6 Sugar Baby Rules that Help You Rule the Sugar Game

By Cory


Is there such a thing as sugar baby rules? After all, there’s so much grey area in the sugar game and every sugar daddy and sugar baby varies so widely in their preferences and what they like.

So how could anyone presume to come up with rules?

Well, we’ve met, talked to and become friends with a lot of sugar babies – and daddies – throughout the years and there are are certain things that just keep on coming up. Things that help you become a happy, successful sugar baby when done and things that drop you a little further back in the game when not done.

Which leads us to think that as much variance as there may be, there are undeniably some things that can make or break your sugar game. Curious what they are? Read on for details!

Go after what you want

We’re all raised to believe that romance and relationships have something to do with fate. Maybe it’s all the Disney movies we grew up with or the rom coms we still watch – but when it comes to matters of love or meeting a soulmate, many of us still often unconsciously think that destiny has a hand to play in our meeting the man (or woman) of our dreams.

And that’s fine and dandy with romantic love. But hey, this is the sugar world and in this game, you need to be ready and able to go after what you want!

The sugar babies that come out on top are the ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work tracking down the sugar daddies she wants, no matter how many bad apples or fake sugar daddies get in the way. She simply ignores, blocks and ruthlessly cuts the unwanted attention out of her life and pursues the arrangement she wants until she gets it.

Have your own life

As a sugar baby, it’s important to be flexible and accommodating of your sugar daddy’s needs, schedule, and lifestyle. But it’s just as important to not lose yourself in it.

A huge mistake beginner sugar babies make is to get wrapped up in the sugar baby identity. They clear away their schedule for their sugar daddy, they let his needs and desires come before their own and slowly but surely, their own goals in life fall by the wayside and they act as if being a sugar baby is their whole life.

This is a surefire way to lose a year or two of your life and walk away regretting it. Don’t let the security of having constant funds from your sugar daddy blind you from your own life and goals. Instead, take advantage of the free time your allowance allows you to pursue the end goal: the life you want for yourself.

Always be willing to walk away

In the sugar game, the unfortunate truth is that you will most likely come in contact with abusive POTs who make you feel uncomfortable, unvalued and straight out crappy. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to continue to stay in these situations because you think there are no better options.

The best thing you can do is to emotionally “brush that dirt off your shoulder.” Acknowledge that there are bad apples in the sugar game and then block these jerks and move on to sugar daddies who have their sh*t together and know how to treat other people.

Even if you’re feeling desperate for funds, remember that emotional damage has a cost and it can continue to influence you for far longer than any money you get from a crappy situation will last.

Of course, walking away is always easier if you’re independent to begin with…

Maintain your independence

The sugar world is full of paradoxes and the most useful of them is this: The most important thing for a sugar baby to be is independent.

Here’s why: Sugar is sugar. It sweetens things but you cannot live off sugar alone. And if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck allowance-to-allowance, you’re not independent. You are completely dependent on your sugar daddy for your most basic needs. And that places you at a serious disadvantage.

Not only does it prevent you from taking off at the drop of a hat if he treats you badly, but it also means you’ll find yourself in a seriously compromising position if your sugar daddy decides to end things.

This is why we encourage that all sugar babies save up a security fund of at least 3 months’ of living expenses in cash. That way, you know that if SHTF, you have a good amount of time to dig yourself out of whatever hole you may have gotten in.

Don’t travel far

Sometimes a promising POT will contact you from the other side of the universe. Or just from a different city. And he’ll ask if you’d be willing to come visit him since he’s so busy running companies and all.

Some sugar babies agree to do this…and find themselves in really compromising situations in cities they don’t know, have no friends or family in and have no money to get back home with.

Do not do this. Traveling to meet a POT is not always a bad idea – but it does require some real preparations. So if you decide to embark on that flight over to his city, make sure he fulfills his side of the deal first.

Don’t be friends with ghosts

Every sugar baby has experience at least one “Poof Daddy” – these are the jokers who promise you the world and then drop off the face of the universe.

Where did he go? When is he going to contact you? Is he ever going to fulfill his promises?

Um, no. He’s not. Because he’s a Poof Daddy and that’s what he does best – lead you on and then disappear. Don’t waste your time trying to get back in contact and make him interested in your again. Let these guys go as soon as they pull they’re disappearing act and when they do come back around – unless he has a very valid excuse, i.e. he’s been in a verifiable coma – don’t waste your time on him because a sugar relationship works best when both parties can communicate what they want.

And this guy clearly doesn’t have the ability to do so. The less time you waste with those who aren’t going to give you what you want, the more time you have left to pursue the ones who do.

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Sugar Baby Dating August 1, 2017

Nicely written by Cory about sugar baby game rules. Thank you for sharing this….

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