Busting 3 Popular Myths About Sugar Dating

Aiming to make this┬áthe year you finally find a sugar daddy? Make sure you’re prepared for the game before you delve in by knowing what is true and isn’t true about sugar dating. A lot has been said on the topic – many of which simply aren’t true.

The below list will help you separate fact from fiction about the sugar dating world.

Myth #1. Sugar dating is easy

There are many people out there claiming that sugar dating is the easiest thing to get into. Sure, it’s pretty simple to find some of the best sugar dating sites, sign-up and wait for the fish to bite – but be prepared to put in the work if you want a rewarding sugar relationship.

The fact is, sugar relationships are a sort of business relationship. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that requires a degree of professionalism. Be prepared to make an effort to find a sugar daddy and once you do, be prepared to do your part to keep him.

Myth #2. You have to be drop-dead gorgeous to be a sugar baby

Every sugar daddy website seems to display the generically gorgeous girl as the prototypical sugar baby. So…do you have to look like her to get a little sugar?

No. The truth is – sugar daddies come in many shapes and sizes. And so do sugar babies. Sugar daddies have varying tastes and there is someone out there who will want what you have. Some sugar daddies prefer knock-outs for arm candy, some prefer a girl that can make them laugh, some are seeking a sugar baby who makes them feel understood.

You don’t have to be a knock-out, you just have to find a sugar daddy who’s looking for what you have to offer. That being said, if you want to be a sugar baby, do pay attention to your grooming and looks. You don’t have to be a supermodel, but you should be decent.

Myth #3. Bigger allowance = better sugar daddy

Many sugar babies make the sugar dating experience into a miserable one by choosing a sugar daddy based on the allowance he has to offer. Do yourself a huge favor and don’t make this mistake.

Sugar dating can be miserable or fun – and it all depends on the dynamic you have with your sugar daddy. Allowance is only one of the advantages of having a sugar relationship. The rest are a little less tangible.

Choose a sugar daddy based on factors outside of money. Choose one based on your dynamic. Make sure you actually like the guy or it won’t last.

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