor if you’re a sugar baby: One of the most popular sugar dating sites – Sugar Daddy for Me – boasts a gay sugar member base of over 80,000. Of those, the daddy member base is only over 13,000.

The result? There are many, many more sugar babies out there who all want the same thing as you – a gay sugar daddy. And they’re all competing for a limited selection.

So how do you beat the competition and get what you want: a gay sugar daddy?

Here’s the secret…and it doesn’t involve your looks. Of course, it helps if you’re good looking but in this game, it doesn’t really matter how gorgeous you are – there are hordes of adorable sugar babies.

It doesn’t matter how fun you are – there are multitudes of sugar babies who all claim to be fun. What does matter in whether you will be successful in sugar dating or not is simple: Can you find the gay sugar daddy for you?

Every sugar baby has his own standards for what he’s looking for in a sugar daddy. What may work for another sugar baby may not work for you. The trick is finding yourself the sugar daddy that you click with, the one that can provide what you are looking for.

And there’s no magic formula to attracting this perfect gay sugar daddy. It just comes down to one simple secret: The more sugar daddies you interact with, the higher your chance of sugar dating success.

It’s so simple that it’s usually overlooked. Sugar dating is hugely a game of odds. The more sugar daddies you send emails to, the more you initiate contact with, the more you flirt with, the more you chat with – the better your odds of finding yourself the perfect sugar arrangement.

The sugar babies that have the most luck in sugar dating are not “lucky” at all. They are the ones who sign up for several sugar daddy sites at a time (And why not? Most sugar daddy sites are FREE for sugar babies).

The successful sugar babies are the ones who maintain contact with several promising sugar daddies instead of dropping everything for one potential sugar daddy who seems promising…before they even get a check in their hands.

They’re the ones organized enough to know which sugar daddies to pursue and which ones to end communication (nicely) with. They’re the ones who know what they want and tirelessly and actively pursue it…until they get it.

Tip: Most sugar daddy sites are completely FREE for sugar babies. They are not free for sugar daddies. Thus, most sugar daddies stick to one site. You can leverage this opportunity by signing up for several free sugar dating sites.

It’s no more hassle for you, since you can use the same profile pictures, the same profile information, etc. Just this small time investment gets you instant access to a wider pool of sugar daddies.

Tip #2: Don’t give up your sugar search until you are IN an actual arrangement. It’s not over until someone hands you an allowance check (or cash or PayPal deposit – learn about the various ways you can receive your allowance). There is absolutely no reason for you to stop pursuing potential sugar daddies just because some random sugar daddy says he might be interested in an arrangement with you.

The secret to success in sugar dating is simple. Cast a wide, wide net. Reel in as many fish as you possibly can. Then, narrow the pool until you have the best of the best potential sugar daddies caught in your net. Narrow it further. Get to know them better. Don’t stop until you’re in an arrangement.

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  1. Thank you for this!!! I have scavenged the internet for gay sb advice and it’s so minimal or related to girl sb’s. I feel like a lot of the girl sb advice, which there is a ton, are extremely helpful. However I do feel that there are distinct ways that a gay sb’s experience is drastically different and needs to be approached differently than a girl sb’s experience. Thank you so much again!


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