3 Conversation Tricks to Master the First Phone Call with Sugar Daddy

By Caitlin


About to get on your first phone call with sugar daddy? Good – that means you’re ahead of the game.

If there’s one thing that I’ve notice from years of being a sugar baby is how much more time I spend talking on the phone.

Let’s face it: our generation does most of our communication via texting but when it comes to sugar daddies, things are a little different.

Sugar daddies, in general, are pretty comfortable on the phone. But that’s not the only reason for all these sugar daddy phone chats. You see, phone calls are an invaluable tool in the sugar baby’s seduction tool belt.

Why the First Phone Call with Sugar Daddy is Crucial

Here are a few ways having strong phone game puts you heads and shoulders ahead of your competition…

You become a real person

That simple first phone call with sugar daddy may not seem like much but it makes him think of you as a “real” person.

Sugar daddy sites are teeming with hot, young, clever sugar babies fighting for a sugar daddy’s attention.

But if he hasn’t had an actual conversation with any of them, they don’t seem very “real” to him, they are just mere profiles. But by hearing your voice, your unique laugh, you’re instantly separated from the masses in his mind.

A good phone chat builds rapport

Before you even meet, you get this opportunity to gently tease him, laugh at his jokes, learn little tidbits about him and get him curious about you.

This little bit of rapport building goes a long way toward ensuring your first date feels comfortable, like you’ve already known each other for awhile.

It allows you to screen him.

The downside of meeting people online is that there are some weirdos out there – trust me, I’ve talked to a lot of them. These are the sort of folk who try to get you to have phone sex with them within the first phone call.

Guess what? That short phone call lets you save the few hours you might’ve wasted actually going on a date with one of these weirdos.

As you can see, a sugar daddy phone call is a lot more than a simple exchange of info and logistics. It’s an opportunity to come across as the sugar baby of his dreams before you even meet! As such, it’s the most important pre-game you have access to.

In fact, I attribute at least 2 arrangements I’ve had to a really, really sugar strong phone game. During pre-date conversations, we established enough of a connection that the date was mostly just a verification to see if I looked like my pictures. In both cases, I had an arrangement offer by the end of that first date.

I don’t think that would’ve happened without the phone conversations that had preceded the date.

Tips for the First Phone Call with Sugar Daddy

In case you’re wondering what I said or did during these phone chats to get results, I’m going to outline a few conversation tricks I’ve picked up over the years of talking to potential sugar daddies on the phone.

The best news? If you make use of these tricks, they won’t just help you land sugar daddies – they’ll help you in any conversation. So, here goes!

Laugh and be happy

This sounds so stupid simple but it’s the key to setting the stage for an awesome conversation. Because people will forget what you said and what they said but they won’t forget how you made them feel.

And energy – or vibes, whatever you want to call them – has a way of transmitting itself even over the phone lines.

So put a smile on your face next time you pick up the phone from a potential sugar daddy – they’ll know even without seeing that you’re happy to talk to them. And don’t be stingy with your laughter. This doesn’t mean you have to fake it, but assume a general attitude of happiness and let yourself laugh when he makes the effort.

Tip: Try picking up the phone mid-laugh, as if you were right in the middle of having a really good time. I don’t know why but this nips any discomfort or awkwardness and sets an easy-going, joking tone that lasts throughout the conversation.

And of course, it goes without saying: don’t whine, moan or complain. Save that for your therapist.

Assume friendship

Hmm. This one is a little harder to describe but the last thing you want to do is start the phone chat off in an awkward, getting-to-know-you ice breaker at a community meeting sort of tone.

So start every conversation from the middle. This means skipping the small talk. Small talk is silly and even worse – it’s unmemorable. Instead, dive straight into the conversation as if you are already friends who know and like each other.

Here’s an example: One potential sugar daddy I was messaging had a picture of him and his friends around a bonfire that looked a little macabre so I had joked in our messages about him holding a seance.

When we finally spoke on the phone, I picked up with a big smile and a “Hey, so happy you finally called! No seance for you tonight?” Which led to a round of questions about which people who are dead we’d like to talk to and what questions we’d ask.

A bit dark, yes, but it was a fun, effortless conversation and at the end of it, we both felt like we knew a lot about each other.

Drop a compliment

Women are notorious for loving compliments and most of us are fed a steady diet of them. But do you know who doesn’t get compliments? Men.

In fact, I’ve known guys – really cute guys – who claim that nobody has ever really complimented them on their looks. Good god, can you imagine going through life without anyone showing appreciation for the way you are?

It’s very likely the potential sugar daddy you’re talking to hasn’t heard a compliment for weeks or months. So pay him a genuine compliment.

Just don’t make it awkward ’cause then you’ll have this conversation: “You’re handsome.” “Thank you, you’re gorgeous yourself.” “Thanks.” *Awkward silence*

If you’re going to compliment him, make it lighthearted, i.e. “Oh, perfect, you’ve got a great voice, I was curious about that – it’s a key point of attraction for me, you know. You have one of those radio voices. You could almost – almost – be a sex phone operator.”

The best thing about the above 3 tips are that they can form the basis of any flirtatious, friendly conversation so the more you practice, the better you get at conversation with anyone – including any and all future sugar daddies.

Now go forth and impress his socks off.

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