6 Tips for Accompanying Your Sugar Daddy On a Business Trip

By Caitlin


Getting ready for the first business trip with your sugar daddy? Of course you are. After all, your sugar daddy is a busy man who has to travel for work and often leaves town for a week at a time.

This time, he fortunately asked you to come along! He says he’ll buy you your ticket, pay for hotel and food and even give you some spending money. An all expenses paid trip sounds like a dream come true.

So of course you’re going to say yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that all goes peachy smooth. After all, you do want more vacations with a “sugar baby expense account,” right? Here’s what you need to know to play your cards right!

Know your priorities

You two are on a trip, more of a vacation for yourself but your sugar daddy didn’t spoil you with this trip so you can run off and live your own life. He brought you so he could also have some companionship while he is dealing with his business.

In other words: you can’t play your own way the whole time – your sugar daddy is still your top priority. Feel free to go do whatever you want while he’s busy at work but when it’s time for him to relax, you should be there for him.

Quality time together

Most of the time when your sugar daddy travels, he doesn’t have any acquaintances there than his work mates or sometimes it’s a solo trip, he wants you there so he has someone to spend time with and not have to be alone.

And that’s the catch with these business trips. Keep in mind that instead of your regular nightly date or he few hours you spend with him back home, on a trip you might be spending full days with him or at least half a day with him everyday.

Great news if you love the company of your sugar daddy since this time will bring you closer together but not so great news if you can’t stand your sugar daddy (which is one of the reasons why we recommend waiting for a sugar daddy you actually really like).

Keep your schedule flexible

His schedule will fluctuate so be ready to adapt to his schedule. There will be possible work meetings during the day, events and parties at night, maybe he wants to meet for lunch and then has to go back to work.

Plan to work your schedule around his, after all he is the one who is giving you this experience.

Always add value

One thing smart sugar babies do is to always be on the lookout to add value to their sugar daddies’ lives. In the context of business trips, you can do this simply by looking for fun, pleasurable things to do together that your SD most likely doesn’t have the time to research for himself.

For example, find out what interests the both of you about the place you’re going to. Do you both like museums? Is there an attraction you want to see? A walk by the river? Food that you both want to try? As much as the trip is for business, your sugar daddy also wants to have fun and feel like it’s not all about work.

That’s where you come in.

Look the part

Figure out how to present yourself the best way to him and to his peers and co-workers. Your sugar daddy may have work events and possible parties to attend and will want you to come along to be his arm candy.

So figure out what kind of events these are and pack accordingly. Is this a themed party? For example, Black and white, Mardi Gras, 80’s, etc.

Also figure out what dining places you’ll be steering towards too. Is your SD more of a dive bar guy, where you can wear relaxed street clothes, or does he like the finer things and you two will be eating at fancy 5 star locations?

Sugar Tip: If there are events you’ll be going to together – it’s a great opportunity to score an extra shopping trip or two 😉

Discreet…or not?

Last but not least, how discreet will you two need to be, especially in public. Your sugar daddy may not want his work mates to know that he has a sugar baby and may want you to introduce yourself as a friend and physically act like friends, while back home you two weren’t afraid to hold hands or touch each other in public.

It could also be the other way around, maybe you two didn’t show PDA back home because it was back home and there was a fear of bumping into friends in public but now that you two are in a different city, the perspective of that might change.

Sit down and talk it out with him or get a feel for his body language when you start walking around the city with him.

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Noelle, aka The Different One. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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