3 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer Before Venturing Into the Sugar World

By Emma


There are a lot of factors a sugar baby must consider when venturing into the sugar world. You might be wondering how to go about finding a sugar daddy or how to eventually bring up the topic of allowance.

All these questions are important, but the most crucial thing a sugar baby can do at the beginning of her sugar journey is to prepare herself mentally. And that begins with knowing yourself, knowing how you interact with other people, and knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Yes, you want to go into the sugar world with eyes wide open.

This is an initial step that should not be missed because your entire sugar journey – and the successes and failures within – depend on this mental preparation. So make sure you can answer these 3 crucial answers – they’ll guide you through your sugar game and serve to get you back on track whenever you find yourself wandering off.

Question #1. What do you have to offer?

Knowing how people perceive you and what they like about you is a crucial key being a successful sugar baby. There are a gazillion sugar babies in the world but there’s just one of you. So get to know your unique personality and what you’ll be bringing to the table. This will help you understand your immense value to people as well as help you weed out sugar daddies who are looking for different qualities and won’t appreciate you.

To answer this question, jot down at least 5 things that people like about you. These are the qualities you’re going to be playing up when searching for a sugar daddy and throughout your sugar relationship. We’re usually too close to ourselves to be able to assess this ourselves so ask the closest people to you for their honest opinion.

What I came up with as some of my own unique strengths are that I’m ridiculously positive. Being naturally optimistic, I’ll tirelessly encourage and support those around me. The positivity also translates to the ability to see the funny side of every situation. Knowing this about myself was invaluable in finding the right sugar daddy as I knew I was looking for someone who highly valued positivity and a sense of humor.

On the other hand, a good sugar baby friend of mine has a totally different personality type. She’s proficient conversationalist and fantastic company. She can make nearly anyone laugh and tell awesome anecdotes that make you feel like you were there in the story with her.

As a natural entertainer, her sugar daddy profile would be different from mine – she’d do best searching out sugar daddies who love exuberant, outgoing and extroverted personalities.

A last example, another good sugar baby friend has a unique combination of qualities. We call her the “shrink for sugar daddies” ’cause that’s pretty much what she is. She is a damn good listener and knows all the right questions to ask to make you feel like she understands exactly what you’re feeling. She’s amazing at relating to and empathizing with people.

But at the same time, she’s a straight-shooter and will call a spade a spade. The girl’s got backbone. The sugar daddies that tend to flock to her are attracted to more “mothering” types.

As you can see, knowing your strengths (and what that means for the sort of sugar daddies you’ll be searching out) is the first crucial step on your way to sugar baby success.

Question #2. What sort of men are the easiest for you?

There are many different types of men. And some are simply more intimidating than others. By this stage in your life, you’ll have enough people-meeting and dating experience to be able to think about and determine which male types you naturally click with.

What personality traits make it easy for you to naturally bond with someone? What type of guys seem to fall for you for no apparent reason? Keep in mind that the question here is not “what sort of man are you attracted to?” but “what sort of man come easiest for you?”

You’ll probably have to dig through your history of interaction with men to get your answer to this question. It took me a few hours of going over every guy that I’ve dated or who had a crush on me. Ask yourself what that guy liked about you and then jot down some qualities that the guy had.

After doing this, I realized that pretty much every guy I’d effortlessly attracted are the typical “boyfriend” types – mild-tempered, caring – and they are usually more conservative in their views on gender. Once you have an idea of this ideal target, your selection process for sugar daddies become a whole lot easier.

Question #3. What’s your end game?

This might be funny coming from a fellow sugar baby, but I’m going to quote Kiyosaki here and say: “A man is not a financial plan.”

Sugar dating is all fun and giggles (and profitable, too) but you need to have an end game. What are you playing for? What do you want to get out of a sugar relationship?

For me, it was pretty simple. I needed to change careers and the most viable way to do this seemed to be to take a very, very low-paid internship. It would most likely result in a job but I would have close to no income for several months. Sugar dating seemed like a good option to support me through the pretty-much-nonpaid internship ’til I could start my new career.

Sit down with yourself for awhile and determine where you want to be in 5 years from now. And then work your way to the present, jotting down all the things you’ll need to do to get to your ideal place. Got the list? Those are the things you’re going to want to get out of the sugar world. Keep your list close by, don’t get side-tracked, and know why you’re playing the sugar game!

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