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Our Experience With and Review of

By Caitlin review

We’ve tried out a wide variety of sugar daddy sites during our time as sugar babies, but only a few make the cut. One of our favorite sites is, despite the fact that they charge both sugar daddies and babies for membership. Actually, the paid memberships on both sides have the advantage of reducing […]

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Busting 3 Popular Myths About Sugar Dating

By Caitlin

sugar dating myths

Aiming to make this the year you finally find a sugar daddy? Make sure you’re prepared for the game before you delve in by knowing what is true and isn’t true about sugar dating. A lot has been said on the topic – many of which simply aren’t true. The below list will help you separate […]

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How to Find a Sugar Daddy in Real Life

By Caitlin

how to find a sugar daddy

It’s never been easier for a sugar baby to snag herself a wealthy sugar daddy. There are sugar daddy websites and matchmaking services galore – most of which are free for sugar babies – that will match you up with income-verified daddies in your area and take much of the pain out of the initial […]

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