How to Find Your Very First Sugar Daddy

By Caitlin


You’re on the market for a sugar daddy, you’re excited to get a little financial help in your life while meeting someone you click with…but you’re not too sure where to start.

It could be very scary and intimidating jumping into your first sugar relationship not knowing how to begin it, so let’s talk about finding your first very first sugar daddy.

Get Yourself Online

The internet is a great place to start – in fact, it’s an essential place to start for new sugar babies! Everyone is on social media and a part of the online world, it’s a great opportunity to browse and discover who else is seeking a SD/SB relationship.

The top three sugar daddy sites are: SugarDaddie, SugarDaddyforMe and SeekingArrangement. You can read our reviews for each of them here.

I myself, have only used Seeking Arrangement with much luck so I cannot make any further personal comments on the other sites. When creating a profile, don’t limit yourself to just one site – there’s no reason to, especially since most sugar daddy websites are free for sugar babies ( is the only one sugar babies have to pay for).

And don’t give up if you’re not getting matches on one site. Not all sugar daddies are on every site (since they have to pay!), open up your doors and let in all opportunities flow in!

Perk Up Your Profile

Your profile is going to be everything, remember that. It’s your first impression and it should be a lasting impression that sticks out. This isn’t Tinder where you can get away with a one liner profile saying “Looking for a fun time.”

Sugar daddies want to know exactly who you are and what you are looking to get out of a relationship, so be descriptive and talk about your passions and the fun dates you would like to go on, be up front so no one’s time is wasted when you realize after ten messages and a date that it won’t work out.

Make sure your pictures are current as well. I mean yeah, maybe you do look cute in that picture you took a few years ago in a bikini in Mexico but that was years ago. You don’t want to meet your SD for the first time and look nothing like your pictures. There’s nothing wrong with snapping a few new pictures, just make sure they best represent who you are.

Messaging Matters

Once your profile is set up, start browsing and messaging every potential SD that you think will click with you. Be friendly and detailed in your message, don’t just send a “hey,” point out the hobbies on his page that you thought were neat and relate it back to your life.

It shows that you actually took the time to read through his page and can appreciate what he’s into.

It is OKAY if you do not get a reply, it sucks, I know but I’ve lost count on how many messages I have sent out and never got a reply. Don’t ever take it personally because there’s so many factors, maybe that sugar daddies never came back on the site, wasn’t interested in the lifestyle anymore and some sites require that sugar daddies have to pay for an upgrade before they can reply to any messages.

Just keep sending those messages out and I promise you will get replies.

Don’t Give Up!

To tie everything together, this is a journey and it will take time. All the happiness to you if you can find a SD right away that is perfect for you but the reality is that it will take a while.

So many babies think that because there are so many sugar daddies on the market that they can find someone the week of and everything will be fine. Remember that these are sugar daddies who are going to invest their hard earned money on you, so they really need to know that you’re the best thing in the long haul.

Personally, I got my first message back from a potential sugar daddy in a month, I was ecstatic because I finally got something after trying for so long. Long story short, in the first few messages he wanted me to move out with him and eventually get married. Yikes, that was too much for me and I continued my search.

It wasn’t for another month until I got another reply from a potential sugar daddy who was genuinely interested on going on dates. It took us a while to meet up but that effort was well worth it in the end. I cannot stress how much persistence and patience you need in your search, don’t get discouraged because you didn’t find the perfect sugar daddy in a few weeks.

Keep your hopes up and continue searching!

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Noelle, aka The Different One. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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Coulson March 16, 2017

SeekingArrangement is a good choice

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